Friday, June 1, 2018

Block 6 - A Year in the Garden BOM...

It's that lovely new day, the first of the month, a fresh start.

In Australia we begin our longed for winter after record breaking summer and autumn temps left everyone weary and in need of rest, whilst many of you in the northern hemisphere are welcoming summer after a long and frosty start to the year. 

Regardless of where we are or what the season or weather brings our way, beautiful blooms are a delight to the soul, the gift that always lifts a tired spirit, and God's hand of creative delight in gardens far and wide.

The June block in this year's block of the month is truly one of my favourites and I think it may become one of yours too.

The embroidery focus for this design was an abundance of overlapping lazy daisy stitches surrounding a little blue bird perched on the window sill. 
When you first see those peachy pink fronds you might think I've used a variegated thread, but in fact I've used two solids.

Most of the fronds have the darker thread beginning along the lower edge of the stem and the lighter thread is used near the top. 
Occasionally I stitched a whole frond in lighter thread for a dimensional effect. 

If you're unsure about how to overlap the fronds when using the lazy daisy stitch here's a section of the pattern where three stems overlap...

You can see the order in which I embroidered them. 
Backstitch all the stems before you start the lazy daisy leaves and just remember to keep your concentration on one stem at a time and use the pattern sheet for visual aid if you need it. 

If you're new to lazy daisy stitch or backstitch have a look HERE at my tutorial.

The pattern for the June block is free until June 30th and available now as a PDF download from my shop

To see the previous month's blocks they're here on the BOM page.

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning of sewing, chatter, laughter and friendship here at home.

The table was looking a little forlorn the afternoon before as the last of my white chrysanthemums had wilted away so I ducked out to the local supermarket for blooms to refill a favourite vase in preparation for my visitors. I just love flowers on the dining table, no matter the season or the occasion they remind me of God's hand upon my life in a very dear and personal way.

I even found the perfect coffee mug to hold the smaller stems...

My dear friend Rosie came to visit as well as Marci and her sister Fay. 

I've known Marci for a few years having met when I took two of  my completed quilt tops to her to be long-arm quilted. Both quilts were to be featured in Australian sewing magazines that year (Homespun and Country Threads) and honestly, Marci's machine quilting of them was simply beautiful. 

I'd not met Fay as she lives down in Brisbane, however being up here for a short holiday at her sister's it was the perfect opportunity to plan an impromptu morning of sewing and friendship.

We had such a fun visit as all three ladies are genuine, kind and lovely to be around. 

And look what Marci and Fay brought me...

More gorgeous blooms!
How blessed was I?

Today I'm about to head out and visit my sweet Blossom and her wee girls for my weekly dose of love and cuddles, thoughtful conversation about homemaking and parenting, and coffee. Always coffee for Bloss and I...unless we decide to brew a large pot of tea which usually happens when deep thoughts need lots of pondering.

May your end of week be a good one, a time of reflection and gratitude for all the good things you have and all the miracles in your life you never see.



  1. Just finished April and May! This one is beautiful as well and I can't wait to get started. Will be getting it prepped tonight and hope to get in a stitch or two. Your table looks lovely. Hope the house hunting is going well and you are not frazzled!

  2. Oh how beautiful, sweetie - and what a lovely bouquet from friends!! So glad you had a nice visit. Enjoy your time with your girls!!!

  3. thank you so much Jenny.This one is so pretty with all the flowers. And your flowers from friends are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely! Everything about this post is just lovely.

  5. Thank you - have a lovely day. The flowers are so beautiful.

  6. Another lovely! Thank you so much!

  7. What beautiful embroidery for June, Jenny. Alas my eyes couldn't cope with it these days. I found a pendant that I did in the 1980s with very minute embroidery. I must have had much better eyesight back then in my 30s and 40s :-) Enjoy your time with the littlies. Yay, the Cowboys won the game last night but I imagine JT is a tad sore today.

  8. thanks a lot for this new fabulous embroidery...what lovely flowers from friends...
    have a niceday...

  9. Your new block is beautiful Jenny and I love your pink blooms. Very sweet x

  10. Thank you for the lovely new pattern. x

  11. Bravo Jenny encore de merveilleux modèles avec de très belles couleurs bon week end

  12. What a beautiful embroidery! I don't know how to do the lazy daisy, but need to learn, as it makes such beautiful designs. What a happy visit from your friends.... beautiful flowers they brought!

  13. Hello Dear Jenny; What a beautiful combination of cut flowers to combine and cherish throughout the week, plus at every glance they will most likely bring a smile with memories of your wonderful day with your wonderful friends. Thank you for sharing them and your delightful post filled with happiness and love. I am so thrilled to have signed up for your BOM. I am a very slow stitcher and find joy in learning new stitches, especially Crewel style without the wool. LOL. Your newest design is a vision I have had a hope for a long time. Yet never a home with them or a landlord who would. So I will especially enjoy your fabulous design this month! Thank you so very much for all you do and share with us. Have a superb day Jenny enjoying the new season!

  14. Thanks for the pretty pattern. Glad you had a wonderful time with your friends.

  15. What a beautiful block. I've already downloaded it, and I do see it being a favorite. Your blossoms on the table are all beautiful - how thoughtful they were to bring you flowers! Your Blossom today will be such a lovely (or already has been) time with all your beloved sweet flowers.

  16. How wonderful to have a time of refreshment with friends and then with your beloved "girls". Truly a time of blessing for you all. Your June block is beautiful and goes so well with all the lovely flowers in your home. Enjoy your cooler days as I look forward to not needing to wear long underwear every evening!

  17. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it. There are no words to describe this kind of wonderful!garden maintenance

  18. I just remembered to put my June mini up this morning. Love having your designs hanging up each month. Lovely flowers and so nice cstching up with friends. Hope your time with Blossom and your beautiful grand daughters was a good tonic for your soul.

  19. Thanks Jenny ,so beautiful!!Pray you will finf right house.xx

  20. Pray that you will FIND house right for youxx

  21. Ps ,I download some of your lovely photos to use Bible verses on!😊🙏

  22. This block is beautiful! I love your intentional use of the variegated threads. Very effective.

  23. Lovely block. Lovely flowers for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  24. It couldn't be more perfect Jenny... totally love this sweet embroidery.
    Thank you for sharing it at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow's party and pinning too.


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