Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mixing Bowls - block 7 Scrappy Vintage Kitchen...

Have to admit I love a pretty mixing bowl, though they are not easy to find. Could be why designed a flower strewn bowl to stitch...

Baking day is a good day in our home because the entire process brings me joy and puts lip smacking smiles on the faces of my husband, daughter, grandchildren, son-in-law and neighbour because they all receive a share of the treats.

It's that beautiful process of mixing, kneading, beating, whipping, crumbling and chopping which stirs joy in my soul because from a few very basic ingredients I can create treats like fruit filled biscuits, a healthy loaf of bread, luscious lemony desserts or a thick pot of berry jam...really, there's no end to the wonders which flow from a kitchen when the cook has a heart to make and bake.

As you stitch this little block, ponder the kitchen treats you remember from childhood and give thanks for the hands which made them. 
Then perhaps gather ingredients and bake something you've not had in a while...create a new memory for your loved ones, neighbours or friends.

Links to blog posts for the previous six blocks are here. 

I'm showing this block a day early because we're off for a couple of days into the rainforest, a place we find calming to the soul and spirit, a calm which is needed after such a huge year.
I'd love it if you'd hold us in prayer during these days away. I woke this morning with the beginnings of a chest cold, and as I've not had a cold at all this year it's come as a surprise, and not a welcome one. 
I'm leaning on the Lord to heal and soothe as He alone can.
Bless you all so very much, and may He heal whatever ails you as well.



Beth said...

Thanks Jenny! This reminds me of standing on a chair at the kitchen bench with my Mum or sitting at Gran's kitchen table at the farm (which also doubled as her bench space) as we helped with the baking!

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
A mixing bowl! I grew up with them! Thanks for the encouragement! I haven't baked for quite a while.
Enjoy your time in a rain forest. How soothing!

barcord said...

Thankyou Jenny. Praying for good health and a restful time together. Enjoy.

Tammy said...

Thank you Jenny. Enjoy your rainforest getaway. Praying you will be healed of your cold while away. Fresh air is exactly what you need and prayer and relaxation and no schedule. Hugs Sweetie

Farm Quilter said...

Praying for healing for you, Jenny, as well as for travel mercies, peace and refreshment on your trip with Mr. E.

Elizabeth Bailey-Mitchell said...

So glad you posted a place to go get previous blocks. I realized I had somehow missed block 5, which I was able to go retrieve, Apples. Love it! Baking is one of my Relax things-to-do, and these blocks fit right into that Relax mode as well. Thanks and God bless you!


daisydilly (vicki) said...

hank you for another cute block. Hope you're having fun in the rainforest and sending prayers.

Lin said...

Thank you Jenny. xx

Susan said...

Thank you for this block. The treats my grandmother made involved a bowl for making the fruit mixture, but she used a pre-made biscuit (American biscuit, not Aussie cookie =) to make the crust for her fried pies by the time I came along. So good! I remember Mama cooking, but not baking. Aunt Bobbie took shortcuts in her baking, too, starting with frozen bread dough from the grocery store, but that cinnamon bread was so good! My children and I went back to basics with from-scratch cookies and bread, pies and cakes. Now I'm back to my grandmother's short cuts! Life has a cycle. =) I hope your getaway is wonderful and refreshing, and that your cold doesn't develop into anything at all. God bless you, Miss Jenny, for making all our lives sweeter.