Friday, May 28, 2021

The privilege and the value...


A thought which has been resonating with me more and more this past year, has been acknowledging the privilege of being a homemaker. 

So often we don't look at our roles within the home as a privilege, so let's first step back and consider the first privilege - having a home. Whether this be a rented flat or house, a room in your parents home, a caravan, a home with a mortgage, a granny all most likely have a home, a place where you lay your head, a space to tend with love and care. A home is a privilege, a place some people can only hope for.

Another privilege of the homemaker are the tools at her disposal which assist in her day to day tasks. Unlike our grandparents who did much of their work without labour saving devices, we have a seemingly endless assortment of cleaning, cooking and washing equipment right within our walls, just a few steps away, always ready for use. 

We have hot and cold running water, a septic system, millions of recipes for using up what's in our fridge and pantry just a computer click away, and so much more.

Having clothes to wear, a washing machine, a clothesline with free sunshine and fresh air, these are more privileges we take for granted. I read of mothers these days complaining constantly about the amount of washing they have to do, due to the attraction of so many cute and cheap clothes on offer in shops for their children. 

In my childhood this complaint was never heard because we only had what we needed, nothing more. What a privilege to have so many options today for clothing, but dear mother, do not complain if you choose to fill the wardrobes with them...instead, give thanks for the privilege of being able to clothe yourself and your family. 

Shopping for groceries and fresh produce, preparing meals each day, baking a treat for a loved one's birthday, these are privileges that not all the world have. 

Opening your front door to welcome family or friends, this is a privilege. Offering them a seat at the table or a comfy chair with a view of the garden, filling their cup with tea or a cool drink, serving a tasty treat or a hearty meal, this is a privilege. 

When I clean, I consider the value of what I am doing. For to be sure everything I do has an eternal value. Every privilege I am given, whether that be the ability and tools to scrub the bathroom, the opportunity to care for my granddaughters, the time to listen to a child and do what I can to help, answering an email from someone who is struggling, being mindful of our budget and choosing to prepare the most nutritious meals I can with what we can afford, caring for a neighbour's pet while they convalesce...all of these things have value in eternity. 

In Mark 10:45 Jesus very clearly tells us that He did not come to be served, but to serve, and through the Scriptures this theme often appears. 

A homemaker has the privilege of serving and this will not go unnoticed by the Lord.

Every time I 'serve' with a willing heart, not whining about my lot in life or complaining that I have too much to do already, I am choosing to invest in eternity for we must never imagine that God is not watching. He has given us many privileges within our homes, and much grace with which to nurture a loving and welcome space for those who dwell within or venture across our threshold. 

The less I look outside my home, the more I am able to do within and the more obvious my privileges become. 

The less I look at my phone, the longer I forget Instagram is there (and I can forget for days), and the more often I take time to write down each day's tasks or goals (and do them) the deeper my sense of peace, satisfaction, accomplishment and gratitude.

This was a busy week with a few appointments, Blossom's birthday at the centre, plus a day with Cully May and Rafaella all to myself, and yet I look around my home and it is clean and tidy, dinner is planned, groceries done and put away, washing and ironing is up to date, candles are flickering and the fragrance of lemon myrtle fills the air. I even completed two new design projects by stitching and hand quilting in the evenings beside my husband as we listened to music or some teaching. I kept on top of things because the routines and choices I'd made to attend to my privileges were in place.

Putting aside the distractions which can so easily draw a homemaker away from her tasks, allows us to get back on track and once there we can maintain the rhythm of home week to week without anxiety, whining or falling behind. And when unexpected rough seasons come upon us, as they inevitably do, we will already have those good routines in place, which though disrupted for a while, we can slip right back into when the storm passes. 

Dear homemaker, think about your privileges in the days ahead. Consider the value of your choices, and how they will be viewed through the lens of eternity. What legacy will you leave through the attitude and actions of a servant heart? 

Yes, there will be those who will only remember your faults, or how you failed them, but if you seek to live your life with eternity in mind there will be many more who's lives your own example will touch and there's value in that, sweet friend.

I am a day-by-day work in progress, sometimes failing, but also overcoming, and that's okay. If we can seek to grow in grace and remember that all we do and the choices we make have value now and in the future, then we're looking ahead and not behind. 

