Thursday, February 23, 2017

The tea cup of my dreams, with wool...

I found it. 
Gingham and roses - honestly, is there any cup and saucer set more beautiful in all the world to capture my heart?

Blossom, Cully May and I found it at The Tea Centre on my birthday. It's an over-sized tea cup and saucer, unusual for me as I like dainty cups, but it has a lovely slim lip for easy sipping and will hold two of my normal cups of tea so I won't need to get up and down for a refill during my afternoon indulgence time
It makes tea taste even more delicious than usual and I feel wonderfully domestic just holding the cup and looking down at the soft green gingham saucer, as though I should be planning a new apron or browsing the pages of a spring bulbs catalogue.

Indeed, this is the tea cup of my dreams.

Just in case you're wondering the maker is Roy Kirkham Tableware and the design is called Eleanor's Roses. 

I mentioned the other day that when Blossom and I were at Spotlight shopping for her fabric supplies it completely slipped my mind that I'd intended looking for suitable yarn to knit dishcloths or washcloths, so this morning I decided to go it alone and see what I could find while the store still has a big sale on all their knitting and crochet supplies. 

Shez mentioned in her comment on Tuesday's blog post that she uses dishcloth patterns to knit polishing cloths and I thought that was a brilliant idea! Merino Superwash Wool was half price at Spotlight and the colours were sublime so I came home with 11 balls which will be plenty for polishing cloths and washcloths (or flannels as my Nana called them) and should keep me busy for a couple of years at least being that most of my hand work is taken up with embroidery.

I also discovered some $2 balls of yarn that looked interesting as they had a free scarf pattern included and to my eyes seemed fairly quick to make because you only need two balls per scarf.

You're probably aware we don't get much use out of scarves in the tropics, but I did think one each for Blossom and I to throw around our necks with a thin cardigan on cooler winter evenings might be nice so I bought enough of the silvery grey and a tealy blue to have a play.

Of course, it may not be this winter we wear them...but it's nice to have a project 'there' for when I feel like doing something different and easy.

Another $2 sale bin which caught my eye held Perle #5 skeins of DMC thread.
I gathered these four lovelies and quickly walked away before being tempted to purchase more...

My final fling into the shopping bag was this beautiful decorator fabric...

...which will be used to recover two white chairs.

The chairs were originally an awful yellow and about 9 years ago Blossom painted them white. Since then I've recovered the cushioned seats twice and now it's time for another freshening-up.

Simple knitting will be good for me. It reflects a lesson in life about giving concentrated time to things that require more effort (my stitchery designs) and then relaxing to enjoy the simpler things that have no deadlines or business involved. 

Next Wednesday (March 1st) I'll be sharing block 2 of "The Love of Home" with you.

Would you like to see how I'm putting my version together at the moment?

You'll receive the free stitchery pattern to use any way your heart desires, but perhaps you'll gain a little inspiration from how I display my block too.
Not long and all will be revealed!

Now I think it's about time for my 20 minutes of wonderfully refreshing afternoon indulgence. I have a new magazine, some banana and date loaf, and a very pretty tea cup waiting.

Is it time for your indulgence too?



  1. That cup and saucer is so pretty and you must feel quite elegant while sipping your fav tea blend. I can see you there holding the cup with your little finger held out LOL. Those yarns are lovely colours. I have knitted face washers and dishcloths using the cotton and the cotton silk blends as I have not seen that particular one. I now crochet them in double crochet as it is quicker but there are some lovely knitting patterns for them. I have nearly completed block one of your free BOM. I made the decision to start this one and keep up to date each month before doing last year's. I am really looking forward to block 2. I haven't had much time to stitch the last couple of days but I finally put the binding on my grandson's crib quilt. Just need to design a label now. Soooo tired today.

  2. The teacup is sometimes called a breakfast cup. Yours is so pretty and feminine. What a lovely birthday find. Currently I am using many of those wool colours to make squares for a baby blanket. I must go to my Spotlight for a quick look. Thank you for sharing those finds.

