Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joy, Bags, Painting

Not much has been happening here at home this week. A dear friend of 9 years died in the US and that gave much time for reflection on her life, and pondering the immense value of those we love still here with us. It's a sobering thought, but one that needs to be visited often so that we remember not to lose a minute of the precious time God has given us on earth, and the need to tell those we love often just how much they mean to us.
I finished the third block from Gail Pan's Christmas Wish quilt, and the word JOY took on magnified meaning. My friend was Elaine, and this could well have been her middle name - she exuded JOY in daily life, every day, though her life was a constant drifting between turmoil, trial, and delight. I will miss her terribly.

This morning the mail man delivered a beautiful bag for me, made by Cathy at Highland Quilter! I won her giveaway last week, and I must say this bag is so well made, and much lovelier in real life than it was on her blog! Blossom was most taken by the fabric choices, now she wants to know where we can get some. :-)

Speaking of Blossom, she has decided to try her hand at Folk Art. She borrowed a couple of videos from the library and some books, bought a sample pack of Jo Sonja paints, and visited the loacl art supply store for suitable brushes and graph paper. She needed to practice paint strokes before she painted on wood so we used laminator sheets which can be washed and re-used. I'm looking forward to seeing how she goes in this particular paint medium as she finds painting in general to be a very soothing hobby.

First block photos arrived from Jane at Spreading the Faerie Dust - they have a real wonky look done all in brown, I love them! Jane also gave me a Sisterhood award which I'll pass on next week when I can get my head around choosing recipients. Thanks so much, Jane.

Tonight I have three more Tilda hearts cut out and ready to sew. What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

I was very sorry to hear about your friend and my thoughts are with you. Life is a very precious gift and so fragile, losing someone close is hard. I hope she did not suffer.
I love your new bag - and the christmas wish block, and good luck to blossom with her folk art. xxx

Carrie P. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend but you can receive "Joy" from the memories you have of her.
Congrats on the beautiful bag.

Cathy said...

So pleased you guys liked the bag.. Sorry to hear about your friend is just so precious and fragile!! Have a lovely day, Cathy

Myra said...

Sorry to hear of your friend's passing... the sad part of life for those left behind...

Joy... Another wonderful stitchery!

Good for B trying out new forms of expression through crafting!

Have a good weekend!

Sheri Howard said...

I feel sad that your friend is gone. But she will live on through memories, and sharing her like you did in your blog...I too love the gift of your cute!