I am Jennifer, a privileged homemaker. How about you?

I'll leave you today with this free pattern. I find there's nothing like Scripture to ground me, especially when my character needs refining...and it always needs refining. Trust me! 

DOWNLOAD the Grow In Grace pattern

God bless you dear ones, and may the days ahead allow you moments of quiet reflection which bring clarity of purpose to your life and revive your homemaker heart. 



Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Two new design that a hint in the picture :)
I really enjoy days when the weather is good for airing out the house. Open doors and windows. Wash air drying in the loft.
The birds are singing :)
Don't the weeks pass quickly !
Enjoy the weekend!
hugs, take care,

Gill said...

Here it is spring and the weather is finally beautiful! The garden and fields are thriving after the wet weeks we have had. I am privileged to have a border bursting with daffodils and tulips. The lilac is just coming out. I have laundry rippling in the breeze on the line and a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy during my quick sit down. I have a dozen “home grown” eggs cooling, ready to make egg salad sandwiches for lunch, and a pumpkin loaf made from home grown pumpkin from the freezer. I have ample supplies in my kitchen cupboards and wool and fabric to use as I please. I am blessed indeed. So very grateful to my husband who has provided for our family and allowed me the privilege of being his wife and mother to our children. Thank you for your beautiful post and lovely embroidery design. It is going to be stitched here.

Belinda said...


I just wanted to let you know, when I read your blog, you make my heart smile. Thank you !! Belinda

Susanne said...

Dear Jenny,

I'd just finished writing the daily June Prayer diary for my church when your email popped in ( I'm in the UK, ) and I thought you'd like to know I went back and altered it so that on June 11th we will give thanks for our homes, pray that they may be a place of love and pray for all who do not have the privilege of having 4 safe walls round them. Thank you xx

Jenny said...

I think this is a reply to my recent comment? If not, then God used it as a reply from Him.

I am so grateful for homemaker friends like you, who encourage me to remember where my focus should be.

gail said...

Thank you Jennifer, always such a pleasure to read your writings. You are a real encourager and you certainly apply it with grace.
Have a blessed weekend, 🙋🏼‍♀️

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful picture you have painted in my mind, Gill!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Amen, Sandra. :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Aww, that made MY heart smile - thank you Belinda!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

How very special that you write the church's prayer diary! x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Your comment last time prompted me to pray and consider how to respond, Jenny, and in doing so the Father taught me a few things as well. xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Gail, you're very kind, thank you. X

Lin said...

Lovely post Jennifer. xx

Ondrea said...

It simply all boils down to being grateful for the things we have. Lockdown here has seen people complaining and protesting about their rights again. Being able to go out for a coffee, eat out, or visit friends is something many take for granted and they don't appreciate the fact that they have a nice warm home to stay in with food, water and clothing and plenty of 21st century gadgetry to keep them amused. Another lovely post.

Winifred said...

Thanks for another lovely post Jennifer & the pattern. Have to say I love the sewing and knitting but the housework bit doesn't fill me with pleasure at all! That's me at the moment, not full of energy but doing what needs to be done. Wish I was more like you.
It is the little things that make you smile, like the cats cleaning each other so sweetly, the washing hanging on the line & blowing in the sunshine. One thing I smile at late at night when I go into the kitchen are some tiny lights I strung up across the trees in the garden. It doesn't get dark until about 10.30pm and I always forget about them so it's a lovely surprise & I always smile. It's like Christmas!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm in a mug rug exchange, and I already have a coffee mug with the word 'Grace' on it (along with other inspirational words) and this little stitchery is perfect to use for the matching mug rug. Thanks. For once, I'll get started on this today.

Paula said...

Hi, Jennyfer!
I needed this SO much... Thank you so much for reminding us of the value of our home. Of being home and taking care of the place God gave us to take care of.
I sent you an email. I hope you don't mind!
God bless you and your family and have a wonderful week!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful post from you. We have much to be thankful for. We are all so very priveledged. But many do not even know it. I am truly blessed with friends, family, love , christ, children and home and garden and all my fur babies...I have food shelter clothing and crafts at my disposal. Love you my freind. And love your seasonal themed hand stitchery items I see you have been creating

Susan said...

I'm so comforted by your post, Jennifer. The words about not looking outside the home for your sense of happiness are so true!