Thursday, May 28, 2020

Slower, cooler days...

Even when you're so tired all you want to do is curl up with a good audio book and drift off, life continues it's natural rhythm. 
And even though that dream of a lazy afternoon nap did not eventuate as I'd hoped (its been a really big week) the cooling and unseasonal rain of our late autumn days naturally brought about a slowing of sorts. Things still got done - but more quietly, methodically, in a gradual and calm manner. It felt as though this needed end of a very long hot summer closed the door on any rush to complete things or meet a deadline on time. 
I can honestly say my mind, body and spirit are in relief as the wait to welcome winter is almost upon us. 

We had almost a week of rain, so unusual for this time of the year but perfect for the garden and it brought us joy to watch each day as our vegetables soaked in the nourishment from heaven and doubled in size seemingly overnight. Nothing makes are garden grow like pure rainwater, especially a thorough soaking.

We have five baby roma plants, all heavy with tomatoes. Not long until they ripen and we can feast...

Bean seeds I planted on Thursday last week broke through the soil on Sunday, incredible...

During the rain we had a constant stream of feathered friends visiting. They practically live in our  yard when it's wet and invite all their family and friends too.

Sitting outside with a hot cuppa and fresh baked cookies, hubby and I can watch the birds for ages, laughing at their antics, enjoying their company...

I read on Rhonda's blog that chickens need more protein in winter and a good way to give them that is a bowl of milky porridge each day, so as we had a wet week and the girls looked like they could use some warming up I started making them a bowl to share for breakfast. 
Wow. They absolutely love it and now if I haven't got it ready each morning by 6.30 am Daphne will carry on so loud until the bowl is in front of her. Unlike Daphne, dear Bess is patient so sometimes I toss her some extra treats when Daphne's busy laying an egg.
(Blossom says I spoil my girls...nah.)

It was Blossom's birthday on Tuesday, she turned 26 on the blessed we are to be her parents. We had a family afternoon tea on Sunday and it was so lovely for her to get some quality time with her dad while Ross and I chatted over a cuppa inside.
 After our week of rain the sun shone and the skies were clear blue so she and Mr E wandered around the garden with Cully May and Rafaella...lots of chicken cuddling too (and she says I spoil them?).
On Tuesday I went over to her place for the morning and with the children and Ross we feasted on curried chick pea sausage rolls, crackers and dip, cups of tea and much laughter.

Behind the scenes I've been working on a new Tilda project with one of the new fabric lines due for release in July. Here's a sneek peak, though in June I can show you all of it.

Tonight I'll stitch down the binding and take photos tomorrow. Then there's a pattern to write and some leftover fabric to play with over the coming month. 

Writing patterns was how I spent yesterday, which was cutting it fine with only a few days before I email them to my Faith In Hand members, but now they are done...

As much as I love to design and stitch, the pattern writing side of things is my least favourite side of this work. A bit like making all that mess in the kitchen when I bake (I love baking) but not enjoying the clean up quite as much.

What a surprise last night when my beloved arrived home from work with a bunch of flowers just for me. My favourites - gerberas and carnations - and right now he's driven off to pick up Pho Vegetarian Noodle Salad and dumplings for our dinner so I can have the night off.

It's the first day of winter next Monday and my plan over the weekend is to finish Cully May's cardigan in time for her to wear it that day. I've knitted everything except the neckband and the borders so I'm fairly sure it will be finished on time. And then I have a Miss Marple scarf to knit for myself - fortunately it's on big needles with thick yarn so shouldn't take long.

May your own end of season and the welcome of a new one be a happy time in your home, and I pray the days ahead offer more joy than sorrow, more sunshine than showers, and more hope than you imagined possible in your beautiful hearts.

Loving hugs


  1. Wow! So many cockatoos!!! I don't think I've ever seen so many in one place before. I'm not a fan of the clean-up after baking either, but it has to be done.
    Have fun watching your beans coming up.

  2. I am always stunned by the beauty of the birds! We have our own wee birds, but nothing as showy as yours! We have had so much rain that we are considering growing shrimp and rice this year! Ha! Glad to see you are feeling better! <3

  3. Your garden, along with the chooks and birds, is so beautiful. I'm so glad you have had the perfect rain out of season! So lovely to get to spend time with Blossom and her family. I am slowly recovering from a stay in hospital and finally hav the energy to read your blog...I've missed you!

