Friday, March 20, 2009

Farewell Shabby Chic...

This is my interior home style inspiration - my favourite three books this year. Cath Kidston, Tilda, and Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic.
Over the last few months I've followed Rachel's blog with increasing sadness for her. I have grieved the loss of her stores, one by one, hearing how desperately she had prayed to keep them all open...until today when she posted that all hopes of saving Shabby Chic have failed and every store will close.
Her life of 20 years will now change, yet I believe she will rise from the ashes, renewed and strong again in time - she has an eye for beauty that will not fade.
I am so grateful for the change her style made in me. The soft and feminine beauty of roses, of whites that soothe and calm and invite you to rest, of vintage china and petticoats and frocks, of the old made new with that subtle facelift of glass knob many simple and beautiful ideas that carried you away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century to a quieter, more gracious and appreciative time. I loved, and will continue to love the Shabby Chic style Rachel Ashwell made obvious to the world.

May God bless her and comfort her in this time of change, because her 'eye' has blessed me so very often.



  1. Such a sad thing. I am not familiar with Rachel but she sounds like she is very creative and will come up with some more great ideas and recover from this set back.

  2. What's really sad (to me) is that there were two Shabby Chic stores within driving distance and I never went to other oen and now it's too late. I'm looking forward to Rachel's next creative adventure.

  3. P.S. I love your Wonky House patterns!

  4. Thank you for sharing Rachel's story. Your description of the Shabby Chic style is the best I've read and I think I finally get it. I'm sure Rachel will move on to something better, or just as good in a different way.


  5. I am sure Rachel will be o.k. in sad things that happen take time
    thanks for sharing

  6. Sad for any person to loose something they have worked hard for and really believed in! I hope, after some time, this wonderful Rachel you fondly speak of, springs forth with something else to enrich her life... and many others along her way... 8-)


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