Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rainy days again...


 We've had quite a few days of rain this week and it's still raining. On Thursday I thought there was a break in the weather so I hung washing on the line but as soon as the last peg was in place down came the raindrops once more.

We don't own a dryer so mostly everything small is hung on the drying rack inside the back door when the weather is like this, but the Thursday sheets and towels are still outside, being rinsed and re-rinsed with the cool drops of heaven.

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday and the forecast is for sunshine so I don't think another day on the line is going to matter in the big scheme of life. 

Our cockatoos friends love visiting the feeder in this weather and as usual one is always on watch from the top of the clothesline. They're a rowdy lot but bring much joy as we sit out back having breakfast in the early morning hours.


Inside I've been continuing to deep clean, and the past couple of days this has meant pulling everything out of cupboards and sorting through what is needed, wanted or can be given away. Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart when you open cupboard doors and see everything neatly placed and space to spare? My linen cupboard looks especially nice now without all the old curtains and towels I'd held on to but never use. I did keep one curtain which will be cut down for the girl's cubby house windows, and a few towels which shall be cut up for cleaning rags, but the rest was never going to be of use. 

In the kitchen this week I made a large shepherd's pie from leftover roast lamb and lots of vegetables, with a thick layer of mashed potato and cheese across the top. This was dinner for two nights and lunch one day as well. I also made a lasagne which spread across two meals. 

Pineapple fruit cake is a favourite in our family so I baked two, a large one to share with Blossom and a smaller one for the freezer...

Earlier in the week I bought a lovely white metal three tier stand for the sewing room. I have a similar one near my desk/office area in the corner of the living room and love how it serves a dual function - storage and elegance. I've been looking for another for about four years so when I saw one on Tuesday when I was out with Blossom there was no question about getting it. 

It frees up space on my cutting table as it now holds those bits and pieces which used to live on the end by the window. It's also given me somewhere to store my crochet basket (slowly working on another blanket) and fabrics for projects which will be underway in the next week (library bags for the girls and a tea towel project which I'll be sharing here soon).


In the sewing room I've prepared everything to remake one of my old table runner patterns from 2014. This will be in the next issue of The Homemakers Heart magazine (issue one is over HERE as a free download in case you missed it) and I shall probably spend most of today finishing the applique and embroidery, and tomorrow with the machine sewing and quilting.

I'm also remaking one of my older Block of the Month quilts from 2013 - Daisy Days. I've redrawn the blocks and changed a few things, but I'm also adding applique this time and drawing up a fresh new layout for the blocks. Not rushing this one as it's going to be a long work in progress with no deadlines - I was just never 100% happy with the original finish and as it's been eight years and my style is a bit different these days, I'm playing around to make it more 'me'. 

I've already changed the vase applique fabric THREE times this week so you can trust me when I say this won't be accomplished anytime in the near future, but I do like how block one, Mondaisy, is coming along now.

Tag number 7 of the #52tagshannemade project via Anne on Instagram is completed though! I seem to be scraping in the day before the next tag theme is released, but that's fine because it means I'm always up to date (so far).

The theme for week seven was hexies, but not the paper pieced kind, these are folded from circles and I really enjoyed making them.

During the sewing room tidy up I found a piece of vivid blue dupion silk among my medium size fabric scraps and decided to use it for the folded hexies. I also added vintage lace pieces, mother of pearl buttons, more of that old crochet edged doily which has featured in a few of my tags now, and three small green lazy daisy leaves. 

If you want to see how these folded hexies are made you can watch Anne's tutorial HERE on Youtube. 


For a few days now I've been reading and re-reading Psalm 139. There's so much richness in this psalm, so many deep and meaningful truths to ponder and let sink in.

Today I kept going over and over these few verses...perhaps because my birthday is so close and that always draws my thoughts to human frailty, mortality and life purpose being fulfilled.

I found great comfort in the knowledge that God had written in His book all the days of my life before I was even conceived. To imagine that our Creator, our dear Father in heaven, cared enough to write down all of my days, all of YOUR days, when as yet there were none, speaks volumes of how individually precious and unique each of us are to Him. 


My love affair with yellow continues and when I did the grocery shopping yesterday morning a lovely big bunch of yellow sunshiney chrysanthemums came home with me. I divided them between a tea pot and a pot - one on the dining table and one on my desk. 

I wasn't very well last night, an unexpected angina attack gave us a scare you see, but two sprays of the nitrate and things settled. It always triggers a migraine so that came along around bedtime, but the grace of the Lord is a wonderful thing and I rested well for most of the night. 

