Monday, August 1, 2022

August bookmark and what I've been sewing...


The weather is warming again, as it normally does once we pass the middle of our tropical winter, so I have put the crochet hook down for a while and been busy in the evenings with my remake of Phyllis May's Kitchen (see the original pattern here)
This time the blocks will become a quilt, and I've changed the main block to 'Jennifer's Kitchen' - which I am sure my sweet Nana, Phyllis May, would not mind at all. 

The applique fabric is Cook Book (a Lori Holt fabric), and once all the blocks are complete I'll decide how to border them in a quilt layout. 

I'm really happy with the remake so far, a change from the original vintage florals of the memory book.

Slow stitching without a deadline is very relaxing after busy days around the home and garden. 

Do you remember early in July when I showed you my damaged pillowcase, and the first steps of mending it? 

It's completed now, though there was more mending required than originally thought. Perhaps this will give you an idea for pillowcase makeovers?

I drew a basic flower design, and used needle-turn applique to cover a hole which had marred the pillowcase.

Then I saw that the edge was fraying, and a side seam had come away, so once the side was repaired with a simple French seam, I covered the end with some treasured Cabbages & Roses fabric and a bit of cotton lace. 

I think I'll make pillowcases for all my granddaughters next, using brighter colours and more flowers. They will love that!

The August bookmark was a rush job this time, as I had forgotten all about it until yesterday. I'm still very fatigued and forgetful from Covid, as are other members of the family who caught the B5 variant. 

((It really knocked us hard, but not as bad as the children. Blossom's three children here, and Anita's three children down in Sydney (2000 kilometres away from each other) had Covid too, and now all six grandchildren have lost their fingernails, and little Charlie has also lost his toenails as well. ))

So when I realised how close August 1st was, I drew up a design, stitched it last night, and made the bookmark today. I chose two lovely Tilda fabrics for my thread colour inspiration, and was happy to find ribbon in my stash which also blended perfectly. 

Use the link below to download the free pattern.

DOWNLOAD August Bookmark Stitchery

If you've missed any of the previous month's patterns they are HERE

Look after yourselves, okay, and look out for those around you. I ask God at times like this "what is my gift, that I can help others?" and usually the answer is cooking and that's what I did over the weekend and early this morning. 

You see, Blossom's really struggled since she had Covid, especially with the children having been so sick with it too, so today I took over enough meals and treats to last a few's a simple thing, but it meant a lot to her. 

Is there a simple thing you can do to help out someone who is feeling poorly, or is in need of a blessing?

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'  Acts 20:35

Big hugs and many blessings,


Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
That's such a schock to hear all grandkids have lost their fingernails ! What a challenge to do the activities they love to do ! Plus Charlie, his toenails ! That's when one wants nails to grow quicker than they usually do . It is cool enough here so I wear socks and shoes.
It's good of you sharing the side effects you all have from Covid. Makes people realize how serious it is.
Thanks you for a lovely August block made with Tilda Cotton Beach :)
Jennifer's kitchen is looking great ! Enjoy the slow stitch process :)

hugs, take care,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jennifer for your embroiderys and your inspiration. Your writing and encouragements have been a blessing to me.
Have a blessed day.

Allie said...

WHAT! Lost fingernails and toenails? I have never heard of that - oh girl I am praying! Lord please let them grow back quickly!
Your Jennifer's Kitchen is coming along very nicely, love the fabrics. And your applique on your pillowcase is sweet! I love the new bookmark, can't believe you did it that fast, even in a hurry your stitching is perfection.
You are such a blessing to Blossom - having meals made for you when you're weary is a gift beyond words. She is also in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad to hear how sick everyone was, and Blossom is truly having the hardest time with her babies so sick. I'd never heard of that side effect - how horrible! Praying for your family to recover quickly! Please consider doing another BOM with these embroideries -- I have 2 people I dearly love who stepped in for me when my mother failed me. I'd love to make a booklet in honor of each wonderful woman. What a blessing you are to your family taking those meals and treats over to them! Deb

Mary-Louise said...

I love your pillow make! So pretty! I am so sorry to hear re the loss of toe nails due to Covid in your family and on the little ones! That's the first I have heard of that. YES it is more Blessed to give! Love Mary-Lou

Lin said...

Your pillowcase is such a great makeover, I really must get around to doing mine! Lovely blocks for your new quilt. xx

Fiona said...

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Prayers from the US for your family. What a difficult road they are travelling.
Mary Beth
PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the stitchery. Would love to see it make a second showing on etsy.

Patty McDonald in Southern California said...

I'm so sad for your grand babies. It's hard dealing with illness and when it affects our children it's even harder. You are a huge blessing to Blossom not only during this difficult time but all the time. As mothers, I really believe we need to continue to encourage our children and help where we can. I'm not talking about bailing them out of their own mistakes but helping when they are having a difficult time. Making a meal or just a sweet bread can lighten the load for someone going thru a difficult time. As you quoted, It is more blessed to give than to receive. Your blog a HUGE blessing.

Lori said...

Greetings, Jennifer! So sorry to hear of the side effects your dear grand babies are suffering. Such a dreadful illness.

I love the new fabric you are doing for your kitchen quilt. Would you consider selling the pattern for it in your shop? Such darling squares!

Thank you for the bookmark. I have yet to make one but have printed off each as they come out and hopefully will work on them as gifts for the holidays (and when I have finally unboxed our last box from moving!)

Take care, dear one!

gracie said...

So sorry that the children are still fighting the virus. You are a wonderful lady....I am sure Blossom and the babes really liked the goodies.

Carla said...

Wait! What! They lost their fingernails and or toenails from having COVID. Wow that's a new one on me. Well I do hope everyone has recovered by now.

My favorite block is that dainty apron applique. I can't wait to see what the quilt looks like. And I love the book mark.

Take care of yourself.

Annabel said...

I adore the apron embroidery! Just love it. Love them all. So sorry Blossom and her kids have been so sick. Lucy and her kids too! So lovely to take meals what a help. I hope they are all picking up fast

Wanda Myers said...

I'm so sorry you and your family have been so ill. I've not heard of people loosing their nails like this. I'm so sorry for the grandchildren and pray they will have a complete and speedy recovery. God bless you all.

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer thank you or the lovely book mark pattern. Love how Jennifer's Kitchen is turning out. I adored Phyllis's Kitchen and I still adore it. I am very sorry to hear the children have been affected so by COVID. It really messes up your immune system and it makes your body attack itself. Hence the nails coming off. Do everything you can to boost their immune systems. I will pray for their nails to come back in quickly.

Susan said...

I had heard of Covid toes, but haven't heard of it affecting fingernails too. That must be hard for all of them. You all are in my prayers. Thanks for the patterns too.

Nayyer Raza said...

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