Saturday, October 9, 2021

Sneak peek at my new block of the month...

I hadn't planned to be so quiet this past week, as my mojo for blogging and sharing fun things thankfully returned a couple of weeks ago, but hubby has been enjoying a week off from work and though we didn't do much apart from overdue jobs around home, we made time to chill out and just enjoy being together.  Everything else simply didn't seem important...and that's as it should be. 

It's been very hot and humid here, the summer heat arriving early as spring only felt obligated to visit for a couple of weeks before vanishing for another year. The weather this year has been quite bizarre, and the garden struggled awfully, but these past few days we (mostly hubby) removed a lot of the winter plants and tidied the garden beds ready for a good dose of compost and soil. Soon I'll plant out new flowers and carefully tend them in partial shade as they rarely cope with our summers. But as I said, this has been an odd year so I'm expecting surprises. 

Inside in the comfortable air conditioning each afternoon, I've been planning and sketching blocks for my new block of the month, "Heart of Psalms". Yesterday I traced a few onto fabric and began stitching block 1...

I can't tell you how 'right' this feels to once again bring Scripture to life with needle and thread, and with the book of Psalms and a gorgeous fat quarter bundle as my inspiration you can be certain my heart is happy.

The fabric bundle is Sophie by Brenda Riddle, and when I first saw it online a few weeks ago I knew it would be perfect for a new embroidery quilt. When the parcel arrived and I untied the wrappings, I'm sure my neighbours heard me squeal with sheer delight, because the fabrics are more beautiful in real life than in the web photos. 

We have a lot of curtains closed inside to keep the scorching sun out, so this photo of the fabric bundle was a bit hazy, but still, you can see how delightful the prints are...

I bought extra of the large floral print for a border, backing and binding - seriously, isn't it lovely?!

This block of the month will feature in my new stitchery club - Faith, Heart & Home - which will run for 12 months. There are three patterns every month, which includes one "Heart of Psalms" block per month. 

I've kept this BOM fairly simple in layout, and for a change there's no applique - just my beloved hand embroidery. 

Once I have photos and patterns written you'll hear about the Club launch, probably late in October. 

But I'm adding something different with this Club...

I'm a lover of all things God and Bible, and it makes me supremely joyful to create designs which feature scripture, however, I know there are many people who want to stitch the actual design part, but prefer a quote instead of a Bible every month there will be an alternative wording for each block. I'll choose beautiful inspiring quotes about home, heart, friendship and family, which will allow you to make the same block either way. 

Now when you think about this, if you're really into hand embroidery, you could make both options - scripture and quote - and end up with two quilts at the end of twelve months! 

Anyhow, more about this in coming blog posts - more peeks, more information. In the meantime, I shall sign off because my dear man still has 36 hours of holiday left and we intend enjoying it together.

Oh, and for those who asked (after my last blog post) if Lin could share her Elderflower Cordial recipe with us, just pop over HERE to her blog where she has kindly written it down for all of us. And while you're there stay for a visit - Lin is a very talented lady!

Bless you, dear friends, and may the favour of the Lord and a generous portion of His creativity, be graciously showered over your lives this coming week...



  1. Oh Jenny your new fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see your new BOM....I know it will be gorgeous. How exciting. I know you are bursting at the seams in excitement. Have a wonderful weekend Dear

  2. So good that you could spend time with hubby even if most of the time was taken up doing the household chores and garden.I can hear your delight with the fabric from here lol. It is very pretty, so you! Enjoy the airconditioning.

  3. Jenny, I’m so excited about this new quilt your working on. Psalms is my among my daughters favorite scriptures! So I’m very excited! The fabric you choose is ADORABLE! I’m going to track it down! Thank you for all the wonderful years I’ve Been with you, it’s been such an inspirational,journey with you!

  4. Sorry for my typos I need to look before I hit send!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    ... as it should be... should be all the time :)
    The new Tilda Windy days fat 8th bundle that I ordered looks great ! Might be just the thing for a block or two next year :)
    hugs, take care,

  6. Such pretty fabrics Jennifer - I am glad there are more pretty fabrics around now - there seemed to be a dearth of them a few years ago. Thanks for sharing my post - and your kind words! xx

  7. Thanks for the peek, Jennifer. Of course I will be signed up. I can never have too much of Miss Jennifer! Those are gorgeous fabrics.

  8. OH my goodness - swooning - Jennifer, this is so so gorgeous!!!!!!!! And the fabrics are perfect as well! I may have to pick up needle and floss again......


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