Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Books & Roses BOM and finishing some projects...


Did you make a bookmark last month?
I wonder what yours looks like?

Today I'm sharing the little February design with you. It's bordered top and bottom with old lace and two different types of red fabric - one is regular quilting fabric and the other is a vintage woven linen.

 I kept the bookmark in the regular rectangular shape this month, adding white seam binding ribbon for the tag.

I was asked how my bookmarks are sewn together and the best way to describe it is as a tiny quilt finished in the envelope style. 
I fuse thin Parlan behind the bookmark cover once it's made, trimming to the size I want; then I simply lay another piece of fabric over the front of the bookmark (right sides together), carefully popping in the ribbon tag, and pinning around the four sides. 
Sew around all four sides with a 1/4" seam, leaving a 3" opening along one long side. Pull the bookmark and ribbon right side out and press flat. Ladder stitch the opening closed and your bookmark is complete. 

Have you thought about using the little Books & Roses stitcheries for a different type of project? 
A friend of mine, Joanne in the Netherlands, is using the designs as the centre of 6" churn dash blocks and it looks lovely!

My friend Julie in NZ stitched the bonus 2022 bookmark I shared in late December, changing the year for the name of her friend Gail, who was the delighted recipient of this bookmark!

Be creative with the little Books & Roses stitcheries this year and you may find yourself with many pretty gifts to bless others.

To download the February bookmark design use the link below.

If you have missed the 2022 bonus bookmark or the January bookmark they are HERE

The other day I showed you my progress on a vintage inspired churn dash runner using an old cross-stitched linen as the centre of the blocks.
Now I can show you the completed runner, which I'm so happy with!

I did the quilting by hand with white Perle 12 thread, which really enhanced the overall vintage look of the long narrow runner. It was specifically made for the small white bookcase we use as extra pantry storage, and once in place I chose which items to display on top - because you know I'm working to make our dull kitchen a vibrant happy space this year. 

White and green works so well with red, but I'm glad for the pop of blue in the runner because it livens things up. 

The colours worked beautifully with my old kitchen clock and the "Vintage Kitchen" wall quilt I made a few years back (pattern is HERE).
Now I need to sew a curtain to cover the front of this small pantry shelving, but until I'm sure of the fabric design it will stay like this - after all, do it once and do it right. 

Last night I also completed the first dishcloth from the cotton blend yarns purchased last week.

Next will be a blue cloth and then a green. The pattern is so easy and very relaxing to knit a bit after dinner each evening. I found this pattern through Julie and if you'd like to knit a few yourself it's HERE

In the kitchen I'm looking for new ways to use up all the fresh plums which are cheap and readily available at this time of the year. Usually I make the 'once a year cake' (because it's a very indulgent recipe!) and lots of jars of plum jam, but last night I decided to bake a plum crumble for dessert. 
This is the recipe I used, though I added a teaspoon of vanilla paste to the fruit along with the sugar, and had more fruit than the recipe suggested as we prefer just a bit of crumble. 
Served with custard it was delicious. 

This year I'm re-reading The Simple Home month by month...

...and enjoying it again. Each time I read the book something fresh resonates with my homemaker heart.

The chapter for February is on finances, and even though we are very mindful about being debt free (apart from the mortgage which continues to shrink), there's ideas in Rhonda's book which I can work on.
I also love the Winston Churchill quote...

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

If you've never visited Rhonda's blog or read her books, pop over HERE as there's much information for living a simpler life in the posts she has shared over many years.

Giving is just as important as making, receiving and saving. 
Having a generous heart brings happiness, and when you have young ones to teach it's important that they learn more about giving than getting - after all, this world today has become far more self-focused and self-indulgent than when I was a child. Let's do what we can to foster a giving heart in our children and grandchildren. 

It's time to get started on dinner now. Tonight we're having marinated salmon, Hasselback potatoes and a tossed salad...and this is definitely one of my favourite meals to make and enjoy. 

What's cooking in your kitchen today?? I love to hear of new ideas.

Bless you heaps,


Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,

The new churn dash runner looks great ! What a fun new way to display stitcheries ! I enjoy seeing the creative ideas being used around your home :)
The snail photo looks great on your site !
Tonight we will be enjoying a couscous salad and a new basil and smoked chili tomato soup.
hugs, take care,

diana said...


