Monday, December 15, 2008

Bag for Bella

I've had a little project in mind for a couple of weeks, even bought the fabric, but getting Christmas gifts made sort of took over my life for the last little bit.
Tonight, as I was clearing away all the evidence of a large scale sewing frenzy, I remembered this project and thought I'd just cut the pieces out and have them ready to make another day, but.....

Once I started, I couldn't stop!
This mini bag is for my friend Fiona's daughter, Bella. Bella is a 4yo ballerina, and she is simply gorgeous. Have a look at her all dressed to dance, on her mum's blog. I didn't realise it when I bought the fabric but the purple and pink are definitely bellissimo for Bella, and I thought the purple organza ribbon handle was very chic for a little ballerina.
Back to the Post Office tomorrow....


  1. Oh Jen, you've gone and made me cry!

    That is just so adorable - and Bella will be BESIDE HERSELF when she sees what you've made for her. Her favourite colours are pink AND purple, and as you already know... she lives to dance. She will think you are the BEST person in the entire world.

    THANK YOU. You are a darling!

    (teary) Fee xx

  2. Adorable little tote for an adorable little dancer! 8-)

  3. So sweet, and perfect for a little ballerina..

  4. Adorable!

    Just wanted to pop by and wish you and yours a very merry, blessed Christmas!!

  5. The bag is gorgeous. I know Amelia would love one like that. Which pattern did you use?

  6. Therese, it's a pattern from Amy Karol's book, "Bend the rules sewing".


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