Friday, February 17, 2017

The slow week...

With a heatwave, two migraines, Mr E and I both catching a tummy bug after some dodgy Thai food on Sunday night, a giveaway to organise and the Stitchery Club due out on Friday, I took every opportunity I could this week to rest in the afternoons with my needle and thread, and began watching a 'new to me' Australian television series set in the 1950's that I'd borrowed from the local library.
(The Doctor Blake Mysteries in case you wondered)

Meals were considerably simplified, which got me thinking about the number of ingredients used in many recipes today, compared to my childhood in Nana's kitchen. It wasn't just life which was simpler back then, it was the cooking as well.

Hubby and I both had tummy cramps for three days after the Thai meal, and the meds I take for my migraines don't help either, so things like spelt & oat pancakes with maple syrup and fresh raspberries for breakfast were welcome for recovery. 
We quit coffee and opted for banana and date smoothies made with almond milk too.
Simple food, very quick to make, and our tummies began to recover.

In 2009 (or 10?) I did an online course with Jenny McGruther and loved what I learned about soaking grains and fermenting. On Monday I found her book when I was out with Blossom so this is what I'm slowly reading through at the moment and I'm remembering how much 'easier' on the tummy food was when I followed many of these steps.

Another book I found (Blossom and I went op-shopping) was this. I couldn't get past the sub title, "a quiet place where souls are refreshed" had to come home with me. Apparently it's based on the 'Glenbrooke' books but I haven't delved further along that road yet. Something to explore next week perhaps?

Stitching each afternoon has been lovely. 

I'm working on designs for March and they all have a garden theme.
One particular project is a set of four herbs which will become a mini-quilt. So far Rosemary is done...

...and I'll keep pottering along with the rest over the weekend.

Mr E and I have slowly been filling the house with indoor plants and our latest one, a gorgeous Peace Lily, is absolutely flourishing near the front entrance way.
Peace lilies filter toxins from the air so we intend to add more in the bedroom, my office and his study...

Two surprises arrived in the mail this week. The first was from Leanne, a truly sweet friend down in Tasmania who designs the prettiest things (visit her blog here and have a look-see). She came into possession of these very old tatted crosses and thought of me...isn't that precious? I'm going to use them in some special projects this year.
She even wrote me a letter on Cath Kidston notepaper. I was doubly blessed...

The second surprise was a large box from Japan. 
Mr E carried it in after work today and I wondered what on earth it could be?
Bless my socks, the very generous Yumi at Lecien Cosmo had sent me boxes of all their new thread colours to play with. Pastels do have the ability to make my heart race with delight.

The carnations I bought for $5 on Monday are still smiling beautifully as I sit here and watch the sun dip closer to the horizon from my office window...

...and I can hear from the carport below that Mr E has the Jeep running again after 6 weeks off the road.
The end of the week holds promise of a lovely weekend.

May your weekend be blessed too.



  1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell this week. I suffered migraine as a young woman and thankfully have not had any in over ten years, so I know how debilitating it can be. The little glimpses of your home are like an oasis of calm. I love the Rosemary stitchery. Pray you and your hubby will have a lovely weekend, as you recover.

  2. I do hope that you are fully recovered from your tummy bug and that the migraines stay away. Apple cider vinegar is excellent for getting rid of tummy bugs. Try one teaspoon in a glass of water before meals...this also helps to alkalanize. I love your herb themed stitchery.. a bit different to your usual colour selections? Indoor plants are lovely except with ducted heating LOL. You won't need to worry about that. I used to have several indoor plants when I was in my 20s and each one had a name. I polished their leaves and spoke to them and they grew so rapidly. May your weekend be filled with peace and joy.

  3. I hope you're starting to feel better Jenny. I've been eyeing that book on and off for awhile now, looks like something I want to add to my library. Have you seen Nourishing Traditions? A very good book for going back to eating the way God intended. It's full of great information and good recipes. That is a lovely box of floss! Have fun with it.

  4. Yes, Dorian, I've had Nourishing Traditions for about 10 years now. Excellent book.

  5. Hope you both are feeling much better. Your home looks clean, organized, soothing and pretty.. that is quite a feat in itself.

    Good luck with the new cook books.

    Take care.

  6. Love your new herb themed minis!! So glad you are both starting to feel better. Love your plant and flower pics - so pretty and refreshing to the eye.

  7. I love your blue couches! So pretty. Also, I have those same little pink scissors!

  8. What a lovely post, Jenny. Just reading through it made me feel peaceful. I'm so sorry you were sick, though I'm glad it made you think about your nutrition needs. What a great day you must have had with Blossom! The new designs look wonderful, of course! I love herbs. That's about all I grow these days, which doesn't just grow on its own. Thank you for a lovely time-out this afternoon. I have opera music on in the background. I'm discovering a new love for old favorites.

