Thursday, April 1, 2021

April "Posies" pattern for you...


I love a cup of tea, especially mid afternoon when I've worked hard around home and feel the need to just sit quietly and listen to some instrumental music, read a chapter of a book, or watch a short gentle homemaking video on YouTube.

My tea breaks often only last for 15-20 minutes, but my goodness how they refresh my mind and body. So often we are focused on that to-do list or even thinking up tasks to add to it, but we neglect the physical and mental rest our bodies need at intervals throughout the day. 

When we were homeschooling the habit of taking morning and afternoon tea breaks was very special for myself and the children. In the morning break I'd read to them a chapter from a biography or a section of the Bible while they nibbled on cheese and crackers and sipped tea from real tea cups. The break from their academic studies settled their minds and refreshed them to take up where they'd left off during the pre-lunch hours.

During the afternoon break we'd study various artists, listen to classical music, read poetry and another chapter (or two) of our current historical fiction novel, all the while enjoying more tea and something sweet I'd baked earlier in the day.

It's no wonder Blossom and I introduced tea-time to Cully May and Rafaella when they were barely a year old, and in time little Charlie David will find his very own small tea cup waiting at the table.

The little rose filled teapot which features in April's "Posies" block was designed with those many years of precious memories in mind.
In fact, I find that most of my designs tell a story which began as a memory revisited. Lovely memories to cherish and share as the years pass.

What tea time memories do you have to share?


As I've blogged today with the new Posies pattern I shan't be doing a Friday blog post tomorrow, but I would still like to encourage you to take some time to create a sanctuary of beauty and rest within your home as this week draws to a close. 
I know at times we are hurried and weary, lost for inspiration, and it's during those times I play calming music in the background, sitting quietly to pray that the Father's inspiration will fill my thoughts - and He always answers.
Walking in the garden, letting my eyes rest on the floral masterpieces each flower pot or garden bed displays for my delight is another source of gentle calm to my soul, another avenue of inspiration.

I watch the bees flitting here and there, and thank the Lord they are working at pollinating for our benefit as well as their own. 
As the weather cools just that wee bit and the sting of this very long summer abates, I can see just a touch of autumn coming alive in the flowers again, for where I live their glorious displays burst forth during mid-autumn and all through winter until the harsh summer returns around mid-spring.

The garden brings me joy during those cooler months, more joy than I can express. The work to tend it is easier, the fruit of our labour more bountiful, and the flourishing of colourful blooms and delicious produce which greets our eyes overflows this old heart of mine with gratitude and heaven's joy.

If you need a little calming musical inspiration as you prepare your home to welcome and nourish the hearts of those who dwell within, or visit over coming days, I'll add a few lovely music links below.

When I am doing housework I often listen to my favourite Christian albums, but when just soothing instrumentals are needed to slow down, or as background to dinner, sewing, knitting, crochet or reading, we enjoy the Celtic flute and similar instrumentals in videos that you can just listen to without watching. Some go for an hour, others up to eight hours.

There's also THIS one with Celtic flute 
THIS one with music from Pride & Prejudice
and THIS Hygge background music compilation.

Blossom, Ross and the children will be here for lunch on Sunday, such a blessing.
Though we celebrated Passover last weekend (we follow the Jewish calendar and not the modern adaptations) we shall continue pondering the love-giving sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary with all Christian believers in the days ahead, and rejoice as always in His resurrection to life! Hallelujah!

(below - In the Sanctuary - beautiful!)

May God's blessing be upon your homes and hearts, sweet friends!



Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you Jenny for a beautiful start to April :) Posies stitchery and garden flowers :)
Tea Time or coffee, a drink to be enjoyed. We each have a favourite mug or cup at home and one that is used while visiting.
Have a lovely weekend,
hugs, take care,

Ondrea said...

Such a lovely tradition you have passed on to your children and grand children. My grandmother used to make me a cuppa ( a very milky tea or an Ovaltine) in a lovely pretty tea cup set aside for me. While I no longer drink regular tea I do love my Jasmine tea. Tannin has always upset my gut. Your sweet stitchery is a reminder of precious times.

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the lovely music selection today :)
It's playing in the hobby room and I can hear it while doing other things around the house this morning :)

Gabrielle said...

All of the words and sentiments in this post touched my heart. It makes me glad to feel understood as I read them. I am sure there are other homemakers who feel the same.

