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Thomas Moore

Monday, October 27, 2014

Free Christmas design for you!

It's a double blessing Monday for all my Elefantz readers!

Each year I love to create designs that bring glory and honour to my Lord, and in 2014 there have been many Scripture based embroideries and projects shared here on Elefantz, the largest endeavour being the 26 week-long Lord's Prayer Quilt.

Today I have the first Monday blessing to give you - block 21 of the Lord's Prayer Quilt...

 This block completes the sixth row of the quilt. Coming along nicely....

Download Block 21 (as well as the first free 20 blocks) HERE.
How are you coming along with stitching this quilt? 
Mine is quilted and waiting for the binding, so very soon I can show you!

The second Monday blessing is a sweet set of Christmas stitcheries that celebrate the true gift and meaning of this wonderful time of celebration...


 This set is my free Christmas gift to *you* dear reader.

You can download it HERE and may I ask that if you are on Facebook or Instagram that you share this free link as well? I'll have it posted on those pages for you to do so. 
To share on Pinterest just hover over the photos on this page and a 'pin it' button will appear.

By sharing like this it becomes a gift that keeps giving and giving...xx

Email me your photos when you stitch them so I can share them here on the blog, ok?

Have a blessed and stitchy week everyone,

(Elefantz on FB here, on Instagram look for @jennyofelefantz, and you'll find Elefantz on Pinterest here)


  1. Thank you so much for everything you share with us

  2. Thank you. This is such a wonderful set of designs...

  3. They are wonderful Jenny! Your work is always so beautiful! Love the theme of the LORD! hugs~

  4. Thank you so much for another piece of The Lord's Prayer and also for your newest stitcheries about our Jesus.....love them all! blessings, marlene

  5. As always, you are so generous! Thank you for sharing.

  6. You are such a blessing, dear one!

  7. Jenny, Thank you for the free Christmas design, it is lovely.

    Patricia C

  8. http://www.bearcreekquiltingcompany.com/ Jenny, You are always so very generous with your patterns created. You are loved and appreciated by us all. The web address that I have copied here is one that I have come across and thought of you. Just click on the link for free quilt patterns. Yes, FREE, just like you do so often for all of us. enjoy!! Lots of love from Roxanne, Northern Michigan USA

  9. Thank you very much Jenny. xx

  10. Your stitching patterns make me feel like Ive gone back in time. Each project is so lovely. You are helping to bring back embroidery. If I have your permission, I would like to share your blog on my blog and copy a few of your pictures from the free pattern. I will wait for your permission of course. I can assure you all pictures and quotes will be linked back to your blog. I just want my followers to find you in case they haven't already.
    Thank you
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmamas Stories

  11. These new patterns are so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. The sewing directions for block 21 are not right....Thanks so much for doing this for us to enjoy. I think the directions are from block 20.

  13. What a wonderful extra blessing for a beautiful Monday! Thank you so much, Jenny! (The pattern is for block 21, but it says block 20. I think you just forgot to change that.)

  14. Thank you, ladies - the only mistake in the pattern was that I had typed 'block 20' instead of 'block 21' in the instructions. All fixed now! Bless you. :-)

  15. Thank you so much, Jenny!! You are so giving...blessing us every day here on your blog! My quilting facebook (Farm Quilting) shared your facebook post...hope some of my friends become your new friends too!!

  16. Я в полном восторге от вашей прекрасной работы! Браво мастеру!!!

  17. Such beautiful colours in your stitcheries!


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