Sunday, March 1, 2009

Makin' pretty...

With our creative selves focused on Vintage/Shabby Chic, Blossom and I spent time refurbishing these chairs we'd bought from the 2nd hand store.
They began life it seems as worn yellow bases emblazoned with green and red emblems front and back, a very ugly cushion seats! Blossom patiently gave them three coats of white paint, before I covered the inserts with something much nicer.

This is one of the seat inserts...yuk.

But look at them now!!
This is mine, I'll use it as my sewing chair in the bedroom. I chose fabric for the seat insert from Robyn Pandolph's "Flirt" range.
And here is Blossom's - she also chose a fabric from "Flirt". Don't they look so feminine now!?
There were five chairs for sale but we only bought two, one each for our bedrooms, however after seeing the finished beauty of our work we're heading back to buy another one for the bathroom ( I think one would look lovely piled high with fluffy towels!).

It's only 8 days till the next Wonky House block is yours, thank you for loving it and making it your own. This is a photo of Gisa from Germany's block, another example of personal thread choices and altered design to add your own signature! Good work, Gisa!

Thanks to everyone for your advice on the bag and handles. I've decided to use those long sought after handles with a lighter fabric, and I'll find another pattern to use with the poppy fabric.

March is the start of autumn here in Australia, so Blossom and I are spending the next week or two changing furnishings around the home - though not to the usual autumnal colours, but to whites and florals for that relaxed and welcoming atmosphere all year round.

God bless!


Deb said...

The chairs look fabulous all done up. Makes me all enthused to do our ones here at home. Well done you guys.

Narelle said...

Those chairs are so gorgeous. I'd be going back for another one also.
You've inspired be to do mine that I've had good intensions of doing for ages.

Nancy said...

Three of us have decided to do your Wonky Houses BOM. Is Block 1 the only one posted so far? I found and printed it....

Unknown said...

Thankyou for changing those chairs they look much better now .
clares craftroom

Noelia said...

the chairs are so beautiful know, with these fabrics and white colour.

Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the vintage chairs... It is very inspiring for others to do the same thing... Great job and fabric choice.... Jean :)

Jeni said...

Hi Jenny
your chairs have life..and so elegant..with the material you have chosen chairs and new loving home well done

Carrie P. said...

Love your version of he chairs. Much more classy.