Friday, October 23, 2020

In the background...

 It's been a rough week with double migraines only two days apart - the silent kind with multiple auras, exhaustion and constant nausea; and the not so silent kind which trapped my head in a vice that would not ease for days.

And that's why I've been absent. Absent and resting. Absent and sleeping. Absent and doing minimal housework. Absent and stitching during the blessed in-between days of recovery. 

Even though I discovered two new food triggers - capsicum (bell pepper) and mandarins - and eliminated them (more days pain free, yay!) it's the weather that's thrown me this time. Clouds, some heavy, some low, some just blown in by the Trade Winds we get every October. But clouds nonetheless and they are the one trigger I cannot avoid or manage. 

Staying inside to keep cool with the air conditioner running helps me not throw up and even returns a bit of energy to my awfully lethargic body, so apart from hanging washing, feeding the hens (we have three now) and watering the garden beds, I've kept cool and sequestered from the humid heat and oppressive clouds.

On the up side of things I still got stuff done indoors during the migraine breaks, and I made sure to eat nourishing meals and drink lots and lots of water, usually with chopped strawberries and mint as that really settled the nausea.

I baked a lovely sugar-free, fat-free spiced Pumpkin and Banana loaf one day and have been enjoying that in the afternoons. The ginger I added was generous and also helped with keeping my tummy settled.

We're back to slowly eliminating meat again as returning it into our diet (after being vegan for six months) did not make an ounce of difference to Mr E's health and I think it might also be contributing to my own head we always felt much more energetic without the meat. 

I baked a Shepherdless Pie last Sunday (Shepherd's Pie normally has lamb) with loads of veg and lentils - surprise, it was delicious!! I was so grateful to have made so much because it kept us fed on my difficult evenings.

The garden is still producing, surprisingly well actually. There's lots of beans, cucumbers, spring onions, radishes, herbs, roma tomatoes and those capsicums I can't eat.

A bonus to sitting inside and resting a lot is that I've been able to do more hand embroidery on two very special projects which I can't wait to show you. But I have to say that while stitching I've been re-watching last year's Great Australian Bake-Off and eyeing off those gorgeous cover cloths which I now want to make...perhaps a few even. 

Here's a tiny peek at the new Block of the Month which I'm hoping to release in the New Year. 

It's called "A Simple Life"...

I'm also working on a special free Christmas project for you that I'll be sharing the first week of November and which will run for 4 weeks. Hope you'll join in with the stitch-along.

Sneek peak..."Joy to the World"...

I'm genuinely feeling improved this afternoon so hopefully life, the blog and everything else will be back on track next week. It was Ross's 30th birthday this week so we're having a family dinner on Saturday night and I know hubby is keen to browse some garage sales in the morning, plus Blossom and I have a date to go shopping on Monday. (She's doing very well, by the way, your prayers are such a blessing)

I shall leave you today with a photo of my little dumplings. I spent two mornings with them this week and despite all else they do what they always do -  burst through with laughter, sunshine and a yearning to eat anything from Nana's kitchen with 'multiple' cups of tea! What joy they bring to my heart. 

Love and hugs, prayers and blessings,


  1. Je vous souhaite de tout cœur une bonne santé. douce journée.

  2. Happy to read you are much improved, migraines are awful. Good to hear that Blossom is doing well also. Those two little dumplings are adorable

  3. Hi Jenny,
    With all the headaches, discomfort and pain you still find the joy of good food and family, the quiet life, to photograph and share with us on your blog. Thank you !
    Shepherdless the name !
    A beautiful sneak peak to the Simple life. Looking forward to that :)
    and will be stitching along with Joy to the world. I was just looking through my stash of winter/ Christmas holiday fabrics :)
    Have a wonderful weekend and family get together :)
    take care, stay safe,

  4. Migraines are terrible, I don't get them regularly any more but then I do it take over life completely. Sending prayers and happy thoughts for you all. x

