"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Behind the scenes and after the wedding...

~ A Crafty Wedding~
My girls were both born with a crafty gene! You know that Blossom can stitch and design, but Kezzie also has a creative streak!
Behind the scenes of Kezzie's wedding (which was done on a very tight budget), my girl skillfully put together many of the reception decorations as well as the jewellery she wore, the little hats the bridesmaids and boys wore, and the boy's shirts.

Every flower handmade...
 The seating arrangement poster...
 The hats, and the boys shirts...
...the shirts have double rows of hand stitched red braid.
Plus she made her own jewellery, as well as all the bouquets!
It's part of who she is. Always getting joy out of what she can make herself, and wanting to bless others too. 
The wedding reception was a simple BBQ, but she made all the salads the day before, as well as some of the desserts with the help of her friend Jacinta.
I was 'allowed' to make the boys spotty ties, and some Blueberry & Lemon, and Cherry & Orange Shortcakes. 
In fact the Cherry & Orange Shortcake was her wedding cake!

~ Some other lovely wedding bits~

Look what Bert and his two groomsmen had on their shirts...
...and Bert's wedding ring has a cross in the middle, and all around is written the Lord's Prayer.
No questioning who is guiding his life.

The gifts I made them were...
'The Announcement Stitchery' - very bright and happy, just like their wedding.
...and something they are treasuring.
The 'Promises & Borders' quilt...

~ Last night~

Finally, last night after putting family and friends on planes home, Kezzie, Bert and the boys could wind down. They called Blossom and I down to the beach for a relaxed dinner at the Souvlaki Bar and then a long walk along the shore. We ended the night with coffee and gelato at Juliette's kiosk overlooking the ocean. 
Mr E is working away this week, so he missed our lovely time together, but I took plenty of photos.
Here are just a few...
 Just before we said our goodbyes Kezzie and Bert got to open their wedding gifts. You see, they wanted to do this after all the guests had gone home and they were alone with us.
It was very emotional, there by the beach in the dark, opening gifts...and they loved them. We all shed a tear, and I was especially moved as Bert read the verses from the quilt to us all...
And so ends the wedding story of my darling Karen & Brett (aka Kezzie & Bert).
Now on to a beautiful and blessed marriage together.
Thanks for sharing this with us. xx


  1. It is all so lovely Jen, I'm shedding a tear too. I know how much love you put into that quilt for your girl xxxxxx hugs. Fee xx

  2. How wonderful Jenny! It is so uplifting to see young people be that happy together and watch their love grow through the years. With their faith to guide them, I am sure they will have many happy years together :*)

  3. Both of your girls are so lucky that the crafty gene trickled on to them. Kezzie did a great job on all the decorations and to me it means so much more when you put your own heart & soul into the preparations of something so special.
    Wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  4. I love weddings that have beautiful treasures that are handmade and can be treasured forever. What a lovely wedding day!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

  5. what precious memories Jenny and what a wonderful loving family you have,a family to be proud off.xx

  6. Sounds like the perfect wedding! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such wonderful memories to treasure always.

  8. now that is how you celebrate a wedding. love those hats.
    I know they will treasure the gifts you made for them.

  9. COngratulations! What a beautiful presents you made. And what a great ring, with the Lord's Prayer. It is nice to see that people want to go with Him!

  10. This is my kind of wedding! Country and simple to the core. :)

  11. Thanks for sharing it with us Jenny. It was quite emotional reading your post. A very loving and down to earth family.

  12. That is such a lovely post Jenny. You had a very happy day. Blessings to your daughter and son-in-law. Your gifts are so special. They will surely treasure them.

  13. Another lovely post Jenny. You now have such lovely memories of this special day. Your wedding gifts to Kezzie and Bert are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing some of the behind the scenes with us.

  14. A lovely wedding that just shows its not money that makes the best weddings.

  15. Congratulations to the newly married! What a lovely wedding! And your gifts to them are great!

  16. Everyone is so happy and it is wonderful. Much love to all.

  17. Thank you for sharing Kezzie's and Bert's special day..
    What a a lot of wonderful memories for you all.

  18. Oh how much fun! I think this is so wonderful! Congratulations and much love, light and happiness always!

  19. Lovely post Jenny and it is always special when the day is about the union and not just the event. Looks like it was a very personal and lovely wedding. Congrats to them:-)

  20. What a wonderful wedding story Jenny..

  21. thanks for sharing this wonderful time with us all, it was a delight to read through all your wedding and pre wedding posts.
    Have never seen the Lord`s Prayer done on a wedding ring before, a wonderful ides, must share it with my niece and her husband who a re missionaries in Pakistan.

  22. Many thanks for sharing, Jenny, and congratulations on your daughter's marriage. We can "touch" the emotions you all had. All the best for you all, Clara.

  23. What a beautiful post and the family time is so precious. I am so pleased it all went so well.

  24. What a blessing! Thank YOU for sharing with us!

  25. I so enjoyed reading the wedding posts, and looking at the fun and beautiful pictures.

    A simple, no-fuss wedding surrounded by people you love... - that makes for a perfect wedding!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  26. What a wonderful wedding, everything so simple and yet so beautiful, and everyone so happy.

  27. How lovely. Their wedding truly seems to represent love and family. Your gifts are lovely and I know they will cherish them always. So glad you shared such a special occation with us.

  28. So much joy! Real, down-to-earth joy. I feel privileged that you shared it with us, and spread their joy to so many others. Thank you, and prayers and blessings to the newlyweds!

  29. Wish the lovely couple all the best in their live together, blessed by the Lord and blessed with the love of their family and friends.

  30. Oh how wonderful! Everything was beautiful :o) I think your daughter favors you, especially around her eyes. Prayers and Blessings for the newlyweds! Congrats, Sarah

  31. What a great day! Memories that will last forever. Kezzie did an amazing amount of crafty things and they all looked great. Love and blessings. Karen and Hannah

  32. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of Kezzie and Bert's wedding. Your Promises and Borders quilt will be a treasured gift. I have several blocks completed on my quilt top and hope to finish soon.