Thursday, April 16, 2020

Click clack knit, Marple and our exciting news...

Hmmmm...should I tell you the exciting news first??

You know full well how much we love our little granddaughters, Cully May and Rafaella Lucy...and we are blessed beyond reason having sweet Blossom as our daughter, and we love her true-love Ross as a son.
Well, in very early December, our brood will have a new addition...yes, Blossom is expecting baby number three!  \o/ \o/ Honest, I want to hug her so badly as these past four weeks and two days without seeing her and the little ones has been difficult, but especially now there's a brand new bub on the way. 

If you pop over HERE to her Instagram page you can congratulate her yourself...she'd be tickled pink or blue or green...she'd be thrilled. We're all thrilled. This was a surprise pregnancy but as with all God's gifts, a very welcome surprise. 

Most days I receive a "good morning, Nana" photo from the the girls and this was today's...melts my heart.

Imagine these two munchkins as big sisters. They love their dollies so I do believe Bloss will have happy little helpers when the baby arrives. And of course, my hands are available any time for all of them! 
Happy, blessed, grateful, in awe. 
It's half way through Autumn now (and I still have the air conditioner running every afternoon) but winter is coming eventually. Even though it's a very mild winter in the tropics, to us who live with so much heat and humidity most of the year it 'feels' cold in winter, more so than most of you would think if you were here, in fact our area is a huge tourist destination at that time of year because people visit here to warm up. 
This is why we locals need cardigans and long pants and the odd scarf or two, plus soft warm pyjamas and fluffy slippers each's such a comfort to feel even a little rugged up in soft cardies and socks, you know? I sleep better in the cooler nights from June to August, nourishing slow cooked bowls of soup can be added to the menu, and it's so warm and pleasant in the garden every day (no rain, as it's our dry season) that you want to be outside as much as possible.

With the national lock down in place and not many shops allowed to open there's been a huge surge in online shopping, especially for winter clothing, and Blossom recently did this herself in order to purchase warm clothes and pyjamas for the girls. As with most of us she works to a budget and was surprised at the high cost of cardigans for children as she wanted one for Cully May. Rafaella will be happy with her big sister's outgrown cardie but as with most firstborns new items of clothing are often needed as they grow. 

"Mum, is there any chance you could knit a cardigan for Cully May?"

"Of course I can! I'd love to!"

Now I should tell you that I used to knit very fancy cardies and jumpers (sweaters) for all my children when they were little because we lived in a much colder climate and I loved to knit, but after a hand operation in 2010 knitting became a very painful hobby so I packed away my needles and no more click clack was to be heard.

I did try again with a gorgeous teddy bear pattern after Cully May was born but it was slow going and my hands were in a terrible state. 

However, early last year I began to crochet and a funny thing happened. It's a more gentle use of hands than knitting I have found, and over time it appears to have strengthened my fingers and palm to such an extent that when I chose to make THIS simple pattern for Cully May's cardie my hands have played along very nicely! 
Every evening I sit down and knit a couple of inches and marvel at how relaxing it is once more.

The yarn is a cotton blend because even our 'cold' is too warm for wool, and I chose a variegated colour due to the simplicity of the finished garment. Next time I'll extend myself to something with more stitches, but for now this is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it on her.

The back and fronts are knitted in one piece, and right now I've just begun the dividing for armholes and knitting up the right front.

This beautifully light basket was $8 at Kmart and has been perfect for holding everything together at my feet as I knit. Wishing I'd had it when crocheting Rafaella's 1st birthday blanket early last year,  but now I do and it will be put to both knitting and crochet purposes in future.

When I think of knitting Miss Marple always comes to mind. Most people who enjoy the Marple and Poirot episodes made over the past twenty years or so have a favourite actress or actor in the main roles but for me there is no Poirot finer than David Suchet and no Marple as wonderful as the late Geraldine McEwan.

Without fail in every one of her episodes, I want to take tea with her and knit!

And I have longed for cardigan just like her cross over buttoned style... well as her heart shaped magnifying glass, which as my eyes grow older and some things take on a fuzzy outline, would come in rather handy and look rather sleuth-like.

When I was searching on Ravelry for the cardigan pattern I'm knitting Cully May I thought to also look for a Miss Marple cardigan, the cross over one I love, but no success.
I did however find a Miss Marple scarf!

