Saturday, December 6, 2008

New life to something old...and new traditions

The kids spent the morning decorating our Christmas tree. Every other year our tree has been a sort of hodge podge of everything we could find to hang on it, but this year Blossom and I have chosen to do something new - we are starting a new tradition, namely decorating in red and white! Perhaps it is her maturing that she wants to refine our decorating? I'm thoroughly enjoying my young one's teenage years....they see things with new and wondrous eyes, and that excites me.

In keeping with this theme I am busy making simple, but sweet, red and white decorations. Some from years past are green or blue, even a favourite Nativity scene that Blossom made is on black felt, and those will still be hanging around the house because we love them and they were made with love - however, as much as possible the main living area will reflect the glow of warm reds and holy whites.

Today I made this stitchery from a free design kindly offered by Gail Pan. You will find it on her blog to download. Isn't it pretty!?
I chose to do a reverse redwork - white thread on red homespun instead of the usual red on white. I love the effect! A little added extra was using this very old thread from Coats that I found years ago at an op-shop, never using it but preferring to save it for antiquity's sake. I thought today that it should really be best displayed in an embroidery that will hang every year in my family home and later to be handed down with all my other sewing pieces to children and grandchildren. A much nicer life for old cotton don't you think?

Tomorrow I'll sew it into it's final display piece...


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