Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm about to have adventures...

While Mr E has been away working further north all week, Blossom and I have been home alone. 
I had a list of chores I wanted to accomplish over the four days, and surprised myself by getting most of them done in two. \o/
One side of the garage is now 'free and clear' and a white pantry cupboard that was stored in there is now in my dining area housing my Tupperware and some kitchen electricals. The large bottom shelf is empty, waiting for Mr E to store all his work pamphlets and brochures in when he gets home tonight.

Tuesday night Blossom and I sat outside until 11pm drinking pots of tea and sharing thoughts and dreams...
...and Wednesday morning we drove up the mountain for a creative brunch session.
It began with a hearty country brekky...
....before we got back to work - Blossom writing her book, and me sorting through inspirational ideas.
I made a lot of sketches, but stopped a few times to read the new issue of Frankie magazine with more coffee.
I bought it for the cover! Look closely as you think it's actually stitched, but it's really just embossed...
Then when you open the cover and look at the back it is an embossed photo of the back of the original stitchery! How very clever is that?!
I was very impressed.
We left the mountain a few hours later and headed to our local shopping centre (mall) so Bloss could buy a book, but a Typo store had just opened and the next hour was spent drooling over all the lovely goodies inside...
 I especially liked this framed quote because Bloss is a budding author...
She took it to heart. :-)
Next stop was the original plan of buying her book at Big W, however, we got waylaid once more. This time is was the swimwear section.
You see we live in a new housing estate and they've got this wonderful Aquatic Centre just down the road. Blossom loves to swim but hasn't done so for ages, and as we strolled past the bright summer swimsuits and towels she suggested we both buy some and start a swimming routine for health and fitness.
Great for her, but I haven't bought a swimsuit in over ten years, and haven't swum for over six!
Then I remembered the wedding photos and all that extra weight I've been carrying this year, and how my knees have begun to complain about it. 
So a swimsuit, towel, and an hour later...
...I was home in the bathroom preparing for the first lap of my new swimming-with-Blossom fitness regime. 
Surprisingly, after being quite sure two laps of the pool would do me in, I managed six before my lungs gave out. \o/
My word for 2013 is ADVENTURE, and I think I've begun a little early. Why wait for fun?
If you want to see where my head is at with ADVENTURE go visit my Pinterest Adventure Board HERE.

What about you? Do you have a word for 2013 that describes where you're heading?


  1. great adventures for the two of you,have fun.xx

  2. Isn't it funny how your day changed over time? It was meant to be. Happy time with your new Adventure.

  3. Sometimes it pays to stop and smell the roses - oops I mean look at the shops. (Love Typo)
    Good luck with the swimmimg routine.

  4. Health! That is my word for 2013, this year we started swimming twice a week and it did me and my friend a world of good and I lost 12 kg.! My intention is to go on and loose up to 25! What a lovely store and what a nice day out with Blossom! Lots to enjoy and be happy with!

  5. enjoy the swimming. It is really good exercise and very relaxing too.

    I love the pic of your outdoor supper.


  6. My word for 2013 is 'calm'

    I hope to destress and dejunk my life one day at a time - hopefully 365 days will do it!

  7. Way to go both of you!!! I LOVE to swim! There is something so soothing about being in the water...swimming, floating, relaxing. Your day with Blossom sounds like it was absolutely heaven sent. I'm so glad you are starting an excercise routine...I really need to follow your example. The pool at our Aquatic Center is far to cold for me, but we have some wonderful walking tracks...but we woke to 3 inches of snow on the ground this morning and it is still coming down! Of course the three shopping malls in our area, all open their doors two hours early so the seniors can walk indoors if they choose. I just need to get up and do it. You set a good example sweet friend! Big Hugs...

  8. So glad you and Blossom are having special time together. My word for 3013 is tranquility

  9. how fun that you could share your adventure together.
    I have not thought about a word for 2013. I do remember seeing others choose a word for this year but I have not done it. I will be thinking about it.

  10. I saw that edition of Frankie too... I think they might have 'borrowed' the idea from Penguin -the book publisher - as they used a textile artist to do some of their classic covers..
    When you look inside at the cover it too has 'the back' of the work... Great idea and so effective...
    Yes I have been thinking about 2013 too and what I would like to have as my word for it... Take care..

  11. If I were to choose a word for 2013... it would be Home. It's something a person takes for granted until life circumstance change and you are left without that anchor.

  12. I loved your little tea party you had. What a great adventures you both had.

  13. Oh how lovely Jenny spending some quality time with Blossom! These are precious times and the best thing of all is that you'll both not forget them! You look gorgeous in your new swim suit.... now plunging into cold water.... you're very brave girl, very brave indeed!!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  14. Your Adventure board on Pinterest is so cool - I repinned several! Good for you for taking the plunge.

  15. Sounds like a good day to me ;o)


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