Saturday, September 1, 2018

Block 9 in the BOM plus playing with yarn and colour....

A new month, a new pattern and a new season.

In Australia we have four set seasons which run for exactly three months each - rather different to the US I think?
Our spring begins on September 1st, summer on December 1st, autumn on March 1st and winter on June 1st. All very easy to remember. Most of the country will be joyfully bidding farewell to winter and hello to spring today, whereas I living up in the northern tropics rather lament winter's passing as it's a relief from our incessant heat and humidity with it's wonderfully warm and clear moderate days.

Still, my beloved and I agree we'd rather dwell in the heat than face icy cold weather elsewhere, which is a jolly good thing seeing as we just bought our first and last home and shall be putting down deep roots here.

This month's "A Year in the Garden" block is really a salute to springtime with it's trowel at the ready and beautiful blooms in flourish.  It's also my husband's birthday this month and in fact we take possession of the keys to our new home on that very day! Quite the celebration to be had let me assure you, and a day we shall doubly celebrate each year after. 

The pretty blooms in this design are made using blanket stitch and the centres filled with satin stitch. I love the effect, don't you?

The pattern is waiting for you now HERE in my shop as a free download until September 30th.

The previous month's BOM patterns can be seen here.

But then the idea for a rather cheerful colour palette I could incorporate which would save the blind came into play...inspired by (of all things) a kitchen tea towel and a stitchery from last month which work beautifully together.

Overnight I have continued to ponder this plan and whilst we were out this morning buying new pillows for the bed I browsed the yarn aisle at Spotlight and decided to purchase some balls in that same tea towel colour scheme...

...with the intent of knitting some dishcloths.

The yarn is a 50/50 cotton and acrylic mix and the colours are exactly what my kitchen needs to lift it from neutral to joyful. In fact that green yarn is the same colour as my blind.

Here's just a few of the new tea towels, freshly laundered but not ironed (my Nana would iron hers, but I shall not), that are inspiring my colour scheme...

The towels and the yarn are a bit brighter than these photo suggest and will nicely lift the very pale and boring beige of the kitchen.

I've also seen lovely inexpensive coffee mugs in that same peach and teal blue so six of them hanging on a mug tree on the kitchen bench will definitely add more splashes of colour as well as being right on hand for welcome morning and afternoon cuppas should you be dropping by. 

I've made some in the past but always give them away because not only are they great dishcloths, they also make wonderful flannels (face washers) and all my grandies have one from me...mmm...actually I haven't made one for Rafaella yet. Oops. 
knit, knit, knit....

Are you a knitter (or crocheter) of dishcloths?

Here's a few delightful patterns I found online should you want to join me in a knitting/crochet frenzy. The links are above the photos and each pattern is free.

I think the bonus of these small yarn projects for me is that I may just get them made.
My hands can be a bit temperamental when it comes to working with knitting needles and crochet hooks, which is why I rarely indulge in those crafts - but over coming weeks as we pack and move and unpack, an hour here and there with pretty yarn will be sweet relief if I just go slowly and don't push my hands to do more than they'd like.

Funny thing though, hand embroidery has the opposite effect on my gently soothes them.
Very blessed that's how I make a living.

Bless you heaps, and may the weekend be a time of soul unwinding, of gathering close the people who matter, of resting in joyful contentment and being washed and restored by the presence of God. 



  1. Great dish cloths. I can't knit/crochet. I just don't get it. I do appreciate what other's make.

  2. I used to crochet years ago and cross stitch as a teenager and early wife. But then I put those pursuits away and have never rekindled any interests in them. Sewing machine and hand smocking replaced them, then I put away the machine embroidery as I got burnt out on it.And my daughter refused to ever wear anything else that was smocked I put that interest away as well. And my love now is hand embroidery and reading. Although I have always read since I was a child. Love the new block. And your colors are singing to my heart. Love the idea of using all these colors in your new kitchen. That kitchen is amazing by the way. It is right out of my dreams. I am so proud for you that all your dreams are coming true with this gorgeous home . I knew God would provide you a home filled with the things your heart desired. He blesses his faithful in so many ways. Hug and love to you on this day and each. Also thank you very much for the new block pattern.