Then this morning, under orders from hubby to do nothing all day (he had to work), I was watching a free to air documentary on Charles Spurgeon (HERE) and still in my nightie when our elderly neighbour dropped by with another large bunch of yellow chrysanthemums as an early birthday gift. So kind of her, and now my house is alive with sunshine yellow flowers which truly lift the spirit and brighten the shadows of another overcast and rainy day. 

Now how about I brighten your day? Some lovely stitchers have sent me photos of their Elefantz projects and they are simply beautiful! I think seeing my own designs through the eyes and style of another is a real blessing.

Joanne finished block 1 of Simple Days cheerily in sweet Tilda fabrics and photographed it in the snow...

Billie made last year's Psalm 23 BOM fabric book into a gorgeous quilt...

Anita made a beautiful hussif from my 5-part tutorial (here)...

Dear Val Laird (visit her blog here) won a kit from me about ten years ago for my pattern "A Christmas Story" and for this past Christmas she pulled it out and made it up. She's a precious lady and when she sent me the photo I shed a few tears. 

And lastly, Annette has completed her very pretty block 1 of Simple Days, too. I love seeing the different colourways in this first block!

That's all from me today. Hubby has just arrived home from work and we plan to take the rest of the weekend slowly. Cully May has come down with a head cold and that usually means it will spread among Blossom's household quickly so we've postponed my birthday tea tomorrow until later next week when everyone is back to health again. 

I hope you relax this weekend too, that you rest in the grace of the Lord and find many moments to give thanks, for we are always surrounded by His blessing if we just stop long enough to see them.



  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Blessings for the year ahead!! Our associate pastor preached on Psalm 139 during January. It is one of my favourite Psalms.

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day and the best start of your new year!!!

  3. Happy birthday. Have a good day. I am very blessed reading your posts. Always Psalms brings a peace of mind.

  4. Psalm 139:16 "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (NIV) is the verse the Lord gave to me for this year. So precious to know absolutely everything is under his control and plan.
    PS Whenever I make a fruit cake now, I always use your pineapple recipe! Bless you Jenny.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Happy Birhtday ! Wasn't I just reading that you were turning 57 ? ! How quickly time passes !
    A beautiful Saturday morning blog post to read with a cup of tea and temps rising to 16 C !
    What fun it is to see how your designs are made by others !
    Enjoy the weekend !
    hugs, take care,

  6. Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday, Jenny! Take good care of yourself. Love all your beautiful projects and baking. So enjoyed seeing your cockatoo pics again. Such pretty birds. We could use some bird 'noises' around here again. They seem to hide in our winter months, and I miss the noisy bird songs.

  7. Happy birthday Jenny. Have a wonderful day. Enjoyed seeing the lovely projects from your followers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Happy Birthday! My prayers are with you. Thank you for the lovely post.

  9. Its daffodil season here Jenny so lots of yellow around the house too. Happy Birthday! xx

  10. Happy Birthday tomorrow. May God's grace and power fill your soul every hour. I was 65 on the 13th. That Psalm has blessed me and my hubby who was diagnosed with kidney cancer last week. He will be undergoing a biopsy on some enlarged lymph nodes next week to see if it has spread. If those are clear, he will be scheduled for removal of the tumor and part of his kidney.

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny! Have a beautiful day celebrating you!

  12. Happy birthday ­čÄë. I hope you and your family enjoy better health soon. I enjoyed seeing the lushness of your yard, as mine is covered in snow. Thanks for all you share.

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dearest Jenny-girl, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!! How I wish I could give you a big birthday hug!!!!!!!!
    I adore your Daisy Days, one of my favorites of yours. I started but never could that be!!! I really love your new shelf, it's nice to have things that are pretty and practical. I do like my everyday things to be pretty. I'm sorry to hear about the head cold running through Blossom's home....but hey, you get to celebrate longer! I am praying your heart settles down and does its job properly, girl, praying HARD. Love you so much!!!!!

  14. Feliz 62 cumplea├▒os, Jenny!!! Muchas felicidades!!!
    Espero que el resfriado pase pronto y os podáis reunir toda la familia para celebrarlo.
    Besos desde Espa├▒a,

  15. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I am currently working on the 23rd Psalm project as a book; one for my best friend in her favorite colors and one for me in mine. You are so creative and I am blessed that you love to share your creativity with us! thanks so much! Sally Kruse

  16. Happy Birthday, Jenny!! May the Lord bless you on your special day, and the year following, richly and you have blessed those around you.

