"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The loaf is baked!!

I just wanted to show you my freshly baked loaf of sour dough bread!
I've shared with you my recipes, but as yet you haven't seen the finished product, so today I baked my loaf and it was the BEST I have ever made! Usually I bake after 5 days of feeding the 'mother', but we've had a lot going on here at home with school holidays and trips to the coast ( and my stitching frenzy to share In My Garden with you!) so it was 7 days before I baked it. I think I'll keep going 7 days because it's soooooo good!

Have you been and visited my fellow Gum Tree Designer, Paula, yet? She has a fantastic giveaway, AND she has just released the first free block in her new "Life's A Hoot" BOM!

I'm having a day off tomorrow...going to the coast with my beloved!
Hugs and prayers


  1. Mmmmm, I wish you lived closer Jen - YUMMY!!!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Joy :o)

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  3. Well goodness I can't spell or write this morning! Your cooking always looks good enough to eat which I can't always say about mine! What a gal...you sew and cook too!!!

  4. It's lunch time over here so that home made loaf would be welcomed at my table right now (you too lol)


  5. Goodness, I can almost smell it. Sour dough bread is my favorite, but I don't bake so have to settle for the not as good stuff.

    Have a wonderful day on the coast :0)


  6. Enjoy your day at the coast. You've inspired me to get the breadmaker out (not quite the same but....smells good at 6am in the morning!!!)
    ;o) Wendy B

  7. It looks delicious - Have a safe trip :)

  8. I can smell that lovely bread from here mmmmm...

  9. Thank you for the free "rainbows"! Love the new patterns! And your bread looks yummy! :0)

  10. Yummy bread, I too wished I lived closer..... Have a lovely day at the coast/beach tomorrow. hugs xxx

  11. MMmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! I'll bring the butter!


  12. Jenny bread looks great just a question about the receipt before I start..after the 5 days of making "The Mother" to start bread you are required sour dough starter is this "the mother" as I do not want to get it wrong.

  13. Hello Jen. I have just discovered your blog and thank you so much for the sour dough recipe. Our daughter is coming home from Germany with her family for 5 months and I'm sure that will go down a treat. Thanks you so much. Also for your pattern which I have downloaded. I am now following your blog..
    Love Rae

  14. Hi Jen, The timing is perfect as we have our daughter and her family coming home from Germany for 5 months and I'm sure this loaf will go down a treat..I have just found your site. Also a big thankyou for your pattern. Hope to have time to make it.. I am now following your blog. Isn't the internet just great..
    Cheers Rae