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Monday, July 20, 2015

Christmas stitching has begun!

Last Friday I set out my sketch pad and some pretty fabrics to trigger some design inspiration for Christmas patterns.
Often it's the colours in a particular fabric that will spark an idea, which is exactly what happened with a fat quarter of Tilda mint, blue and pink - in fact I gave you a little peek on Saturday at the very beginnings of that project.
Over Saturday and Sunday I spent a good deal of time stitching "Christmas Hearts" and this morning I cut strips from that Tilda fabric and framed the completed design in pink!  
You do realise I'm not much of a traditionalist when it comes to a festive display, right?

I'll share a little tip with you about bordering an embroidery with fabric. We put a lot of hours into stitching a design, so make sure it is the shining star in your finished display. 
It's important to choose lovely fabric for your border, but don't let it compete with or overwhelm your block.

That's why the border fabric around "Christmas Hearts" is narrow. 
The print on the fabric is rather large so I chose sections that were nice and wavy for added movement, yet didn't draw my eyes away from the stitchery design.
 When you are choosing fabrics to border an embroidered block ask yourself whether it compliments or competes with the main design.

"Christmas Hearts" is one of the patterns which will feature in August's Stitchery Club, and here is another - "The First Noel"...

Because I want to show examples of modern, vintage and traditional Christmas colours in next month's patterns, I've stitched "The First Noel" in festive red and green, but rather than using a traditional Christmas style fabric it will be bordered in checks and spots to add a modern twist...

All the Stitchery Club info is over HERE.
This month there's also a new joining gift which will be emailed out to you within twelve hours of becoming a member. Naturally it is a Christmas themed  stitchery pattern, redwork on grey - tradition meets modern again.
"The Key to Christmas"...

  I must admit, it's quite enjoyable putting my Christmas hat on in July!
I have some friends who seem to stitch Christmas patterns all year through. What about you? Do you stitch closer to that time of year or are you happy to create festive pretties all year through?

Have a blessed week my friends!



  1. I love your Christmas Hearts, Jenny. Not that I don't love the other designs. The red and green is gorgeous on The First Noel. xxx

  2. Oh Jenny,
    again I love everything so much. My favorite is 'the first noel' though ... it is just lovely.
    I too am now starting to work on Christmas.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. I stitch christmas projects all year long. Hugs, xx

  4. Gorgeous! Christmas hearts, key to Xmas, first Noel - all of them - simply gorgeous! Love all the colours! Will have to get Miss H to sew some of them as presents for me for Christmas. So nice have having a wonderful daughter who can sew - I love getting pressies!

  5. I love to see your stitching projects, they are always beautiful. You find some beautiful frames.

  6. Olá Jenny



  7. What beautiful patterns Jenny! I love them all! :) x

  8. Love your new patterns. Fabulous pink frame. I tend to stitch whatever catches my eye no matter what the season is or the holiday.

  9. Love your new projects - you have a special gift! I usually stitch Christmas items closer to Christmas time, but there is one special Christmas gift I have left out this past year - it is a clock from one of our children which plays a Christmas tune each hour, but is quiet if all is dark - so during the day I keep hear a short Christmas tune, which I just love. Maybe I'll be stitching a few items sooner than usual this year!

  10. Truly beautiful. Can't wait to get these in the next stitchery club - lucky us

  11. So beautiful. The first noel is my favourite. I started making Christmas gifts in January but things that are actually Christmassy have to be done nearer to Christmas :-) I hope you have a lovely week. x

  12. Really gorgeous! I think it is a great time to begin Christmas stitching! You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  13. I love all your new stitcheries! I try to work on Christmas items throughout the year, but I always seem to get sidetracked. I really enjoy working on projects for Fall and Halloween - there's just something about the warm colors....

  14. I love your new designs, they are so pretty! I usually stitch Christmas things closer to the holidays, it helps put me in the mood. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. I loved your pictures. Hugs,

  15. Hello Jenny, As always it is a joy to read your posts. I particularly liked your tips on using fabrics to border our embroidery projects. Last year, I finished a set of hand embroidered puppy dog quilt blocks. I really enjoyed hand stitching them. Yet they have sat untouched since then waiting for me to choose the "right" fabric. One of the fabrics I have been considering is bright and busy. I had not considered into my choices if it would compete with the blocks themselves. So thank you for bringing this tip to the forefront of my eye and consider those prospects as well. Your Christmas stitch projects are wonderful. I am getting better at working on Christmas presents throughout the year...not enough though. LOL. I have picked out the fabric for a couple of couch pillows for one of my nephews. Oh, I am writing your eyes off. Thank you for sharing and have a splendid day!

  16. Love your Christmas patterns, and their colors. They look Christmasy to me anyway. The Tilda you used for the frame of the stitchery? The way you cut it looks like wreaths cut in sections. =) I look forward to receiving those next month! My goal is to make some of them during the fall, and I'm excited to see another bird for my collection! I have an idea about combining the birds and crazy quilting for next year's CQJP so I can continue the one and get something done for the other! It will be so much fun to use the birds as block centers. I will start searching out my fabrics soon.

  17. I'm more of a closer to the season stitcher. Your designs are beautiful as always.

  18. These are gorgeous Jenny..I love your non traditional Christmas designs....

  19. All so sweet, beautiful, pretty and inspiring.

  20. These Chrstmas stitchery designs are wonderful. I do like traditional red and green but I also like non-traditional colors when done right. I am a person who likes to create gifts all year long. I keep gifts in a special cupboard and dresser and name labeled when appropriate...I no longer can't find the gifts I know I should have. Christmas will be here very soon. Stitchery Bliss...

  21. I don't know how you do it Jenny, but I just love everything you design. These are gorgeous and your stitching is always so immaculate.


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