It's a free pattern in case you'd like to knit one with me?
The designer is SusanneS-vV and the pattern is HERE.

Mr E is back teaching at school next week so I've decided to start over with my Miss Marple collection each afternoon as I finish Cully May's cardie, begin another one for Rafaella (my knitting mojo is in full swing so I must) and make my own Miss Marple scarf before winter arrives. 
All with a cup of tea, scones and homemade jam of course.

I know Marple and Poirot aren't everyone's cup of tea but they are mine and Blossom's so while we're apart we'll be getting back to these old favourites in our separate couches and homes...feeling somewhat together and knowing exactly what the other one is thinking.

What will you be doing in the slow afternoons next week?
Is there an old series or movie you may watch?

Bless you dear hearts, and may these different days open up opportunities to go back and try old things or send you on the hunt to learn something new.

Next week I have something fun planned for all of us...but till then,

Loving hugs


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  2. How lovely to sit and read your letter. Many congratulations to Blossom on God’s gift of a new baby. Life is so different at the moment but the gentle pace has helped me to reflect on my many blessings. I too love Miss Marple and will think of you relaxing with your knitting when I watch it. God Bless you and yours❤️ Elly

  3. Hi Jenny oh I am so excited for your family,,especially Bloss and Ross and the girls it's a blessing for sure .
    I hope you and your family are all well.
    Oh I love the cardigan you are knitting. The cotton is such a pretty colour and the basket is a terrific idea.
    My hubby and I love watching those murder mysteries too,stay safe my friend
    Hope your day is a good one

  4. Well we are both lucky this year! My youngest daughter is pregnant with baby #3 too! Ally is 11 and Pyper is 5, and the new baby will be born in October. We are thrilled! I am so busy sewing masks and surgical caps that I have not had time to even start anything. They are going to be surprised this time so I anything I make will need to be neutral.

  5. Wonderful news about the baby, such a lovely Christmas surprise for you all. The cardigan is going to be very sweet in that yarn. I can only wear cotton myself no matter how cold it gets as I have a wool allergy and trying to find warm clothing in winter can be a problem when most shops are selling wool. I do like to cosy up too with soup, fluffy socks, and pyjamas (I have to admit that pyjamas and fluffy socks are one of my favourite outfits to wear as they are relaxing). Enjoy your knitting. My favourite Miss Marple was Joan Hickson who did it back in the black and white days. x

  6. Oh what a blessing I can't wait to be a grandma, congratulations to all God Bless Irene

  7. Lovely news. My Daughter #2 expecting her first baby in TEN DAYS TIME!! So thrilled for her, but like you, sad I can't go and cuddle him. I've done some knitting, and also reupholstered a nursing chair and dressed her old Teddy. But I'm not sure how to get the chair to Manchester - I hope we are able to visit & deliver it before she finishes breastfeeding! God bless them all. Keep well, keep safe.

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Congratulations to you and Blossom and the whole family !
    It's fun to see things that were once put aside coming back in to fashion !
    I'm spending more time with the sewing machine and creating, using up stash, trying new things! Looking forward to what you have planned next week !

  9. Congratulations to the family - lovely news! At the moment I am knitting a blanket for a pushchair - I have a little fried who needs to keep legs warm on chilly days.
    I like to have the telly on while knitting - Lewis and Barnaby are two of my favourites. And Miss Marple of course. Keep safe.

  10. Congratulations on a new grandchild! I'm sure you have a whole list of baby things you want to create for the new little one. I can't knit, I'm a crocheter so I'm finally starting on the Attic24 Sweet Pea blanket from last year. I find it so relaxing to have busy hands while watching or listening to programs.

  11. I think a link to this pattern is here:

  12. Wonderful news Jenny! CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

    I haven't knitted in a while, so I might find some yarn and a pattern and pick up the needles again. I could even knit my little grand-daughter a cardi too. I want to sit and watch "Anne with an E" on Netflix, so will do that while knitting :)

    I love all the old shows like Miss Marple, Call the midwife etc. I'd prefer to watch them over any modern day shows.


  13. Congrats on the newest (to be) grand. Have fun knitting. I prepped hand applique yesterday. I'll be stitching to movies and NCIS.

