"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Monday, April 10, 2017

Vintage linen embroidery...

Recently I purchased a set of three perfect, crochet edged linen doilies from an antique dealer in Victoria who I'd found (of all places) on Instagram. 

She often has lovely linens to sell, but these ones grabbed my attention because I could immediately envision a stitchery sewn carefully onto their starched white centres.

And that's what I began over the weekend...

...using my Bible as inspiration.

I cut a piece of Parlan to fuse behind the fabric before I began the embroidery as it's a tad thicker than my usual Weaveline stabiliser. Linen of this age can pull in different directions very easily so having a slightly dense backing keeps everything nice and straight.

The crochet edging is beautiful, not a single lacy thread missing or out of place...

When it's stitched I'll sew it to the front of a small cushion which I'm yet to make...

It's coming along beautifully.

I just need to finish embroidering the words and sew a couple of pretty heart buttons in place...

...and then I think you might receive the pattern as a gift next weekend.

Would you like that?

Mr E and I are off to parts unknown, and some parts known well, over the next few days.

May your week be as wonderful as I hope ours will be.



  1. Oh I would love that as a gift.

  2. Yes please - that little embroidery pattern would make the perfect gift to encourage a friend.

  3. What is more beautiful than a scripture like this? It is full of life!!
    Rachel Holt

  4. What a beautiful design and scripture!! This would be a special gift!

  5. This is looking beautiful Jenny and, you are always so generous with your lovely free patterns! Thank you! Christine x

  6. Yes, I would appreciate this lovely pattern as a gift for Easter, one for me and one to gift to someone else. Thank you for the many opportunities to make someone else feel loved and special.
    Be safe in your travel and God Bess.

  7. Yes I would! What a lovely embroidery design and lovely handkerchief to stitch it on. I have been stitching circles of appliqued daisies on my dresden quilt. It is so relaxing to stitch. I hope you have a lovely time with Mr. E this week. Thanks for all you share with us. It means a lot! K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  8. Such a lovely embroidery pattern! I am motivated to look through my vintage linens, so that I could make a cushion as well. Enjoy your time with Mr. E!

  9. What a great way to use vintage linens! Your colors and embroidery are always so beautiful and cheering. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. YES, please! Beautiful pattern-thank you, Susan

  11. Hi Jenny,

    Yes, I would definitely like that!! Thank you so much for another beautiful pattern to inspire us! I appreciate your generosity and creativity. I hope that you two have a wonderful adventure!


  12. This is Lovely. You are such a thoughtful person Jenny, thank you so much!
    Carol O

  13. Lucky you to find such beautiful linens! I LOVE the design!
    Deb M

  14. Aww so pretty...
    Super cute
    Live and blessings x

  15. Yes that would be a really nice gift. Do you always stabilize your fabrics before embroidery? Is it the water-soluble kind?

    1. Yes, I always stabilise and I use a permanent pen for tracing. Look at the link in my sidebar for my sewing essentials blog post. It explains everything.

  16. I love the soft colour you are using in your stitchery :-)

  17. Yes, pleas and thank you. I love all your designs.

  18. That is so beautiful Jenny ... I love it on the vintage linen. I hope you & Mr E have a wonderful time on your travels this week. Bless you my friend xxx

  19. You overflow with lovely Stitchery designs and this one on a linen lace edged doily is precious. Safe Travels with Mr. E and enjoy every moment dear. <3. P.S.

  20. But of course I'd like that! It's a wonderful design. Somewhere around here, I might have a good piece of linen for it, too. =) Have a wonderful few days wandering. I expect you'll sew some along the way, too. And recuperate and be refreshed and renewed. I'm so glad for this trip!

  21. I think it would be the best gift ever.
    Thank you JENNY

  22. Your stitchery looks beautiful on the doily. xxx

  23. This is gorgeous, such a pretty design. Visiting from The Stitchery link party (& very happy that I did!)

  24. Your stitching is so beautiful, such tiny, neat stitches. As a beginner, I am in complete awe xx

  25. Your stitchery really compliments the hankie, so sweet. Hope you are enjoying a lovely break with Mr E and return feeling refreshed and migraine free.

  26. Jenny, thank you!
    The stitchery is beautiful. I am finally going to start re-learning how to embroider and I've just changed my first project. :)
    Thank you for your godly encouragement and for sharing your lovely talents with us.
    I pray your Easter is glorious!! He IS risen!!

  27. I love that you are using vintage linen to stitch on! And it's going to be so lovely.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!


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