Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun with Camelzz! My gift to you!

If you could see inside my house you'd notice that scattered among the shabby chic is a smattering of Africa. I am in a quandry if called upon to disclose my decorating style - I love the soft pink and white of shabby chic roses, yet I also have a penchant for the vibrant oranges, blues and greens exhibited in my statues of African women and animals!
Yes, my home is a mish mash of both styles, but it's me.

Lately I've been playing around designing some new camel embroideries and I decided this was my favourite, CAMELZZ, so last night I sat and sewed him while I watched "Cranford" on ABC. (Are you loving it as much as Blossom and I!??)
I haven't decided what to do with my embroidery yet - perhaps a pillow, a wallhanging, a bag, or maybe a framed picture?? Hmmmm....all those possibilities!

If you like my CAMELZZ you can download the pattern here, as a gift from me to you, and as with all things I offer free I'd love you to email me with a photo when you've made your own.

Not content with just an embroidered version I drew a larger CAMELZZ outline and appliqued him! I think this one may find it's home far, far away with one of my Pay It Forward recipients...maybe.

Today Blossom has taken time out from her homeschooling bookwork to play around with some designs herself - owls seem to have taken her fancy. If I ask her nicely she just might share with you when she finishes.

Stitch every stitch with love,


Myra said...

Adorable camelzz! I especially like your first one! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely.. xxxx

rose_euforia said...

camelzz so cute!