Tammy said...

What a lovely surprise this morning to receive a new blog post and pattern. Your gardens are just glorious....Beautiful flowers....When I was growing up we drank cold sweet tea here in the South and to this day it is consumed at meal times cold over ice in glasses. but once I got older as a adult I learned that tea was also consumed hot. And I learned of herbal tea also. Now I dearly love herbal teas. My Mom will now also consume herbal teas. I often make her a quart up and give to her and she will keep in fridge and then heat up . I do this for her especially in winter to help boost her immune system.

A housewife writes said...

I love your combination of applique and embroidery- two crafts I love but never thought to mix!
I wish we in America had a tea time tradition. When I think to have a tea break I always enjoy it, though.

Robin in New Jersey said...

I've been anxiously awaiting the new pattern. So excited to see it here this morning. Thank you Jenny for sharing your talent with us. You are a blessing!

I love tea, hot or cold. Every afternoon I have a cup of tea and a cookie while I read. I love reading about your traditions.

Happy Resurrection weekend!

sjaoce said...

Once again, thank you for a beautiful pattern. I look forward to your posts and your inspiring words. Blessings on your Easter!

Winifred said...

A lovely post again Jenny, thank you.

Have a beautiful Eastertime.

God bless

Sharon Aurora said...

Those are wonderful memories. I too homeschooled my children and you reminded me of the tea times and reading I did with them. So many good times we had! I am particularly remembering one time when I was reading to the children and as I read, I noticed my youngest seemed distracted as she was busy writing. I didn't say anything, but continued reading anyway. After I finished, she presented me with a sketch of me reading to them. I still have that sketch. She went on to become an extremely talented artist and writer.

Your garden is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for the pictures and the soothing music. And for the sweet pattern.

Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful post. Spring here in SoCal is warm and delightful with flowering trees and plants abundant. I personally love the link to the music after a very hectic 2 days. I’m saving the links got future enjoyment. Thank you, once again, for the sweet posies and your words of faith. Have a blessed Easter! Cheryl.

Carol in Texas said...

Jenny, that Apronful of Stones is a gold mine of beautiful videos as well as the music you write about. Thank you for directing your readers to it! Carol in Texas

Farm Quilter said...

When I was growing up, we had a single black and white TV that was in my parent's room, so we didn't watch much. Instead, there was always classical music playing. I now have a large collection of classical records! The music played from dinner until my dad went to bed (he was always the night owl), so that music put me to sleep every night. I used to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony for my girls to go to sleep! Have a blessed Easter with your family!

hron said...

Thank you Jenny, for the darling "posies" embroidery download. I've come to look to you for my favorite designs for sachets, blocks, keepsakes. So sweet, so meaningful. I also enjoy your blog and your encouraging inspiration for living. - Marcia

Kim said...

Another beautiful pattern! Thank you! Your teatime reading with your homeschooled children sounds so much like what we would do. Some of our best family memories center around those time.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Isn't it so lovely?! When I need a quiet break over lunch I tend to watch her, or Lea at Little House on the Mountain, or Niamh at Fairyland Cottage. They're not long, but so restful to the mind and spirit.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I'm so pleased the music has been a blessing for you, Cheryl. x

Carmen M. said...

Thank You for such a pretty little block and such beautiful music!! Hope you have a wonderful lunch with your family on Sunday!

KingsailK said...

This is such a wonderful post and beautiful music thanks and posy flowers 💐 Thank you so much XX 😚 Mary-Lou

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Just stopping by to click on the link for some nice music te sew by and I notice the new blog header and right column changes:) Beautiful !

Allie said...

I love the new blog look! Very pretty and restful. I tend to keep the house very quiet during the day - listening to bird song, and just enjoying the peace. I've gotten out of the habit of listening to music. Well, everyone calls me during the day too - mom, Shirley, my aunt. Thanks for the lovely new posy and the memories!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Love this BOM pattern.
Carol O

Susan said...

Thank you so much for your caring kindness, always. Thank you for part 4. Thank you for friendship. I'm so grateful to my Lord for having you as part of my life.

Carla said...

Such very pretty posey stitchery. You're sew sweet to always share your patterns for a time.
No tea time stories from me. But I enjoyed the story of yours. A nice tradition with the little ones.