Friday, July 9, 2021

Issue 4 of The Homemakers Heart for you!


Good afternoon lovely friends, I do hope you've had a lovely week and been looking after yourselves and your home. 

Finally, the fourth issue of my free Homemakers Heart magazine is ready and waiting for you to download. It's definitely been a labour of thought, care and hours this time, but my prayer is that within the pages you find something fun, useful, encouraging and pretty.

I enjoyed making the "Little Bird" pincushion and journal cover in soft blue and cream, very much inspired by quieter days at home and my desire for projects which calm the eyes as well as the mind. I wonder what colours you will use if you make them?

Use the link below to download this issue.

I'm taking a break...

I was under the weather and needed to rest a few days this week, then in the very midst of this slowing of self, especially in the very overcast and still hours before sunset yesterday, I realised it was time for a longer rest. 
Being a sole business owner/designer rarely offers an opportunity for holiday breaks, and I really don't think we've had one in at least two years - and even then it was just two nights at the lake. But right now I need to retreat a while, so I'm going to step away from the blog for the rest of July, and possibly the beginning of August.

I'll have more time to spend in our winter garden, make a new menu plan of nutritious, tasty and satisfying meals, host my little granddaughters for a fun day each week, create and enjoy sewing in my newly ordered sewing space, read the books sitting piled beside the bed...and generally walk in homemaker contentment without work distractions and obligations. 

Before I got ill, and during the lockdown last week, it felt so good to slowly pull apart the sewing room and actually plan how I'd like it organised. You've seen it many times, and yes, it's organised because that's how my brain works, but this time I looked at aesthetics as well as removing and donating excess, labelling everything clearly, and moving the leather armchair out into the living room to give me a 'not so squishy' room. 

A few photos from one side of the room...

...and the other side.

In my month long retreat from the blog I plan to immerse myself more deeply in God's Word and design a whole new series of Scripture patterns, because that's where my mind drifts to as I read my Bible. Having this sewing and design space so fresh and organised makes that task much more productive.

From the garden we're eating cucumbers, sugar snap peas, passionfruit (still!), sorrel, rocket, lettuce, and herbs, and soon there will be tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkins and zucchini.

The garden is definitely a calming place for the soul, so while we're apart think of me there surrounded by the birds, the vegetables, and all the beautiful flowers which have flourished with such abundant colour that they often take my breath away.

And I shall be praying for you, dear hearts.

Would you keep darling Blossom in your prayers as she is down with pneumonia and this makes life very difficult with three very young children. Another reason for me to step away and have more time to help my loved ones.

Be well, be gracious, be creative, and choose joy every day.


PS: my month off will not affect the Simple Days BOM club, or the Let's Stitch Again club. Patterns will be sent as usual. xx

Patterns for the next set of Let's Stitch Again can be seen HERE on the club webpage.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Take all the time you need and don't feel guilty about it ! You have been a source of inspiration for us during lockdown full time.
    Thanks you for another issue of the Homemakers Heart ! I will be downloading it soon :)
    Enjoy your family, garden, hobbies and a creative well organised sewing space :)
    hugs, take care, stay safe, enjoy your staycation :)

  2. Have a wonderful, well-deserved rest. We all need to recharge and it sounds like you are overdue. I'll be savoring the latest issue of The Homemaker's Heart, and praying for Blossom and her family. You're sewing room is so lovely!

  3. Everyone needs a chance to rest and recharge from time to time, and priorities of family are foremost. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, we'll be here when you get back.

  4. Enjoy you time of rest and refreshment. You've always been so generous to us - now be generous to yourself.
    Will keep Blossom and family in prayer and keep us posted on how she is if you can.

  5. We all need time to step back and rest and meditate, contemplate & pray. Even Jesus did. Consider that you are following His example. Will be praying for you, Blossom and the rest of your family members.
    That bluebird pin cushion is so beautiful and calming to look at.
    Thanks for the newest issue of The Homemakers' Heart. I am looking forward to reading it.

  6. Dear Jennifer,
    I sincerely hope that you rest and spend time with your precious family. You are all always in my prayers. Thank you very much for the new issue of your magazine. A hug.

  7. My dear Jennifer, I will miss seeing emails from you in my email, but you need to take care of yourself first and foremost!! Enjoy your time away from the blog and be refreshed! I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Be blessed, dear sister.

  8. Dear Jennifer,
    Enjoy your time away from the blog. I pray that Blossom will heal well. I will definitely enjoy perusing your latest magazine - thank you for your work of love. It's a huge commitment.

