Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Camelzz becoming a cushion...

I have decided to make Camelzz into a can't see all that well in the pics but the chocolate fabric I've used in the sashing is the same colour as the lounge suite we bought last year. It's quite bland on it's own so I thought the bright colours I've used in Camelzz would look great expanded into cushions, adding life to our living room.
The cushions I've been using were made in my first months of patchwork in 2005, and reflected my desire to learn skills rather than expressions of styles I liked.
My sewing and design have definitely improved since then so now is the time to revamp the house with colour and originality, a true reflection of *my* style and that of our family.

I finished the cushion top last night and will sew the back and stuff it today. Then I'll start on the next cushion - perhaps Elefantzz next time? ;-)

Blossom has had a resurgence of her creative bug and is busy making a gift for a friend. The theme is based around the harvest of crops and we found a few veggie fabrics hidden in my stash for her to make use of.

She's done some lovely stitching!

What are you sewing today?



Jeanette said...

Love your cushion Jenny. Blossom has some lovely fabrics in her project.

Vickie said...

wow Jenny what justice you hav edone with the camelzz it look the fabrics blossom is sewing with too
cheers Vickie

Karen said...

Love the cushion!