Saturday, December 17, 2016

Free stitchery...

Now that I have shared the news about Mr E returning to teaching next year, I can also tell you that we're going to move house as well. Somewhere between Christmas and early January we hope to find a new rental home, then all going to plan, be moved in before Mr E starts work on the 19th. 

We're praying for a home without all the steps we have at the moment (they have become troublesome for me), a home with a 'real' kitchen and lots of lovely shaded areas and trees...a home that is safe, welcoming, secure, and with a sewing room for Elefantz, a study for Mr E, a lockable shed, double garage, and a spare room for when our dear daughters come visiting with their little ones. 
We've handed these requests over to God and put our trust in His direction. If you're of a praying heart, we'd love to have you spare a prayer on our behalf - thank you ever so much. xx

In the meantime, I've been slowly gathering our small ornaments to wrap and pack in boxes, whilst replacing them with little vignettes of Christmas. As we're not allowed to hang anything in this house (apart from one place where there was already a nail in the wall) these festive displays are spread across book cases or drawers, but I rather like them this way as it allowed me to cluster them in different hues of blues, or pinks, or teals or reds...which may seem odd in such a small house where everything is in close proximity but I'm eclectic in my own way and it works for me.
I look around and see things which have been gifted to us over the years, others we collected when the children were little, stitcheries I've designed and made for our home...and it's familiar, and very special. It all means something.

There were some tiny pastel areas...

...and a slightly larger red, green & taupe space along the top of, and beside, my living room bookcase.

Our tree isn't up yet but Mr assures me that tomorrow is 'the day' so I shall do some baking while he sets to his task, one which has become his very own these past few years since the children grew up and left home. 

There's no rush or hurry in the Elefantz home at Christmas because so many of our children live far away and all the gifting and posting was done earlier in the month...instead, there's a quietness and time for reflection which fills the air.
Within myself I'm eager to bake and sing carols, sew and watch Christmas movies, dust and tidy. 

I'm reading the first few chapters of Luke slowly, taking it in again and again, thinking about every word, imagining the conversations, the emotions.

I truly do love that Jesus is very much at the forefront of my mind in many ways this time of year, that I think a great deal more about the miracle, the incomparable decision of our God, that He would choose to leave heaven and be born flesh among us, giving up everything He was and had...for love. 
Love for me. Love for you. Love for us.

Perhaps you'd like to stitch this in the quiet hours?
Freely given.

Download here in my shop until December 31st, 2016.

If your Christmas readying has been busy, if your responsibilities are many, if you're tired and not thinking straight...stop sweet friend, even for an hour, and take time to appreciate the loveliness your life has to offer. 
Don't rush through another day and miss the beauty right before you.

Give thanks for your loved ones. 
Give thanks for your Saviour.
Give thanks for the gift of being you.



  1. May you find the home you are looking for in the time you need it. IT is difficult when renting and not being able to put hooks on walls but I love the concept of vignettes. I haven't got much wall space to hang quilts only a couple of small areas. I have handmade Christmas things hanging from my dresser door handles and on a mini quilt stand. I have no tree, but I think I will get a little one next year to display all the lovely handmade Christmas ornis people have made for me over the years. May the days ahead before Christmas Day be filled with peace and the relaxation you need. Angel HUgs.

  2. Your place looks amazing, I will say a prayer that you and Mr E find the perfect place. Take care and thank you for the lovely pattern. Guida

  3. Good luck with house hunting. Thanks for a lovely design.

  4. Thankyou for your continuing generosity of free patterns I shall be making the Jesus Reason pillow for my best friend for Christmas. Hope you and Mr E have a wonderful holiday break and find your next home xx

  5. God loves to lavish gifts on us and knows the desires of our hearts, so (as you know) He had your heart felt request in mind when He planned for your future new home Jenny. So I join with you in application to our loving God that He will truly bless you & Mr E in the days to come that He will lead you to that 'somewhere special' new home. I am excited for you and look forward to the news reveal. Thank you for this lovely stitchery so freely given.

  6. I loved scrolling through the photos of all your beautiful stitchery. They look so sweet and festive! Good luck on your move (which is never fun) and may your prayers be answered for a home that suits you.

  7. I love you my friend. I know you will find that perfect house. I sure will be praying for your move. We moved so often for John's work and I looked at each move as an adventure.
    I love the way you decorated. It is perfect!
    We too have a quiet time here. I love the reflection time you and I have. It makes the season perfect to me.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. E.