  3. Such a precious looking cup! Nice that it's so big too. Love the colours of the wool.

  4. Hi Jen,I enjoyed today's post,love your new cup and saucer and love your purchases.xx

  5. Your tea cup and saucer was definitely a wonderful find Jenny and I love all your pretty yarns and threads! Christine x

  6. What a pretty teacup and saucer, Jenny! I know it will be a blessing each time that you use it. And what fun finds! I wish you lived closer so you could come help me decorate. It is definitely not my strong pont, but I love your style!!!! Have a lovely day!!

  7. I enjoy knitting when I have the time, currently making prayer shawls and mini prayer shawls for your purse. The mini prayer shawls are great when you are sitting in a doctor's office and waiting. The feel of the yarn/wool are relaxing.

    I love my knitted washcloths, they are the best for cleaning counter tops.

  8. Such a simple and charming tea cup. The next block is adorable as well. Giving two weeks notice at work today, looking forward to living and enjoying a more peaceful life. Praise God for his forgiving and continual loveing nature.

  9. I love your embroidery. I wish I could see well enough to still do that. I enjoy your designs. Love your blog

  10. Hello Jenny! What a delightful Tea Cup and Saucer you bought for yourself. Enjoy it calmly for many years. I have been so inspired this year from so many people, one of them being you, to really organize my projects and do what feels best for me! I am certainly having a difficult time with it, yet with the Lords guidance and strength I am stepping over that first step and finding it easier everyday, already. Thank you Jenny so very much for sharing all of your love for the Lord, his words, your thoughts and why you do what you do. You are an amazing woman.

  11. Oh I cant wait to see block 2. It looks so pretty!! I would love to see how you organize your floss. I use on the pearl and I just love so it looks.

    Happy almost weekend !!

  12. Beautiful tea cup. A lady after my own heart, I to love myntea in a nice cup. The finer the better, in my opinion.

  13. Charming tea cup and saucer, Jenny. I love the DMC floss color palette, and that fabric is yummy. Those chairs are going to look amazing. I hope you'll show us when they're done. xo

  14. Lovely tea cup and saucer you have there Mrs E and I do hope your 'indulgence time' goes better than the first one I planned for me today. Husband was out all morning so I decided the best time for my first official 'indulgence time' would be in the morning with coffee. So I got a spurt on and did the usual morning jobs around the house, & organised lunch and dinner. Everything was ready! Kettle on, lovely special coffee mug & a chocolate biscuit on a plate & my new reading book all set by my chair. I looked at my watch and decided I deserved a 30 minute break, so book open, coffee made and I start to relax. The phone rang so loudly it made me jump and spill the coffee down myself. By the time I got to the phone it had cut off so I switched the kettle on to replenish my cup & ran upstairs to change my trousers. Sit down again and seconds later the doorbell goes - its the postman with a package & needed a signature. Sat down again with my fresh coffee and open my book ah bliss... 2 minutes later the phone rings again and at the same time my husband comes home early asking if there is any coffee on the go? I'll just have to try harder tomorrow!

  15. Lovely cup, suits you well. I've been tempted by a lot of yarn lately, but haven't yet given in. I know I will ... just not yet! I'm out of town, at the big modern quilt convention and having a great time with a friend. I spent 4 hours today and will go back tomorrow. I didn't buy anything, but I won a couple of lovely bits, so that was alright!

  16. Lovely Tea Cup for your afternoon delight. Love your new acquisitions of yarns for scarves and cloths and some upcoming knitting. Beautiful fabric for those white chairs. Of course your DMC threads are just right and you will use them in your divine design Stitcheries. Enjoy everything dear...

  17. Enjoy your lovely tea set. Drinking tea from a special cup always makes it so much more enjoyable.

  18. Happy Birthday, my dear sister in Christ! We can enjoy a cup of tea even with the number of miles that separate us! Today, when I have mine I will think of you and how your blog encourages and challenges me in so many ways to keep my eyes on the one who sacrificed His so we can share eternally together!

    You have a beautiful gift of words and creativity!!

    Cyndi Shaver

  19. I have a cup by roy with those flowers so pretty. Yours is so pretty too.


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