Monday, December 15, 2008

Finished in time ....I hope

After a mad dash over the Post Office delivery cut-off line I finally had the last of my hand-made Christmas gifts finished today and in the mail.

One of my girls adores wolves and I bought these panels a while ago with her in mind, just not sure how I'd use them at the time. With some light quilting to define the eyes, mouths, ears and some of the legs, an the addition of clear seed beads for the pupils of the eyes, they came up really well. I'm sure she'll love them.

Remember all those bags I made last month? I made a miniature version for my 7yo grandaughter and added a matching mini purse. I laid it next to the shabby chic bag I made for myself so you can see how much smaller it is. It ended up about 9 inches in diameter across the front, just perfect for little hands.

I finished the remaining hand stitching on these cushions, too, (for my middle daughter) and now all the east coast gifts are safely in the hands of Australia Post.

There was one hiccup though. Even though there are still 8 postal days left before Christmas, the Post Master at our local PO informed me that we may not have delivery until after the Big Day...being so remote means we're out of the loop, I think.
Still, those gifts are covered in prayers, so we'll see..... :-)

Happy sewing!
....who can now sew for no particular reason. \o/

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