Friday, October 27, 2017

My new 'homemade' design (and a recipe)...

This heartfelt design, which speaks of the love put into everything I make for others, has taken a while to finish.

I designed "Homemade from the Heart" back in late August when I received the Tilda "Cottage" fabrics. The centre applique block was stitched the first weekend of September but then we decided to move house so it was packed away for a while and to be honest once we'd settled in here I just wasn't sure how to finish it.
So it has sat waiting in open view on my sewing room table, neglected (even avoided) for over four weeks now, because not a glimmer of an idea passed through my thoughts.

I'm pretty good with the business of designing embroideries, but ideas for displaying them in a project requires far more creative thought than I can usually muster in a given time frame.

But you know, when you leave something for a while and go about your life doing other things, one day an idea just falls upon your heart...and that's what happened yesterday.

My beloved was quite unwell and in a lot of pain when he woke in the early morn so he took the day off work to heal up.
I decided there'd be no Elefantz work for me either, that I'd do a little baking instead, maybe some hand sewing and perhaps paint my wooden serving tray now that the rain is gone. 

Around mid-morning I was preparing that Tomato Tart recipe I showed you the other day, reflecting on how simple it was with just a handful of ingredients and needing only a few minutes preparation before baking in the oven. 

And that's when the 'penny dropped' as my dear Pop would say.

Just keep it simple.

Back in the sewing room I cut fabric for three simple borders and binding while the Tomato Tart baked.

After lunch the sewing machine came to life and so did this mini quilt.

With a cup of tea at my side and an old episode of Downton Abbey on the telly, I hand quilted in the ditch between the borders and also a line inside the white border.

All that was left was to attach the binding around the outside edge, add a hanging sleeve and sew the binding to the back.

Simple, sweet, heartfelt and handmade.
Exactly what this pattern was designed to express. 

I've hung it above my desk where I can be reminded daily to simplify life and designs and ideas and even relationships, to focus on what's important and not the superfluous stuff, to make daily moments count more than 'dreamy' long term plans.

The pattern for "Homemade from the Heart" (embroidery/applique and mini-quilt in one) is in my shop now if you'd like to make it for yourself or as gift for someone you care about.

Visit my Craftsy Shop here to browse all my patterns 

That Tomato Tart was indeed delicious and will appear again on our dining table.

The recipe suggested using Roma tomatoes as they have less juice and we love them anyhow so I had plenty in the fridge.

A puff pastry base is spread with mustard ( I used Dijon) and the tomatoes are layered over it.

Salt and pepper, a sprinkling of fresh oregano leaves and cheese...

...and into the oven at 180C for 35 minutes.

Served with a scattering of fresh basil, more oregano and a green salad, and our lunch was ready.

Honestly, it was delicious.

Next time I'll bake this in a long tray and perhaps at a slightly higher temperature as the base wasn't quite as crisp as we like, but really we had no complaints tucking in. Simple, rustic even. Like us.

I think this recipe would be a good one to play around with, using the main idea as a recipe base and then altering it with other simple ingredients (what you have on hand). Perhaps throw on some roasted peppers and olives, use pesto as your base and replace the grated cheese with feta. 
Mmm...I'm getting ideas for Sunday lunch!

It's Friday lunchtime in my part of the world now and my tummy is rumbling after writing about yesterday's fare so I'll sign off with a hug and a smile, praying the weekend ahead is a peaceful one for you, overflowing with love, laughter, good food and Jesus. 

Be blessed always!


Allie-oops Designs said...

I absolutely LOVE this design, and how the idea came to you for the finish. Simple is best!! In any area. That tomato tart sounds so good, I may have to give that a try, although tomatoes aren't the best thing for arthritis - I dearly love them though!

Leeanne said...

Sweet wall hanging for your new home. I am going to have to try that pie.....looks yummy!

Julie said...

Hello there Jenny ... I just bought some puff pastry earlier this week so I think I shall give that recipe a try ... it looks delicious & I love anything with a hint of mustard. I am going to pop over right now & purchase your new pattern as I would LoVe to make it for myself & also to gift to a special friend. It looks beautiful ... like everything you create my friend Xxx Have a lovely weekend Xx

RandiT said...

So Sweet wall hanging you have done!

Ondrea said...

How gorgeous is your mini! Well worth waiting for inspiration. That recipe is yum. I have a similar one. As you said, it really is so easy to add any ingredients you wish. I hope your dear hubby has recovered and is no longer experiencing any pain. I hope you are free of migraines too. Angel hugs.

Margaret said...

Beautiful new design, Jenny. For me what makes it stand out is having the two white borders ....what a fantastic idea. Gives your gorgeous design neat, clean lines. Tomato tart looks delicious. Enjoy your weekend and hope your husband is better soon. Xxx

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Your new design is absolutely beautiful and those floral fabrics are gorgeous!
That tart looks absolutely delicious. We have planted way too many tomato plants in the garden this year, so I know i'll give this a try when I'm at my wits end as to what to do with all of the fruit.

carol sloan said...

Your new design is just beautiful! I make tomato pies every year (as my husband always plants wayyyy too many tomato plants). It's really good to add bits of crumbles bacon to the pie. I also use smoked Gouda cheese from time to time along with Parmesan, mozzarella, and a sprinkling of sharp cheddar. Oh and thinly chopped spring onions. Yummmm!

carol sferra said...

So sweet Jenny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Since I don't like mustard, I was trying to think of a different base, and the pesto sounds perfect! I'm a big fan of all kinds of cheese, so I was thinking maybe adding in spinach leaves between the tomatoes and the cheese. What do you think? I really like the design, and what you did with it. The hanger is so sweet, too. I just won an owl one, and this could be what goes on it. I'm taking some time next week to make something that is not on my list, and I think this will be it! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas, and your recipes! I hope Mr. E is feeling much better and those Jeep issues are fixed soon.

Jillquilter said...

I'm laughing when you said your project was neglected for 4 weeks. I wish I ONLY neglected projects for 4 weeks. Try 4 months, 4 years...and more!

You've done it again creating the cutest darn thing that I must do too. I just love that you like to create with a cuppa and Downtown on the telly. Also, you stitch as well as read your Bible on your veranda. I LOVE to be outside on my patio doing that same thing. Here in AZ our temps are low 90s, which means I can enjoy my morning Bible study and breakfast on the patio this weekend. Have a lovely weekend!

Robin in New Jersey said...

The new design is lovely, Jenny. Thank you for being open to inspiration and waiting for that inspiration to come. Heading over to print it out now. :)

Carol said...

Dear Jenny,
What delight you bring to me each time I open my inbox to find that you had written. We are thousands of miles apart but I feel very close to you in my heart.
Just wanted you to know that you are touching the heart of a 65 year old wife, mom, and gramma in Omaha, NE. USA
May the LORD Bless you and Keep you.

Tammy said...

I absolutely love it...I love sewing machines....And I love everything you create. This one is absolutely magnificent. That tomato tart looks delicious...Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Farm Quilter said...

Wonderful new design!! When we wait upon the Lord and inspiration, everything is so much easier! I pray Mr. E is feeling better...I'm sure spending time home with you and your wonderful cooking helped him. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us...I'll be giving it a try!

Baa. xxx said...

The sewing machine looks wonderful! I think pesto would make a great base.

Baa. xxx said...

The sewing machine looks wonderful! I think pesto would make a great base.

Createology said...

Lovely stitchery and simple is always a wonderful way to finish a project. Tomato tart has endless possibilities...especially for those bits of leftovers in the frig. Thank you as always Jenny Dear for sharing your Blisssful Lifestyle. XO