My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen Stitch-along

Here are the links to each block's blog post as they were shared:

Block 1 - Milk & Cookies

Block 2 - Oven Helpers

Block 3 - Tulips on the Table

Block 4 - Jam & Apples

Block 5 - for apple pie

Block 6 - potted herbs

Block 7 - baking day

Block 8 - the apron

Block 9 - the canisters

Final week - Quilt finishing instructions


Jenny said...

This is going to be a gorgeous project and fun to stitch. Thank you so much for the patterns, I'm looking forward to taking part.

Sara en Marie said...

I was drawn to your blog via your IG account. It was only when I visited here that I realized I have already made a block you designed: the block you designed for the Splendid Sampler in 2016. I still haven't finished quilting it... but I have made many other lovely things, the most cherished one being a baby quilt, for my baby brother's first child, who was born last Friday!

Regina said...

Hello! I love this little block! It is so adorable and simple to make. I made it when you first posted it, and I like the way it worked up so quickly. Sometime I get bogged down in a quilt or embroidery and then set it aside to "finish later," but these little projects can be completed at once! Thank you for offering them. I can't wait until Friday to see what's next. Do you have a schedule listed somewhere that tells what blocks will be posted?

Jenny of Elefantz said...

They'll just be posted in random order, Regina. So happy these little blocks are doable for everyone. :-)

Joy said...

I was wondering about the brown thread. I could not find DMC 443. Is this the right number.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Joy, I mixed the number - it's 433. So sorry! I'll amend that on the blog this week. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! xx

Sarah said...

Came across your work just today and wanted to say how beautiful your stitching and designs are. Thank you for sharing them!

Gmama Jane said...

Jenny, I always say the same thing but it bears repeating especially to any new followers. Jenny has the most beautiful designs out there in the stitching/embroidery world! Not my opinion...a Fact! Lol! Not only are the designs beautiful but the Designer is just as beautiful inside and out! I've been following you for several years and even encouraged my sister Sarah to follow as well. Embroidery has been her therapy,now that she battles several incurable autoimmune diseases and find herself housebound much of the time. She claims, after having stitched one of Jenny's patterns on an apron for my birthday gift, that making her stitches look like Jenny's stitches on not as easy as it looks. Jenny is a pro! But a very sweet pro! The main thing I adore about Jenny is her love for God,the Master Designer of all creation and her personal relationship with God's only Son, Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful patterns! You are so talented! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

Shannon Martin+ said...

Again, I cannot find the words that would tell you how much I appreciate your giving spirit. I have been following you for a number of years now. My "romance" with you began with Charlie the Elephant in October of 2012. I have several files on my computer to place my pdf's and patterns in, one is "Embroidery". You are not there! You have your own file folder! I adore your designs and have always wanted to be in one of your clubs. Money here, like everywhere, is rather scarce! lol I just felt that I needed to jump in and tell you how wonderful your generosity is to a person like myself. I don't draw or sketch very well, but I can copy or use a pattern beautifully! I have, over the years made many beautiful gifts for my family and friends. You have inspired me, and kept my hands busy with your thoughtful and sweet gifts of love.

Of course after it is over, I think that maybe you might have made the journey and perhaps I missed the chance of getting to meet you! Do you attend the International Quilt Market or Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas? I always attend Market and then work for Mystyfuse during Festival. It is one of the most wonderful events! If you have never attended, please gather your friends and make the journey! I have a dear friend that I met through Festival that travels every year from her home in Costa Rico. She stays with either my mom or myself. My mom and I live across the street from each other! Even though we don't "know" each other you and your friends would always be welcome. There were so many Australians that I met this time! All I could wonder was, 'could Jenny possibly be here?. If you have not used Mystyfuse, please allow me to send you some, along with Bunny Paper. They are wonderful products invented by a wonderful and sweet woman, Iris. I apologize for the length!!

Thank you, thank you for sharing as much as you do. For allowing us to peek in on your lovely designs, your amazingly sweet and growing family, and the all inspiring relationship that you have with our Lord. All are evident in every stitch of your work. Thank you, Jenny, please carry on, keep on, and always love on. We appreciate every stroke of your efforts.

In Christ,
Shannon Martin+
Houston, Texas, USA

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hello Shannon :-)
What a lovely comment to read! Bless you dear girl. No, I have never left Australia, nor will I. Being very content where I am, home with my husband and family, I find no desire to travel.
But you know, one day we shall meet on the shores of heaven and that will be the greatest of meetings.