Friday, November 28, 2008

All finished!

This was a surprisingly easy bag to make after all - I'm a very visual learner, I watch and then copy, but as this was a book and not an actual pattern it required me to read slowly and take each step one by one, no running ahead. ;-)

This was my trial bag, but I'm definitely going to make more! I chose the fabrics I used on Blossom's apron a few weeks ago as I still had plenty and we just loved the purple with the lime at the time.
I also agreed with Amy Karol "..the velvet ribbon is optional, but really, how could you leave it off?"

I'll make a pretty, feminine (ala shabby chic) copy this weekend. I am definitely into my soft, pink, girly (as my husband calls it) persona at the moment.

Have a beautiful day!


Myra said...

That is a great bag! A lovely finish! What a nice bag pattern! I like your fabric choices... 8-)

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh Jenny, I've got bag envy!! That's so gorgeous. Are you taking orders??!!!! Can't wait to see the next creation...
Fiona xx :-)