Monday, December 14, 2020

Let's Stitch Again!

As I mentioned a month or so ago I have a few things about to start in 2021...

# free Posies block of the month (begins Jan 1)

# The Homemakers Heart digital magazine (membership)

# Simple Days block of the month (included with The Homemakers Heart e-zine membership)

I'm launching this Club today because the first set of patterns will be emailed to members on January 1st, PLUS you'll receive a wonderful free gift to busy your hands through the rest of December. 
So read on my friends...


Do you love having a pretty pattern always on hand to stitch? If so, let me welcome you to my new club for 2021.

Each month through 2021 I will send my Let's Stitch Again members a set of three hand embroidery patterns.

These patterns are my absolute favourites from 2017-18 and are not available anywhere else. 

They were designed to be joyful, thoughtful and useful, some infused with small embellishments here and there, others completed in a larger project for which I will include extra instructions.

All my patterns include detailed embroidery and applique steps, full materials and thread list, photographs, hints and tips, full size pattern sheets with reverse sheets for designs which feature applique.

Each new issue of "Let's Stitch Again" will be emailed to club members on the 1st of every month throughout 2021. I understand that occasionally life steps in and you may need to cancel your membership before the year is up and that's okay - just let me know and that will be done immediately with no penalties.

Time spent stitching is nourishing to the heart, occupies our hands, and brings beauty before our eyes. I am an advocate of slow gentle stitching with no rush to finish as I find it produces a lovelier display when the work is completed.

These are the patterns my club members will receive on January 1st...

And a closer look...

Would you like to join Let's Stitch Again?

The monthly patterns arrive as a PDF file direct to your email inbox on the 1st day of the month.

Monthly payments are automatically deducted from your Paypal account so I hold none of your personal information other than your email address.

The cost per month will be $7.00 Australian (currently around $5.30 US) and your membership runs for as long as you want to be involved. As I said previously you are free to leave the Club anytime with no questions asked.

JOIN TODAY by clicking the SUBSCRIBE link below, but before you do that please make sure your Paypal email address is up to date because that is where I will send your patterns. If you want them sent to a different email address please email me and let me know as I'm happy to do that for you. My email address is here.

Receive a FREE gift pattern for joining!

All new members within 24 hours of joining Let's Stitch Again will receive my complete pattern for "Simple Pleasures" via email so you can stitch this up while you await your January pattern set.

This is a gorgeous stitchery with many different motifs which can be used separately for smaller projects (I have ideas to show you inside the pattern) or make the mini quilt as I have done. It's a design which offers you plenty of options.

I hope to have you stitching along with me very soon!
bless you heaps,

PS: Thank you for all the loving and caring comments left for Blossom, Ross and our family after the arrival of precious Charlie David. There were so many comments that I chose not to answer them but I want you to know that my darling daughter has read every one of them and felt a deep outpouring of love and joy from around the globe. Bless you all ever so much!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


mickib said...

Congratulations on the birth of this beautiful baby boy!

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
a new door, new images/logos, a new dress !
Thanks for the Tilda fabric inspiring ideas !

Farm Quilter said...

Such beautiful designs!! Your creativity and skill continues to amaze me and makes me wish hand work was something I could do. Charlie is such a blessing - enjoy him!!!

Debby said...

I did not comment earlier, but please know (and Blossom too) that I have been praying for Blossom and this sweet little boy and I know rejoice along with you and so many others!