Monday, March 9, 2009

Blossom's cushion

Today was Blossom's day for some soft furnishings. She's patiently watched me make cushions for the home over the last few weeks waiting for something to come dropping by her door.
Using more of those gorgeous vintage linens I found last week I made her a very sweet cushion today. The vintage mother-of-pearl buttons were just too pretty to hide around the back so I buttoned this cushion at the front to show them off, then added a sweet ribbon rose. Blossom loved it!

I also made her two tablecloths to go over her bargain $5 round table she bought last week at the charity store. The longer bottom cloth is made from the creamy rose chintzy fabric that I had metres and metres of - can you believe I've almost used it all now? Round tablecloths certainly use a lot. The top cloth was a lovely sheer floral curtain we bought for $2, all I had to do was cut to size and hem it.
Bit by bit Blossom is getting the decor she wants in her bedroom, I think next she'll be painting picture frames (for me too, I hope). Can you see her little dog Bob asleep on the floor? He matches her colour scheme perfectly!

Last night I finished block 3 of Bea's Fairy Tale BOM, "Snow White and Rose Red". I'm not sure if I'll add the ribbons to the tree trunks, I may try and do some tiny ribbon roses instead.

Tonight I'm working on some more BOM's, and if I have some time spare I'll start the final layout for WONKY HOUSES. Have you downloaded block 2 yet?

For now I have dinner waiting to cook, and hungry bellies rumbling in the background, (most notably the belly of a certain 16yo lad!) so I'd better go.
Happy sewing,


  1. I love your solution with the white and red apples instead of the ribbon. I'll have to think of that one, because I didn't really like the rbbon part.

  2. What lovely pillowcase you created! I also like your ouat BOM block, it is a good idea to do the fence in a light colour.
    Good job.

  3. Thanks again for the BOM! Your pillowcase is darling!

  4. Linens, lace, and wonky houses! You've certainly been a busy gal!
    Great pillows, table covers, and scent bags! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  5. Jenny Friend,

    We have sad Lily news. Please pray for Elaine's family. She is with the Lord now.

    I wasn't sure if you knew.....

    Deb in NE

  6. Blossoms room sounds like it is looking beautiful!! Your Bob looks like my Milly! It would be interesting to do a survey to find other quilters with these little white fluff balls..they seem to be all over Blogland! Enjoy your day, Cathyx


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