  5. As fall comes to Michigan the migraines are increasing with the many weather changes daily so know you are not alone. The girls are growing so fast and they're so beautiful I know your heart just bursts! I have my grandson, 16 mo old Jack, 5 days a week and he is my joy! I tried some different ice tea at a restaurant the other day...came home and ordered some. It's Black Currant tea and just a bit sweet that the girls and you would probably love it, if you can find some in your area.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. I don't get migraines very often, but when I do, they last for days. Just got over one from earlier in the week. Also glad to know Blossom is doing well. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  7. Glad to hear Blossom is feeling better. Very sorry you suffer through migraines. That has to be miserable for you. Mint is great for the stomach upset. We all have something it seems to battle with.
    I started a crochet project. The weather is changing and is cooling off now. Autumn is bold and beautiful here in Ohio. Winter is coming up soon. I especially enjoy crochet this time of the year.
    My brother passed away October 5th. My sister is having a hard time with it. I know the Lord.
    So for me, I know it is well, and that we shall see each other again. All things are in His hands. I have great peace in me. Ever-learning to lean on Jesus, and to grow in trust with Him.
    Be well, Jenny.

  8. Oh how lovely to see this post today. I had been wondering how Blossom was getting along. Your little dumplings are so beautiful....I can't believe how fast they are growing up.I am so sorry to hear the migraines can come with a vengeance.I hope the new dietary changes will help tremendously with your health My prayers continue for you and Blossom and the Babe she carries. And I'm super excited by the glimpse of the BOM. Love the name of it too.. Love you my sweet friend.

  9. So glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better...migraines sound so horrible! Sure hope that the diet changes give you some relief. Your little dumplings are so cute...with such a sparkle in those eyes, like they are just about to laugh, what a blessing. Loving the little teaser glimpses of your stitchery projects...looking forward to seeing more about them. During our summers (northern hemisphere) I seldom get much stitching done but now that winter is settling in I hope to get back to some unfinished Elefantz projects. We have already received snow several times & have a very white scene here in northern Minnesota, which could easily last until March. Should leave plenty of stitching time! - Diane from Minnesota

  10. I have finished embroidering my Ps 23, now to make the booklet. I made your Rice custard yesterday and enjoyed it. Sorry you have been under the weather but now better. I would love your recipe for the shepherdless pie. Thank you again for your newsy blog and words of encouragement.

  11. Oh my precious friend I'm so sorry you've had to endure such pain - holding you close to my heart in prayer!!!!! I'm glad you were able to isolate more triggers and remove them. That picture of the girls needs to be blown up and framed - so priceless!!!!! Loving your little sneak peeks!

  12. I am sorry to hear about your migranes. My Daughter suffers from them. The recipes look good where can I find them?

  13. So glad to hear that Blossom is dong well!! I'm so sorry you have been plagued with migraines again, but I'm glad you are figuring out the food triggers for them. I adore bell peppers and would have a hard time not eating them. I can't eat onions unless they have been dehydrated, then they are fine. I wonder if dehydrating the bell peppers would still allow you to have them in your diet? Are the other colors of bell peppers as difficult for you are the green ones? Green bell peppers are the most bitter to me, so I usually stick with the yellow, red, orange and purple ones. Looking forward to seeing the new stitchery you are working on and what you will create next...always beautiful!

  14. Hi Jenny,
    Here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I have suffered as well from barometric pressure migraines. What works for me is a combination my doctor prescribed. Maybe it will help you too? Ask your doctor first of course! Feverfew, magnesium, riboflavin (found in vitamin B2) 1 capsule of each.
    Good luck!

  15. Jenny, you really are amazing how you cope with those migraines. I have been nauseated this week and couldn't have achieved what you have. Isn't it just the worst feeling? An ice cream container and I were joined at the hip for a few days. 😂 It looks like we are in for days of overcast and rainy whether so I hope it isn't as bad in the Tropics but I daresay it is humid anyway up there. Praise God that Blossom is doing so well. Those two little girls must brighten your life so much.

