Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elefantzz....a mate for Camelzz!

Today was a full day, lots of things that needed to be done outside of the home with the kids and for the kids, plus managing a migraine that fought my efforts to slow it every step of the way...and during all that I just wanted to finish my cushions.
Eventually the pills began to have an effect and after my last trip out was accomplished I was finally able to grab an hour or two of stitching before starting dinner.

Camelzz is now a finished cushion, and doesn't he match our chocolate couch perfectly?!

And now here is his friend - Elefantzz!

Together they make great mates, and best of all they have lifted the drabness of the chocolate couches and brought some colourful pizazz t0 our living room. Mission accomplished!

With the cushions finished I discovered the teens had run off down to the beach and hubby had to go out to pick up things for the school, sooooooooooooooo.....

I have been holding off adding the borders to my blocks for Gail Pan's Christmas BOM because I'm not terribly fond of Christmas fabrics - all that glitzy gold, the holly and the angels, well...I just don't particularly like them.
I had a scrap of lovely rose fabric that I wanted to use but did not have enough, so I found another similar fabric on ebay, then discovered the very pretty green leaves print when I was out today - so with the extra time left to me before dinner I added borders to both and I'm REALLY happy that I waited until I found fabrics that were 'just right'.

How do you store your BOM's?
With 4 or 5 on the go this year already I had bits and pieces strewn all over, so I've gotten my act together and packed them each in their own large zip-lock bag. Each BOM bag has all the threads, fabrics, finished blocks and patterns that I'll need to put them together eventually. I hung them on a skirt hanger in my hall cupboard and patted myself on the back for being so organised. ;-)

Now I just need to organise all my other sewing projects...aaah well, one thing at a time.

Happy stitching!


Vickie said...

aww elefantz is soo cool they look great together well done,you so clever and them colours are stunning
cheers Vickie

Annette said...

I really like your animals. Very nice! And I love what you did with the Noah's Ark project. Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh those cushions are so sweet. And I love to idea for storing BOM's, as I have just started this, I havent got too many, but they are slowly taking over the house.
Thanks for the note about the bags, I will be looking into making more. xxx

Anonymous said...

Very clever, love elefantz
and like the stitcheries framed.
I need a day of preparation.
Maybe several days......
I have a giveaway if you would like to check out how someone can waffle their way through 600 posts.

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful cushions, so bright and colorful! And I love the fabrics you used around your Christmas Wish blocks. Looks very pretty indeed! I hope you migraine is better!

Sarah - Kala said...

You always make such lovely things and it's so inspiring. I am finally working on my sampler stitchery. I bought a book by Klutz that teaches embroidery. I've found it's easy to learn from. I'm new at this, but quite familiar with cross-stitch so it's not very difficult. Still. In the back of the book are iron-ons. I chose to do the large queen bee sampler. I got her iron transfered onto one of my new (washed and ironed) white cotton napkins. Her wings and antennea are sewn now. I'll continue to work on her over the next few days and post pics of my progress soon. Once I "master" this, which means "finish" it, I'll try my hand at your wonky house design. Thank you for emailing it to me.

Oh, and thanks for your prayers. They help so much!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Sarah, I think it's all about making the start and then the rest follows. You've done that now and I'm SO excited for you! Can't wait to see your sampler!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those cushions Jen - very bright and breezy! I sit in awe of all your wonderful creations. One of these days I'll have time to sit and stitch - but not anytime soon with the amount of work I have piled up (which is a good thing, right?).
Hugs, Fee xx

Myra said...

Love your pillows!!! They look great, and your fabrics for your Christmas BOM is excellent! Love it!
Great idea using the skirt hanger in your storage organization... Good for you! 8-)
Happy stitchings!