Thursday, November 29, 2018

Take a bow tie block and look what you can do...

Mug rugs they did not become, but I did make a mini quilt over the weekend with my two little mug stitcheries and I even took photos along the way to show newbies to patchwork how easy it is to make a sweet bow-tie block.
The stitcheries were trimmed to 6 1/2" square so I needed two of the same sized bow-tie blocks.

For one block you'll need to cut -

two, 3 1/2" squares of red floral 
two, 3 1/2" squares of cream floral
two, 1 1/2" squares of red floral

Draw a diagonal line across the back of a 1 1/2" red square and position in the corner of a 3 1/2" cream floral square as shown below.

Machine sew a seam along the drawn line. 
Remove the excess corner section by cutting 1/4" away from the seam.

Press the seam open to make a new square.

Repeat to make another square.

Position the four squares as shown below.
Sew them together to make one blow tie block.

Such simple blocks and very festive as they remind me of big gift wrapped bows on top of Christmas presents beside the tree.

(those two sweet mug stitcheries are here if you'd like to embroider them yourself)

I completed my mini quilt on Monday with binding and simple machine quilting but the storm yesterday blackened the sky when I was ready to take photos so I had to wait until this morning for the sky to 'light up'. 
My new mini quilt is now hanging in the sewing room...

...the first touch of festivity for this Christmas season.

This is not the first time I've made a bow tie block, but I do admit to forgetting about it until the planning of what to make from the two stitcheries began in earnest.

For Christmas 2011 my grandson Calab asked me to make him a pillow of his very own and I discovered that if you play around with a bow tie block you can create a variety of patchwork finishes.

A touch of applique can add another element to the simple bow tie!

Inspired by my dear Nana who raised me this table runner design from 2013 is still a favourite in my home. I call it the Phyllis May table runner because that was her beautiful name.

If you'd like to make it I've just added the pattern to my shop.
You can make this up in a day, truly.

Next year you'll discover a number of "Phyllis May" patterns popping up on the shelves of my Elefantz shop. Nana has long gone from this world but is still treasured in my heart so I thought it was time to honour her with the work of my hands and the creativity God has gifted.

These will tie in with the new Block of the Month for 2019 which is vintage inspired, as well as the year long journey we'll be taking through the pages of my well worn copy of The Gentle Art of Domesticity.

I'm SO excited about next year, but I think we should enjoy the final weeks of 2018 first.

Before we close today I wanted to tell you about some wonderful tutorials my friend Fee is sharing on her new blog to help you with gift giving and also to teach some very basic paper crafting projects for those who haven't tried it before (like me!).
Drop by and say hi, okay?
visit Fee here

I'll be back in about 24 hours with another alphabet pincushion...where did the week go??

Bless you heaps,


Little Penpen said...

Just beautiful Jenny... I have always loved bow tie blocks.

Tammy said...

Beautiful Projects Jenny. The Phyllis May runner is a beautiful tribute indeed to your Grandmother. I know she is looking down on you with such big smiles and a heart overflowing with love . What a testament you are to her love and upbringing. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful projects.

Farm Quilter said...

Love your bow ties!! Do you also sew the little extra triangles together to use in a future project? I don't like to waste fabric, so I always sew the extra HST together and save them for future use, even if it is just a whole quilt filled with tiny HSTs!!

Susan said...

It has been a fast week! I feel like I didn't do anything and now it's Friday in a few hours! I really like what your little stitcheries became. The bow tie was the pattern I used to make a quilt for Paul from bunches of my scraps. Oh, he would not let me switch that quilt out for another one! He loved it so much, and I still have it, of course. Your Phyllis May runner is another terrific use of it, as is Caleb's pillow. Thanks for the reminder of this great and simple block.

Unknown said...

2019 is going to be wonderful. I just know it ! Love the table runner - I don't recall seeing it before. Just beautiful xxxx

Unknown said...

Fee xx

Sherry said...

You always make the most wonderful Works of HeArt Jenny Dear. I love your style. December Blessings and Balance...

KingsailK said...

Thanks Jenny and welcome Feexx