  16. Love and prayers, Jenny. (Those big brown eyes of your grandbabies are gorgeous! Hope Blossom is doing well.) Blessings from West Virginia, USA.

  17. Hi Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines and am praying for a pain free week for you! I have had a couple of migraines too in the last couple of weeks, and am blaming it on the weather also (although we are in Canberra and probably don't have the same weather as you up there!) They are so debilitating and I'm glad you have been able to identify food triggers. Thank for taking the time to check in here and for your encouraging words and deep faith. They are so moving. Take care and I hope some quiet rest time will help you feel better quickly. Kirsty

  18. I hope you will be better soon. I loved the sneak previews, the pictures of the food, the veggies and the pictures of your adorable granddaughters. I truly feel terrible about the mandarins--one of my favorite fruits!! Have a lovely weekend, Julie

  19. Sending love and hugs Jenny. xx

  20. I'm glad you're feeling better. Oooh those squishy cheeks. I'm sure your little lovelies bring lots of joy with their visits xx

  21. Blessings to you, Jenny! Many prayers for you and your sweet family! We just had our first granddaughter born 4 months ago. She is 3 hours away, but we have seen her once and I know what you mean by "dumplings!" Your sweeties are beautiful!

  22. Hello dear Jenny. I am just catching up on blogs since my return from Mums. I am so sorry to read you are having such bad migraines again my friend & I do hope they ease for you soon. I often drink parsley with a slice or two of raw ginger in some boiled water Jenny ... this is very good for nausea & also very pleasant to taste. I try to drink a cup every day if I can. This may help you with your nausea. Take care my friend xx

  23. Loving the sneak peeks of your BOM and Christmsd project. They look very tempting. Hope better days are ahead for you. Despite everything you still manage to cook lovely nourishing food and keep the household running, something I truly admire. Your 2 dumplings certainly put a smile on my face. Sooo adorable!

  24. Hoping you are feeling better and I wanted to tell you that you have the cutest little grandbabies, I can understand how they would be such a joy.

  25. Oh but I'm sorry to hear about your migraines again! You sure get them with too much regularity. Though I'm glad you're learning what foods trigger them. Oddly enough, I just finished eating a mandarin orange before sitting at the computer to read blog posts. :-) You make me grateful for my good health in that regard, though we each have our own health issues to contend with. "Shepherdless" pie is a new term for me, but it definitely fits the dish! Looks yummy. Do take care of yourself, and keep enjoying those adorable granddaughters

  26. I hope you are feeling better by now Jenny. I had a little chuckle when I read Shepherdless pie! I think of that as vegetarian shepherds pie. I used to love watching the Australian Bake Off but once it went to pay tv, I don't see it anymore. Looking forward to seeing A Simple Life. Hugs, Christine xx

  27. So sorry about your migraines, Jenny - continue to pray for you and the family, and so glad to hear Blossom is doing well. Even sick you are getting so much done. Those girls are so precious. Any chance you can share the recipe for that bread? Gentle hugs for you,

  28. Prayers for you and your family, Blossom, the girls and especially the baby. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy those two beautiful little girls!

  29. Jenny I just ‘found’ your blog this week so have been reading some of your earlier posts. I was interested to see that Capsicum is a trigger for your migraines. Capsicum is used in several pain medications. I discovered several years ago that peppers just make me feel bad and so cut them from my diet. Later I learned they are in the pain meds most commonly used for arthritis and shingles. I avoid so many prepared foods these days because of peppers. And before the pandemic when we would eat out I would always ask about peppers in the food. Is it only peppers that bother you in the nightshade family? I cut back on many of the nightshade family not knowing which might impact me.
    I am enjoying reading your blog and coming to know you. I look forward to you New Years embroidery project.


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