Thursday, November 27, 2008

And it's almost the end of November!

November is almost over and by Monday I need to have this book returned to the library so it can be sent back to the library my library borrowed it from...clear as mud? :-)
I love this book by Amy Karol! The projects are really simple, but gorgeous for Christmas gifts or for making a little something in an afternoon for one's own self. I shall be using it for both but so far I've only perused and not actually made anything! With it's return date only 4 days away I guess there will be some serious sewing going on here over the weekend.

I love this bag - I love the velvet ribbon, the bow, the casual yet confident way it travels at it's owner's side...yes, I can see that bag swinging cheekily by my side too. I intend to make it tonight...and if I love it as much as I think I will then I'll make some more. Different colours for different moods. Oh, and once Blossom sees it I'll be making one for her too - next to shoes, bags are her favourite apparel!

I'm trying to choose which fabric....don't you love that velvet ribbon!?

One of the reasons for my delay in making an Amy Karol project has been the current need in the Reynolds home for summer couture... yesterday I made this pretty top for Blossom. The fabric has been living rent free since October 07 in a plastic tub near the sewing machine, and the rent was due this week. It paid up promptly and she now has this sweet silky butterfly strewn blouse. It's hard to see in a photo but the fabric has that twisted texture about it.

From the same pattern I made this one for me, but I added some of those embellishments I used on my Bohemian bag. I've hinted to Blossom that a pair of turquoise earrings would match well...

Though not sewn with thread, these tomatoes were definitely sown with love! My tubs of cherry tomatoes are blooming beyond my wildest dreams - I have scores and scores of grape-like bunches in various stages of ripening at my fingertips each dinner-time. No matter what form the creative endeavour takes, it is most satisfying when you can see progress occurring - whether in the joy of a handmade gift, or in the delight of the palate! God has been so good to us.


Sarah - Kala said...

I love your gorgeous, useful stuff! Wonderful. I'm going to buy that book you suggested. I would be keeping it past the due date otherwise and be fined the cost of the book. Anyway, maybe a book like that would boost my sewing machine confidence. :)

Myra said...

That looks to be a useful book!
Love the tops you made for yourself and Blossom! Great pattern!
Happy stitchings!