  8. I'm so excited for the changes coming in your life, and also calmed by all the peaceful signs of the season that show in your house. Thank you for sharing this terrific design. That might be something to stitch over the week between Christmas and New Year's. It would give me a year to finish it to be ready for next time! =)

  9. What lovely memories are tucked away with all our decorations. When I unpack, I think of the happy times I spent with Mom who taught me the basics of sewing, crochet and embroidery. She is shaky now and doesn't do crafting anymore. I have one ornament-a heart made of felt trimmed with gold cording a friend made during an ornament gift exchange for a class I attended. She told everyone she was embarrassed because it came out crooked. I still have that ornament because I know it wasn't easy for her to do but she made a big effort. Nowadays those crooked hearts are in fashion, I think some call them country hearts. Who knew? I pray God blesses you with all you prayed for and that Mr. E loves his new position. Thank you for the pattern. Merry Christmas and a Happy, wonderful New Year.

  10. Exciting changes coming up, but I know they can also be stressing. Will keep your house hunting in my prayers and also that everything works according to God's plan. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. because my English is not good, I'll write my comment in Spanish to explain all I want to tell you...
    Me alegro mucho del nuevo trabajo de tu marido. El Señor nos abre ventanas cuando menos nos lo esperamos. Y estoy segura de que vuestro nuevo hogar estará lleno de amor, porque tú haces que todo lo que tocas sea especial.
    Un abrazo muy grande desde Madrid, España.

  12. Hi Jenny, I hope everything works out well for you. We are going through much the same things Our closing date is Dec. 30th and the movers come the 2nd. Got the free stitchery run off. Thank you! Now after we get moved I just need to try to do it. I may have to ask advice from my friend. I am glad that everything seems to be falling into place and working out for you and your husband. Blessings, Nancy

  13. Mr. E teaching and your moving is a very exciting chapter in your lives together. I adore your little vignettes of treasures gifted and created. Taking time to reflect and realize we do not need to make ourselves exhausted and crazy doing for others is truly a gift to cherish. Prayers lifted for your smooth transition dear. Merry Christmas Blessings and Bliss...

  14. Exciting time for you and Mr. E, sweet Jenny. Praying that the Father's will be done in your home hunting and His grace showered on you. I pray that your needs be covered by our loving Father. Your decorations are lovely. Merry Christmas from Tennessee!

  15. Lovely little areas Jenny. You decorate beautifully! Praying for that wonderful home to turn up.

  16. Dear Jenny,
    I am very happy with your husband's new job. That is good news, I rejoice with you.
    And now, you change your house again. What laziness! Another change!
    But when this is so, surely it is for your family to get something better.
    I sincerely hope that you will find your ideal home. I will pray for it.
    My congratulations on this good news. God bless you.
    And thank you very much for the beautiful pattern. Hugs.

  17. Hi Jenny,
    It's such good news about your husband's new job and that you will be moving to a more suitable home in the very near future. You have some wonderful treasures to pack away and I'm sure they will make your new home easy to settle into.
    Thank you so much for this lovely free pattern, and all the others you have given and created in the past, I wish you a very merry Christmas and send all good wishes for the New Year.

  18. Your home looks beautiful Jenny and thanks so much for the gorgeous designs this month. I hope that the house hunting goes well and that is great news about the new job. I have been a teacher for 28 years now and though it can be stressful at times it is such a rewarding job and I am sure he will love it again. I will say special prayers for a swift and stress free move and wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.
    See you again in 2017. God bless.
    Alison x

  19. Gorgeous Christmas vignettes Jenny. What a perfect opportunity to pack! Sending love and prayers for finding the perfect home. xx

  20. Thank you Jenny! I pray you do find your dream home. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  21. Thank you so very much for your gift! Praying you find the home you and Mr.E. need and love! A Blessed Christmas and New Year to you and your family.

  22. Thank you for the beautiful Reason gift. SO beautiful. And especially for the beautiful wording for the pin cushion. And my prayers and thoughts are with you and your hubby for things to work out perfectly for you both in the new year. SO looking forward to your new patterns this coming year. Your work is magnificent!!!

  23. My thoughts are with you today ...I know that the home you should have is waiting for you. You are such a lovely, giving person and you will find what you need ... sometimes it's not what we want but we are given what we need ... We are always taken care of ... I wish you a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with love, joy and peace.


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