  14. How exciting a new Grandie on the way to love and cherish and spoil. I know you are all over the top excited for baby #3 to arrive. I'm excited to see Baby #3 myself. I never learned to knit. I never even knew of anyone who did growing up. Although I did learn to crochet as a teenager but Haven't since my daughter was in elementary school. I need to get back to crochet. But I really enjoy sewing and hand stitchery these years. And now gardening has taken on a once again huge part of my life. Can't wait to see more of your knitting projects. Huhs and love to you Dear Jenny

  15. CONGRATULATIONS! Such wonderful news. I just hope Blossom's health is good this time and she has an easier pregnancy and birth. You must be so overjoyed. The knitted cardi looks lovely. I love the scarf pattern. That particular Miss Marple is my favourite. I have been enjoying crocheting while watching A Country Practice and All Saints on 7 plus.It is time for me to get out my Lucille Ball's The Long Long Trailor and 2 different versions of Jane Eyre as well as The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

  16. Here is a link to the Swagger Coat pattern on Ravelry:

  17. Congratulation to the family! A good piece of news! Thank you for sharing it with us. God Bless you.

  18. Those little girls have the sweetest faces!!!!! A new exciting! I am a cross stitcher so that is what I am spending my days on. God's blessings to you all!!!

  19. Hello Jenny, I am enjoying reading your blog posts every time you write one! What blessed news to receive during this time, Our Lord is still in charge and leading us in the direction he knows is best for each of us. I was joyed when I read that you discovered that knitting was not causing you pain any longer. Especially discovered at a time when your skill was needed greatly by your daughter for your granddaughter. That is what made me smile ear to ear and say a prayer of thanks to the Lord. I know I do not comment very often any more Jenny, please no that there is a reason and that I still read every blog and you still lead my way to the Lord in a way I have never traveled before. God Bless You and have a splendid day!

  20. the warmfireplaceApril 17, 2020 at 3:40 AM

    What wonderful news, so exciting to be looking forward to a new edition. I know what you mean about crochet helping to strengthen hands I found the same and love to knit, busy with some cross stitch in lockdown here in the UK,it is restful. God bless sue

  21. Congratulations on the new baby that is coming. I am knitting dish rags at the moment as I totally burned myself out knitting my first sweater, haha. It was a long one, for me, and took a long time. I should have started with a small child's one. The yarn you picked is so pretty.

  22. What incredibly exciting news Jenny.... another little gem to fill your heart with love xx

  23. A new baby! YAY! Happy news! Happy for you all. Nothing like a wonderful grandchild. Congratulations to Blossom and her husband.
    Great news about your knitting, too. I am a beginner knitter. I crochet, too.
    I found this new project from I want to make. It is called Pocket Prayer Quilt. They are 2"x 2" finished. Instructions are free. By fact they have a lot of free patterns for things. So I will be sewing those soon.
    Your sweater for Cully May looks pretty. She will love it.
    Yes. I miss my family too. I will be glad when everyone can get together. I am sure we all will appreciate doing that again. It will feel like Christmas! A big dinner and family getting together. Fun stuff.
    Today I mailed masks to two people. I need to make a few more for my neighbors.
    Be well, Jenny. God bless.

  24. Thanks for the scarf pattern. I also love Miss Marple. Think I'll give it a go.
    I am so sad also that I can hug my grandies.
    Exciting news. A new Grandchild how lovely for you, that baby will be so lucky to be part of your family.

  25. Jenny, what lovely news to share. I pray that Blossom keeps well and healthy. My favourite Miss Marple actress is Julia McKenzie and I love watching the series when it is on. I have made one of those scarves before when I did an online knitting course. I think I donated it to the Op Shop as I like a longer scarf.

