Saturday, February 4, 2017

A quiet place...

This is my quiet place.

It's my office, which you normally wouldn't think of as a place of sanctuary or refreshment, but that's because most offices were not created with an aspect of calm in mind.

When I gave my office a makeover last month a priority was that it not just function as the technology meeting point between you and I, or the sketching station, or the daily planning also needed to be a place of sanctuary, calm, refreshment, and prayer.

At morning tea I clear away my paperwork, sketchpad and planner, then close the pages open on my laptop so a beautiful trio of flower filled pots fills the screen. 

My pretty Caroline Zoob apple orchard mug is filled with a fresh brewed cappuccino...

....and I open my new Bible.
That's another thing I did when planning this office, I bought a Bible that stays in here.

This is a journaling Bible with wide lined margins for notes, perfect for the office because I have pens and pencils right beside me if I want to write thoughts or references or prayers.

Being able to 'refresh my mind' in this room, even though it's also a work place, has been a great blessing. It's where the inspiration came to design "His Strength In My Heart". I had been reading the Word and contemplating the verse in Psalm 73 (a long time favourite) as I sipped my mid-morning coffee...and I simply reached over to my sketch pad, grabbed a pencil and drew up the design. It was such a peaceful hour, a gift from He who loved that I spent that time with Him.

I completed the embroidery this week...

...and over the weekend will frame it with fabric as a pillow for the living room. 

Have you downloaded the free pattern yet? It's here.

Quiet sanctuaries can be in the most unexpected places, even a corner of the living room, a wide hallway or alcove. In the movie War Room even a walk in wardrobe (closet) was used. 

I have longed for my own quiet place for years, but until last month it never occurred to me that with careful planning and prayer the most unexpected room could be re-designed with a dual purpose.

Another project I'm finishing this weekend is Allie's "Beloved" stitchery as a cushion (I enjoy swapping cushion covers regularly throughout our home!). 
The borders are on and I'll machine quilt it this afternoon...

Have you any stitching plans for the weekend, or shall you be creating a quiet space instead?
Whatever you do, be blessed,


Maria said...

Such a special place you've created, Jenny. Love your new bible too!

gail said...

Always enjoy coming by here. I also love that Bible.
Blessings Gail.

Ondrea said...

That is really a lovely space you have created. I just don't know how you manage to keep it so tidy and minimalistic. Gee, Bibles have certainly kept up to date with trends in the 21st century. Enjoy your beautiful space.

Tania said...

I love your quiet space Jenny. It looks so peaceful and calm, and very inviting.

That bible is lovely, and I love how you can journal down the side. Wonderful idea!

Beautiful stitching as always. You are so very talented.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I DO have stitching plans for this afternoon, after I've gone over the Sunday School lesson (how to recognize when the Lord is speaking to you) one more time. My spot is on one end of my living room sofa. I do everything here, and can see the sun shine (when it does!) in two directions. Today it is, and it's cold, but it's still a lovely view of big pine tree out front window and back woods out the back door window. Peace is a lovely thing. I try to make it wherever I am, sometimes not successfully. Thank you for your "ordinary" posts.

Suze said...

I need a quiet place and I should make one. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.