  4. Rain here all week so thanks for the sunshine 🌞

  5. I don't think I've ever had bean seeds to pop up in 4 days! You must have 8 green fingers to go along with your green thumbs. Your chickens look so pretty. Mine are molting and looking a bit ragged for awhile. Happy belated birthday to sweet Blossom. She is a dear! I got the dress from her I ordered for my year old granddaughter from her LUCY AND MAY SHOP ON ETSY and it is just lovely. The sweet correspondence from her was so appreciated. You are blessed to have her as a daughter. Her faith shown through in her messages just as loudly and clearly as yours in your blogposts. Blessings from WV/USA!

  6. Hi Jenny, I like the new Tilda fabric colors. Tilda is hard to find in the states, or so it seems for me. I like it. I am organizing my sewing/craft room. It's a slow process. Eventually it will get organized nicely.
    A belated 'Happy Birthday to Blossom. May she have many, many more!' Ah, to be 26 again!
    Love that parrot hiding in the bush. You have quite a crowd of Cockatoos at the feeder. What a treat everyday!
    We here in Ohio are still into Spring. Summer will start June 20th through September 22, 2020. We are having a bit of rain here today. But the temps are hitting the 80's, sunny and hot.
    Mr. E is very thoughtful of you. The flowers are lovely. Nothing like harmony in the home. Like a cool breeze.
    Be well, Jenny. God Bless!

  7. Hello my friend. How wonderful to read your post today.....It is almost summer here Spring is ending . The garden is doing pretty good.. Happy Birthday to your Dear Blossom. Love the new Tilda project . The fabrics are very pretty...Can't wait to see your beautiful creation. I haven't sewn in forever it seems. Hard to do with a house full that are constantly hungry and doing so much laundry and taking care of a garden by myself. Has me looking forward to fall. Stay blessed my friend.

  8. Jenny, you had some cool days up there recently. It was freezing here over the weekend with only a little rain and nothing like you had in the Tropics but we were grateful for what we had. Happy birthday to Blossom. Have a relaxing weekend.

  9. Good morning Jenny,i love reading how well your garden is going,always exciting to see seeds sprouting. Wishing your Blossom a Happy Birthday .Yes Winter isnt far away for us,its been so cold down this way for quite awhile now,often wish we were living in a warmer climate.Your Mr E is such a wonderful man ,the flowers he surprised you with are so beautiful,its nice seeing you being spoilt and its a lovely feeling knowing that you are appreciated and loved.Hope your day is a good one my friend,take care xx

  10. I love seeing all the beautiful birds in your yard. That is so special to be able to sit and enjoy them like that. Happy Birthday to Blossom who actually has her birthday on the same day as mine. One of my friends gave me a beautiful red gerbera daisy and I am hoping to plant it in my yard eventually after I have enjoyed it in my house for awhile.

  11. Was that a Rosella hiding in the greenery? I remember when we visited one of the national parks way back in '86 and they swarmed all over us looking for treats, and the huge flocks of cockatoos rising like a cloud from their feasting on a grain crop. Lovely embroidery you've been making. Take it easy, friend.

  12. Hi Jenny,
    yes, wonderful how rain can bring create a feeling of rest...and life to a garden.
    a question about clips...I use them as well, they're super ! You made a cool pin cushion to wear on the wrist. Do you think there is something possible like that for clips ?

  13. What a sweet and wonderful prayer, Jenny. Thank you. Reading your post, I could feel the calming down, the winding down. Such a sweet time for you. Your chickens are good layers. They aren't spoiled, they are rewarded and loved. =) I can already see the new Tilda line is beautiful and another one I will wish were carried near by, as well as that I'm going to really enjoy the new pattern. I'm also looking forward to the next Faith in Hand. I'm looking forward to it any time it comes, and I'm not watching the calendar, just happy to see it whenever. May the Lord bless you with all good things.

  14. Ooooo I am looking forward to seeing your new project you have designed. I wasn't going to start anything new but I think I shall be tempted when you release it. We had silky bantams for many years but the rooster was rather fearce....he was meant to be a she lol. Never heard of the porridge being good for chooks but it looks like they love it. So many beautiful birds in your garden and quite entertaining. It is a peaceful experuence watching nature. A belated hapoy birthday to Blossom.

  15. Some lovely work happening up there Jen, and how wonderful to see you have chooks!!! I miss my chooks quite considerably, they have such a place in the life of those who enjoy home and hearth. Happy Birthday to Blossom! Time flies by us so quickly sometimes.
    Big Hugs

  16. I'd love to know the recipe for the porridge that you made for your chickens. And at what age did you start feeding them this? I have very spoiled babies too and I think they would just love it as well.

  17. I too, would like to have your recipe.

  18. I am looking forward to this new Tilda project and fabrics.


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