  26. This is wonderful news - congratulations to you all. I'm sure the girls will be wonderful big sisters. I always laugh at my aunt when we visit in Cairns in June/July when she rugs up with her 'ski' gear on. Us southerners, think the tropics in Winter are hot. That's why we visit en masse then. Speaking of tropics, we have booked a holiday up north for January - first time visiting then with the kids. We realise it will probably be raining, extremely humid but just want to go somewhere to relax and not do alot. We have hired a home with a pool as this is a huge novelty for us (having easy access to just swim whenever we want). We are looking forward to it immensely and are happy to assist and do our bit to keep the industry alive.
    There are some fabulous youtube/knitting podcasts on youtube. There is one lady I love to follow - her channel is 'Stitching the High notes' and she is an opera singer in the San Francisco Opera and she loves to craft, especially knit. In December they sang with Andrea Bocelli whom I adore. You might find her interesting. If you're really stuck, I love cross stitch and there is a plethora of cross stitchers out there on youtube - search up 'flosstube'. A pair you might really enjoy are 'the real housewives of cross stitch'. A mother / daughter duo - I can just see yourself and blossom doing this with your everyday craft and showing off your works together.............
    Enjoy the cooler weather when it arrives and take care

  27. That cardigan for your granddaughter's will be so loved!! My MIL used to knit up a storm, and she gave us several different sizes of little sweaters (what we call them in the US :-) ), and I loved them. Being hand knit, they just seemed to grow with the girls, and they are the perfect cover up for when it is cool out, but they don't over-heat the babies/little girls. And with that multi-colored yarn your granddaughters are going to LOVE their little cardies! And that cross-over scarf is just so pretty!! Hugs, H

  28. Congratulations Grandma and Blossom!


  30. Congratulations to your family for the wonderful news of a new baby. Your granddaughters are so adorable in that picture. I too like the Miss Marple series of shows and have also enjoyed reading some of the books.

  31. Just so adorable! And many congratulations to Blossom and Ross. Now, Geraldine McEwan was not my favourite Miss Marple although I would love her cardigan too! No, that was Joan Hickson, superb actress. However, I did love GM as Mrs Proudie in the Barchester Chronicles one of my most favourite ever TV series and with such a wonderful cast too. definitely worth a regular re-watch! Take care Jenny. xx

  32. Such exciting news!! Congrats!!! And best wishes!

  33. So exciting! What wonderful news! Children are such a gift from the Lord

  34. Such exciting news for your family, Jenny. Congratulations to you all. I love the colours of Cully May's cardigan. xx

  35. I have ordered from Lucy and May as a way to celebrate. =) One of the little seaside sets will be perfect in about a year for a baby coming this summer. =) It's so sweet to see Blossom's business take off, and I hope she can keep up with it with three beautiful children. It's so exciting to know you can knit again. I think the Lord made the crochet projects work for your good, don't you? He knew you'd need to knit again! Not that there aren't perfectly lovely crocheted cardigans, too. Enjoy Miss Marple and Poirot and the knitting! Don't run faster than you can walk, though. =) Love, Susan

  36. First of all, congratulations on the happy news of another grandie! Perhaps like me, you’re hoping for a different gendered baby. I didn’t get what I longed for (a girl), but that’s all in God’s hands. We enjoy Poirot and Miss Marple on public television, but I’ve never seen the Miss Marple actress you’ve shown in your pictures. I admire you for being able to knit and crochet garments. My best is dishcloths or the odd afghan or two. Oddly enough, this isolation has found me possessed with fascination about weaving! I had the fortunate experience of finding Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving (for beginners) on BluPrint, when viewing classes was free. Now I want a loom! And I don’t even have yarn in the house! Really, what I don’t need is another hobby, so I have to figure out how to get this out of my system. Back to quilting it is... 😊

  37. So happy for Blossom and her new addition. Too hot for knitting or crochet yet, but the mornings are so nice out in the garden.

  38. Congratulations to all! And thank you, Jenny for sharing that lovely pattern. This is a ideal time to start on some Christmas gifts, don't you agree? Be safe and well.

  39. Congratulations on the new grandbaby news!!! Babies are such a blessing. I'm so glad crochet has eased your hands into dealing with knitting again. I'm looking forward to seeing it modeled by Cully Mae!

  40. I am ecstatic for all of you - another little blessing!!! And praying of course for Blossom. Can't wait to see the cardies. I may fire up my BritBox and watch Miss Marple with you - she was definitely my favorite Marple!

  41. That cardigan is called a swagger coat, and the pattern is at in size 34-36. Also, Susan Crawford has it in other sizes in one of her books which can be found on Ravelry

  42. Miss Marple’s cross-over button cardigan is a 1930s swagger coat. The knitting pattern in size 34-36 can be found for free at and if that size doesn’t suit, the pattern has been adapted for different sizes in Susan Crawford’s book available at (but it is decidedly not for free).


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