  3. The dishcolth patterns are so pretty. I've never liked using crocheted dishcloths very much...maybe they were made with the wrong kind of yarn?

    What a fun birthday gift for your sweetheart!I'm looking forward to hearing about nesting.

    I'm with you on summer heat. I love winter & am so excited we're heading into fall here now. I can't wait to get outside & take more walks.

  4. What lovely colours you have chosen for your kitchen! I always think a kitchen looks homey with lots of pretty colour.
    I never ever see such pretty tea towels here in my little corner of the world. They will look lovely in your gorgeous new kitchen. So happy for you in finding your new home! Won't it be fun setting your own stamp upon it. Blessings to you.

  5. Wow, Jenny, you are a decorating marvel right now. I think that's why the kitchen is boring beige - so you can make things to dress it up until your heart's content. I can see you've well researched dishcloths!

    I do crochet, and have been wanting to get some yarn to make a baby blanket. Yesterday, a friend dropped off a bag full at my house - something she was making for someone, but that person is painfully out of her life now, so she wanted to get rid of it. What a blessing for me, but I'm sorry that was the cost for her.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern. I do like those flowers, and may be making some on my crazy quilt block this month, too. Yes, the US goes by the solstice and equinox dates. Either way, the seasons change and life's rhythm moves to a new pattern. Yours is going to be a happy month, but still some stress as you move. May the Lord bless you with strength as he has with joy.

  6. The U.S. isn't all that different with the seasons. Ours are just around the 21/22 of the months of September, December, March and June. Although, living in Minnesota we have had snow as late as May.

  7. I do love your kitchen colours! Mine is red and white, but I live in a 100 year old farmhouse and that just feels right to me! LOL You've inspired me to revisit lovely tea towels. What I have is mostly utilitarian, but why can't they be pretty, too? Inspiration! My fall garden is going in today; although we are moving into fall and will soon have snow, there is still time for greens, beets, and radishes! Will you garden in your new home? I can't wait to see what you create there! <3

  8. Oh, thank you for the links to the dish cloths!! I'll be passing them on to a dear friend who is a knitting wiz!! She makes knitted caps for Operation Christmas Child as well as donating some to the silent raffle my church has to support Operation Christmas Child and the mission to Mexico they go on every other year. She has lots of little bits and bobs of yarn left over and these would make a welcome addition to the raffle as well as the shoe boxes we fill for Operation Christmas Child!! I can't wait until you move in and make this new home yours!!

  9. Just gorgeous......thank you so much for the patterns and inspirations.

  10. Beautiful September stitchery I have my mini version hanging up. I really love putting a new one out each month. I love your yarn for the dishcloths. Mum knits soft face washers for new babies. I have crocheted dishcloths and knitted soft face washers. I am having trouble stitching with my arthritic sewing finger and thumb but I can seem to crochet and knit okay. Thanks for the links. I think I shall try to knit that beehive one as dad is a bee keeper . Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Jenny your new kitchen will be cheerful and happy with your color and fabric choices. Thank you for September stitchery and for the wash cloth pattern links. I have just picked up knitting needles in order to improve my skills and knit a blankie for my very first Great Granddaughter being born this Fall. I am so excited to be a Great Grammy. Blessings Sweet Jenny...xo

  12. Amazing timing! Keys and birthday on one day! Blessed!

  13. Jenny, I think your forever home is going to be fantastic with your wonderful touches here and there. I was thinking - what ever happened to the little bear you were making for Cully Mae? Were you able to get it done or were your hands too sore?

    1. Goretti, it's half made...caused me a lot of pain so I put it aside a few times. Hoping to continue doing little bits after we have moved, and one day complete it.

  14. Hello Jenny - I can't wait to see it when it's done. I will say a wee prayer that the pain in your hands can subside at some point soon. I can only imagine little Cully Mae's face when she sees this precious gift from her Nana. So excited for the new chapter in your life in your forever home. God bless.

  15. I love the new block, thank you! I love the colors for your kitchen, so bright and uplifting. I do crochet dishcloths sometimes for my best friend, but not often as it hurts, lol. I do miss it!

  16. Jenny, what kind of fabric is it you use to make your tea towels. Is it heavy weight like the quilting fabric. Really love your tea towels

    1. I don't make them...I buy actual tea towels and then decorate them.


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