Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Wonky Houses

Sheila's son has been fighting the fires here in Australia. It seems that everyone in OZ has in some way made a personal connection to this disaster, but we are so grateful for those volunteers and firefighters who have manned the front-lines at personal risk to bring these fires under control. Thankyou Richard.

This is Sheila's first Wonky Houses block. Isn't it great?! I love how she has made it her own, adding and changing a few things to bring her own special mark to it!

I'm sooooo tempted to show you block 2....but I won't. ;-)



Birdydownunder said...

Yes Jenny, what do they say 6 degrees of separation, definitely in Aus. at the moment.
I do like to change things slightly to add my touch. But I am forever grateful to ladies like yourself, who can draw and make available these wonderful projects for us. Thanks.
oh can't wait for the second one.

Jeanette said...

Hi Jenny, have just discovered your cute stitchery. Have printed it out ready to trace later. Can't wait to see the next house.