Elvira said...

Me encanta com te ha quedado todo, es ideal en colores.
Hoy en mi casa se comerá al mediodía "Potaje de garbanzos"
Calabaza,cebolla y dos puerros, se sofríe se pone agua y se cuece durante diez minutos. En otra olla se hierven los garbanzos con laurel.La verdura se tritura u los garbanzos se escurren. Se junta todo con bacalao y espinacas cortado a trozos pequeños y se dá un hervor final para que todos los sabores se junten
Espero que te guste, está buenisimo

Val said...

It's quite cold and snowy here so we are having leftover Hungarian Goulash which is served over fresh egg noodles.
I have found over these last 2 years it seems that the more I give the more I have. I love reading your blog Jennifer, I have been reading for a very long time and you always give me something to think about.

Miriam said...

I like to find a new post , because even if I don’t write always, I like to read and see everything, embroideries, yarns, color, a lot of colour....And I love your teapot with the geraniums.
Thank you,

Fiona said...

Thanks Jenny... another pretty bookmark.... your runner looks lovely in it's place...

Patti said...

Thank you for your bookmark pattern. I recently made Disney pumpkin muffins (love these!) and peanut butter brownies. Can you tell that I have a sweet tooth? 😊 LOVE reading your blogs! Thank you so much for sharing.

Tammy said...

Jennifer so happy to see your blog post today . I spent yesterday making strawberry jam from a bunch of strawberry's we were gifted. 16 pint jars of strawberry jam now in my pantry. Love your new churn block runner. It is divine. Thank you for the new book mark BOM installment. Oh goodness that plum crumble looks delicious

Lin said...

Thank you for the bookmark patterns Jennifer, I must get started now that I have unpacked some fabrics and threads. Your finished table runner looks lovely. xx

Kim said...

Thanks again for the gorgeously cute books and roses pattern. I plan to blog soon about how I'm using them (and other patterns, many of yours) to make a year-long project (in which I may have bitten off more than I can chew...but onward I go!). The plum crumble looks wonderful and you've inspired me to take another look at The Simple Life. May God bless your generosity and your day.

Vallie said...

I have several old hexagon quilt pieces. Any ideas how to use them? I love your churn dashes!

Julie said...

Hello my sweet friend. I have returned from another trip to Mum's so I am late to the party with this post. Your table runner is just beautiful Jennifer - it honestly took my breath away. I think I have a vintage supper cloth with very similar embroidery to the one you have used.
Jen I am currently stitching another book mark for a sweet friend called Julie 😊 who is about to turn 60. Thank you so much for another pattern - they are all so beautiful. I am so pleased you are enjoying the dishcloths - they are simple to stitch up. I managed to complete another one while down at Mums. xx

Jean - Oksewnsew said...

Hello from Oklahoma, we're having SNOW...I am so happy..lol It is very cold, 12 deg. with 0 windchill. I made the No Knead Bread that you made and posted the video. It is sooo good, but the it seems the top was a little dry, did you experience that? What was your solution? It is definitely a keeper and will make it again and again.. Hope you're well and keeping cool..HUGS (it's 11:13 pm here, Wed.)

Anonymous said...

I love how your runner turned out. What a great idea for a stained vintage piece that might otherwise go unused.
Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

Ondrea said...

I love your Churn Dash runner and your bookmark is gorgeous. One can never have
enough bookmarks! Well, I can' t LOL. I am going to make one for mum amd gift others throughout the year as well as make some for me. Cotton blend yarns are perfect for facewashers and dishcloths, I think I used cotton and bamboo for mine. Oooo that crumble is making my tummy rumble.

JES said...

This is all so beautiful ♥️ thank you for sharing as always 🥀

Christine M said...

I just love your table runner. It is beautiful Jennifer. Another lovely bookmark. I saw Julie's bookmark. It's also love in that beautiful Tilda fabric. xxx

Pandora said...

Es un placer visitarte, me encanta todo lo que haces, bss

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Perhaps make some new hexagons the same size, then sew them all together to create a pretty runner. :-)