  9. Hello Jenny! I am glad to read that you and Mr.E are on the mend. Such a lovely post you have written. It is amazing how much easier it was for our Grandparents to prepare delicious meals and desserts with just a few ingredients, while now we need to have an entire cart full at the grocery store for one meal. LOL. Your stitching is lovely and will make a beautiful quilt. Have a fantastic day.

  10. Oh dear tummy bugs are awful & those migraines must be terrible. Take care Jenny.

    I love the Doctor Blake mysteries they've been showing here in the UK for a while now just finished series 4. I remember Craig McLachlan as Kylie Minogue's brother in Neighbours. Another Australian TV series I mentioned that I love is A Place Like Home. It's great.

    I love receiving parcels, probably from my childhood when you used to get birthday presents posted to you. Those embroidery silks are gorgeous what a lovely surprise.

    Hope you are recovering now.

  11. Greetings Jenny
    I am happy to know that Mr. E. and you are finally recovered. Thank you very much for sharing your livings with us. It really is true, anywhere in the world, that we get quite complicated when it comes to filling the shopping cart. Today at home was my mother, 93 years old, who prepared the food chickpeas with beets, garlic and a little paprika fried in olive oil and some eggs cooked and chopped and ... MMMMM. A salad and there was not even place for some fruit.
    May you have a wonderful and blessed weekend in the company of the brothers in the faith.

  12. Must comment on this posting. Sorry to hear you and Mr. E were unwell. I have a cast iron stomach that accepts anything, so I consider myself lucky.

    Dr. Blake is in its second season here in Southern California; it's a Saturday night staple for me and DH.

    One of your book choices sent me to my Library's site to see what it carries. Robin Jones Gunn has many books in our city library, so I will be checking one out in the near future.

    Your Lecien floss is scrumptious; I'm envious.
    swalker287 (at) aol (dot) com

  13. I am sorry to hear that you and your husband have had some tummy issues. Hope you get stronger each day. I love the idea of the herb designs. Nancy

  14. A lovely post. I'm glad you are both over the tummy bug. I love the old crosses, especially the tatted one. I've only seen crocheted before. I have one in my prayer book - a confirmation gift many years ago. Enjoy your weekend now the Jeep is back on the road. It sounds like some time out and about will do you both good.

  15. Hope you are feeling better. Great op shop finds.

  16. Ugh! So sorry for the whoas of the week! glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your stitching!

  17. So sorry to hear you were having trouble at both ends, Jenny - sheesh! That's not good! I'm considering going back on the caveman diet myself, for the candida overgrowth [thrush again], it's a hard one but I know I can do it and that I'll feel so much better. You're right about the old-fashioned cooking - where DID all these extra ingredients come from, lol!
    Your gift is so perfect for you, Leanne knows you well, lol. Your couches look so inviting, girl, how I'd love to pull up a cushion next to you and stitch the day away!!!!

  18. Hello Jenny
    I'm so pleased you liked the crosses. I love my Cath Kidston papers very much and only use them on very special people. xxx

  19. Our tummies can be delicate and need to be balanced. It is good you and Mr. E are feeling ever so much better. Love your herb stitching and your place to sit is very inviting. Fresh flowers really do bring a smile. Right now I have no flowers but a colorful array of fresh food on the counter...lemons, limes, vine tomatoes, avocados and they are bringing me a very happy smile and healthy eating. :o). Blessings Dear.

  20. Robin Jones Gunn is an amazing Christian author. She has written books for children, teens, young adults and adults. The Glenbrooke series is a bit of a romance series, but covers women from early 20s to late 40s. Each one can be read alone, but there are connections between them, as all the characters end up living in the fictional town of Glenbrooke, Oregon. I definitely recommend Tea at Glenbrooke even if you haven't read the novels. You might also be interested in her Sisterchicks series.

  21. I'm glad to hear that you and your husband are recovering; it's too bad that you were ill after having such a nice birthday. I love your herb designs! I have an herb garden, and I can see myself stitching those for framing. Many thanks!

  22. Loving your new garden herbs design you are working on. Oh my what a gift of Cosmo threads....I know you will thoroughly enjoy using those.. I copies the title down of the Jennifer McGruther book you found. It looks very interesting. I will have to try to find it in the thrift shops or version of opp shops or online. I actually got the oppourtunity to go thrift shopping with my daughter last week. We had a school outing to the city 2 hours away. We got lots of good deals. And I did find books...Medical texts on cancer and books on nutrition and healing foods.


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