  9. Muchas gracias por la 4ª entrega de la revista. Disfruta mucho de tus merecidas vacaciones, descansa y sé feliz con tu familia.
    Muchos besos desde España,

  10. Merecido descanso. Que tu nieta se ponga bien muy pronto. Bss

  11. Please take care Jennifer. A rest is well deserved. Thank you for all you do and thank you for this issue of the Homemaker’s Heart. Beautiful! Also, I am so enjoying the posies blocks - thank you for creating those and for sharing the patterns with us. Every time I see my blocks I smile. Take care and we will meet again in August.

  12. I haven't been here long and must say I love what you do and your blog I am curious how you store your floss

  13. Such a good idea to take a break. Holidays have been few and far between for me (even though I usually have most of school holidays off). Just this week we were able to go on a day trip, which was restful, except for the driving there and back.
    Thank you for another beautiful magazine. I look forward to reading it through.

  14. Thank you for the 4th magazine issue. I can hardly wait to read it! You deserve that break from the hectic pace that even now is lurking around you. Enjoy your garden and it's produce. Enjoy the beautiful flowers and the birds singing as they come to feed. Enjoy your family, maybe even a night or two away, but what a lovely retreat you've made your home. I like the new look of organization in your studio, and am working on mine, finally! I got two book shelves put together for me yesterday, and moving on to what will go on them. Your baskets look so lovely and clean. Thank you for sharing that. Hugs and kisses and great hopes for your peace in the scriptures and designing with them in your heart, as you always do.

  15. Oh no! Poor Blossom. Many healing hugs. Your sewing room is so neat and organised. I keep tidying mine up but as soon as I start a project it ends up messy again. I have given away and thrown out several things over the years but it never seems to end. Another big cleanup is due. Enjoy your break.

  16. Sorry to hear Blossom unwell again - I do hope that she makes a quick recovery. Thank you for the magazine - I shall enjoy it later with a cup of coffee! Your sewing room looks amazing - so calming to be organised like that. Enjoy your break away - sending love and prayers. xx

  17. Please take time to get refreshed and feeling much better.
    We got out first cucumber this week. It was small, about an inch in diameter, which I love. My hubby wants them in vinegar. When I get more, I will. I froze some in vinegar mix last year. I love, but he doesn't.
    Please rest. Love your grands.

  18. Enjoy your time of refreshing. Thank you for the magazine it was a blessing.

  19. Hope all are healing quickly and well. Thanks so much for another beautiful and serene-feeling magazine. I look forward to receiving your wonderful designs. Thanks, Jenny, for generously sharing your talent with us.

  20. Enjoy your time to rest & relax. I will look forward to your return. Thank you for your beautiful magazine & designs...and your wonderful words......

  21. Take care of yourself, dear Jennifer. Rest as long as you need. We will be here waiting for you when you return. Thank you for the wonderful magazine to keep us busy. I will be praying for you, Blossom and the rest of your beautiful family.

  22. Prayers of healing for Blossom and you. Please know that your followers/readers all wish you health and longevity. Thank you for your perspectives on God’s word. You will never know how special and valuable to me and the community. We care so much and wish you a restful respite from your occupation. We will be here when you return. God’s love keep you and yours.

  23. Take a break and we will still be here for you.

  24. Jennifer thank you so much for the Homemaker's Heart magazine, it is truly lovely. I will enjoy rereading your words and trying the recipes and stitchery. I hope you have a wonderful and refreshing rest. Enjoy your time with the children; I know you are such a blessing to them and to Blossom.

  25. You certainly deserve time for you and your family. We will all be waiting for your return. Hugs to you.

  26. Thank you for the newest issue of the Homemaker's Heart magazine. I hope that your time away from the blog will be enjoyable and restore and refresh you. I love the look of the shelves in your sewing room. I purchased similar baskets. I love the way you placed tags to show what is in them. I'm grateful that you include your readers in your prayers. I shall keep you and your family in mine.

  27. Hello Jennifer, do have a wonderful break and come back when you are ready all refreshed and ready to bless our lives again. x

  28. Hi Jennifer, I only found your blog last Saturday. I skimmed through Issue 4, looked for and found the first 3 issues, and promptly sent the links to my sister and then I printed all of them out and placed them in a notebook. I've read the first issue in its entirety and have started the second. I am sorry for that lady who criticized you. She must be a very unhappy and miserable woman. She needs our prayers. I saw absolutely nothing to be criticized and learned a long time ago that one doesn't offer criticism unless first asked by the recipient. Too bad everybody hasn't learned this.

    I find your writings, etc. to be uplifting. I do pray that you will continue to offer us these insights and lovely words and designs to enjoy. God bless you.

  29. Enjoyed your 4th newsletter so much. You are a gentle soul!
    enjoy your time off and rest in the Lord!

  30. I have a frugal blog. I have sent people to your blog from mine you have sparked my love of embroidery. I weave and spin and sew and knit make breads a homemaker.

  31. Just...thank-you for who you are and for sharing of yourself so freely. Many blessings to you, dear one in Christ.


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