  17. Happy, happy birthday dear Jenny. May it be a year full of wonderful blessings, improved health and much happiness. Thank you for your continued encouragement to us all and enjoy your special peaceful weekend. Much love from UK xx

  18. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! May your heart be filled with Joy and Peace. Thank you for sharing in the gifts God has provided you. I look forward to reading your blog. It brings me a peace and calms my soul. Cheryl - from the cold lands of Canada

  19. Happy Birthday Jenny! Have a wonderful day. Hope you feel better. Dee

  20. Wishing you a very happy birthday Jenny. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs, Christine xx

  21. Happy sweet birthday, Jenny! I hope you will be feeling "young at heart" for your special day! Many blessings

  22. Happy Birthday blessings,Jenny! May you be blessed greatly as you bless us with your posts.

  23. Happy birthday Jenny !
    Have a good day.

  24. Feliz anivers├írio, Jenny. Que o Senhor te aben├žoe com mais um ano de muita sa├║de e paz. Adoro seus posts! Realmente voc├¬ consegue acalmar nossos cora├ž├Áes. Um beijo carinhoso do Brasil.

  25. Happy birthday to you my dear. I hope you have a marvelous day with sunny skies and surrounded by your loving family. I wanted to tell you just how much joy I get from reading about your life in Australia, your battle with various health issues and your walk with God. There is much peace to be had in letting go that which you cannot control. As you have said so many times, we are in God’s hands and we need to learn to listen to what he has to say. During these turbulent times, your newsletters, stories and such have been of a source of comfort and strength.
    I wanted to ask you, is it possible to purchase the 23rd Psalm pattern. I downloaded the patters, but for some reason am unable to open them. I wanted to make several of the books to present to our church to be given out to families.
    Thank you again my dear friend for all you do. I have watched you grow over the years and your strength and faith never waiver. All the best to you and your beautiful family. God bless and waiving at you from our home (of 4 years) in Cuenca, Ecuador.

    1. The full pattern is in my Etsy shop, Terri. Thank you for being such a godly encourager. xx

  26. I can't wait to see your redone Daisy days. I know it will be absolutely gorgeous.... Happy Birthday again... Your wisdom and devotions help me so much Jenny you give me strength in this crazy world. You bring me closer to Christ. And make me strive to be a better person. Love you

  27. Dear Jenny, I hope your birthday is fabulous - filled with family and friends, even though the tea is being put off with Blossom's family - and with rest you need and deserve. This is another of those lovely posts that meanders through your days, and makes me feel we've had a nice sit down chat. Thank you for all you share. For at least half my life, I had clothes lines, even if I had a dryer (later years - they weren't around when I was little!), but it's been a long time since I did. Seeing your laundry in the rain reminded me how often that happened to me, even in the desert! All of your makings look so sweet, and I always look forward to those shares. Thanks for your thoughts on the Psalm. That is a wonderful example of love, isn't it?

  28. So sorry to read that you have had an angina attack and a migraine! Thank goodness you had the spray on hand. Thos yellow flowers are very cheery. Such lovely blocks people have made of your B.O.M. It is always great to see the same block in different ways. I hooe your washing dries lol. It has been a bit the same here down south. Take care xx

  29. Feliz cumplea├▒os desde Espa├▒a!

  30. Feliz cumplea├▒os desde Espa├▒a!

  31. Jenny, a Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a lovely day despite feeling unwell. Val is a lovely lady. I have met some of her family and they are all really nice.

    I hope you have a lovely week and can have a celebration with your family. By the way, send some much needed rain down south.,

  32. Happy Birthday Jenny, I hope you're feeling much better now and enjoyed your day. I too have many lovely patterns from Val. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures. Take care

  33. Blessings for a wonderful happy birthday! I so appreciate you sharing your spiritual wisdom and journey. It inspires me!

  34. Happy birthday! I hope you have a special day. Thank you for sharing the verse you highlighted; it's a wonderful reminder to me.
    Between discovering your blog recently and sorting through my craft stashes, I'm inspired and reminded how much I love embroidery. It's one of the best crafts, in my opinion, so much versatility and room for creativity. :)

  35. Happy Birthday, a bit late. I hope your day was a special one. I enjoyed seeing the projects made by others using your beautiful designs. I have been working to complete my Psalm 23 blocks and realized that I had not printed one of them, Thou anointed my head with oil. I remember reading that you have the pattern for sale in your shop. I will be going to check that out. I will share my finished book with you when it is complete.

  36. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was good even if you didn't feel well. Thank you for posting the pic of the wall hanging I made for my brother and sister-in-law. They loved the designs and all I told them about you that they are now followers of you blog, too.

  37. Visiting with you is a .overly start to my day.later this morning I am going for a stress test so trying to keep my mind off the fasting! `sorry you did not feel well.
    A very happy birthday wish to you.


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