Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just simple things

Sewing is slow here while I try and rest my hand, but I still managed some short bursts of production. Two new Tilda hearts now hang in mine and Blossom's bedrooms. The top one is mine and the bottom one is Blossom's - in hers I used the fabric from a dress she wore many years ago to her big brother's wedding. It was a favourite dress at the time and she was most sad when she grew and it didn't. We kept the fabric to use at some point in time and a Tilda 'love' heart was a good place to start.

We're still working on her bedroom furnishings, and she wanted to have this rose fabric made into cushions. Nothing fancy or fussy as she wanted the fabric to shine, so some simple cotton lace and lovely mother-of-pearl buttons on the back was all that was needed extra.

I've been trimming back, and tidying up, our garden today. It's autumn here now and the last of the basil needed to be used before it died away so I have a lovely big pot of fresh pesto made...

...and with plums also on the way out I am cooking up some pots of plum & cinnamon jam for my husband.

Gisa from Germany has finished her second Wonky Houses block - she chose lovely vibrant colours. I'm sure she is thinking of spring coming to the Northern Hemisphere!

This afternoon I am going to begin sewing block 3 of Wonky Houses...oh, but I can't show you for weeks yet.

What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

This heart is sooo cute ! And so are the cushions, LOVE them ! ;>)
As to the fresh made pesto + jam : hmmmmmm, YUMMY !
The wonky houses are so pretty, too.
NICE JOB, dear !

Lavendelhaus said...

Very nice hearts.
Greatings from germany

Cattinka said...

I like your new hearts an pillows. We had a lovely spring day in southern Germany today, and I cant wait until I can harvest in my garden again.

Carrie P. said...

Those little hearts are so sweet. We will planting soon here where I live. I love fresh basil can't wait to grow some again.

Myra said...

Cute Tilda hearts, and very girlie pillows there. 8-)
That pesto is sooo fresh green compared to store bought! Mmmmmm....
That plum jam sounds yummy too! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hearts, Where did you get the pattern from, hope you dont mind me asking. And I love the cushions. xxx