Monday, October 31, 2016

Block 11 "Postcards from Heaven" free pattern...

I'm sharing our next Postcard block a day early because my sweet husband is returning to work tomorrow after a wonderful month at home with me, so after I drop him off at the car yard in the morning I'll be heading across to Blossom's for a nice relaxed visit, which includes some good old fashioned mother and daughter chit-chat time with the added bonus of sweet Cully May to distract our conversation with chubby cuddles and heart melting smiles. You understand, right?

The verse for November's stitchery is precious.
He has sealed us as HIS VERY OWN.
Oh, gosh, I love that!

The world would like to steal me away, satan would love to steal me away...but I am sealed as Christ's own.

Despite years of walking the wrong path, saying the wrong things, choosing the wrong ideals, acting the wrong way...when I stopped and acknowledged my faults, when I let HIM turn me inside out and wash me with the cleansing life-sustaining blood of His own sacrifice, I was SEALED as His very own.

And let me tell you, 
I don't want to be any one else's but HIS.

Download the FREE stitchery pattern here in my shop.

Most of my Postcards this year have been bound as mini-quilts and posted away, though I did border the September design as a wall hanging (free pattern here).

This month I decided to display the stitchery as a pin cushion because I love having the promises of God everywhere around our home, no matter what task is at hand...

There's lace across two corners and I've hand quilted inside the seam of the block and border, as well as 1/4" outside the seam. The edges have been bound like a quilt...

Later this week I'll show you a similar pincushion with a tutorial to make a bound pincushion of your own.

Allie's done a redwork version of my block and as always I 'love' it.
She has also chosen to use the KJV text so if you'd like to stitch that instead of my conversational postcard wording she will have a file to download from her blog tomorrow with the words to trace.

I apologise for not having those road trip photos up on the blog by now. There's almost 400 of them to go through and I only want about 20 for a blog post so once I've spent a day with Blossom and gotten my house back in order (do y'all find your home tends to get a bit 'out of order' when your beloved is home for weeks on end?) I shall brew a big pot of coffee and treat myself to a nice vanilla slice while I make my choices. 

I've also got to prepare the pattern and photos for Friday's free pattern, too.
Yes, it's almost time for the next Gentle Domesticity BOM block! 
Here's a little peek...

Have a lovely week, won't you?!



  1. Thank you for your postcard blog post, Jenny. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the lace on the pincushion.

  3. Thank you very much. This is a good idea for the Postcard. I love it. Have a blessed day.

  4. Thank you for every beautiful thing you share with us.

  5. You just take that time with Blossom! A day late would have been fine, too, with that excuse. LOL Or any, for that matter. Thank you for the idea of the pincushion, too. The lace touches make it so simply perfect! I got #7 done on Saturday. 3 episodes of Star Trek Voyager, and it was finished!

  6. I have really been blessed by both the Postcard blocks and the Gentle Domesticity blocks. Thank you for sharing them with us. I'm so glad you had this time with your husband. Enjoy your time tomorrow with your daughter and granddaughter also.

  7. Thank you for this lovely pattern. Guida

  8. Love that verse and the pin cushion. My husband is now retired and my schedule flew out the window. Getting chores finished is another challenge. And what day of the week is it, anyway! :^0

  9. I love all your works! I can barely embroider but would love to do what your doing! Nancy

  10. Craftsy is not opening your shoppe! I can't get to these wonderful patterns! can you help me out?

    1. Craftsy closed shops last year. The patterns are no longer available.


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