Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have you ever....

...met one of those people who never read the fine-print? You know, the type that jump in 'boots and all' without thinking before they leave solid ground? If so, then you've met me.

I had been carefully following Stephanie's Dresden tutorial, freshly printed out (in full colour so I didn't get confused), and propped by the side of my sewing machine guiding my every cut and stitch.
Those little 2 1/2 inch blades were fiddly and my fingers fumbled more than I usually allow them, but I persevered and ended up with 20 sweet blades about 30 minutes later.

But as I got to the part where I'm supposed to sew the 20 blades together, Stephanie's instructions have this to say - "The smaller the blades the fussier they are to work with so here's a 5" blade. I definitely recommend starting with a larger size blade."
Start with the LARGER size??
Yep, that would have been easier. ;-) But I didn't read her instructions, did I.

Thank goodness I was patient and chose to go slow. In the end this is what I created...

Sweet, huh!? I've just found a use for all those 2 1/2 inch strips I save!
I'll work on the centre tonight. Not sure what I'll use...I thought something embroidered or appliqued would be nice, but I'll be printing up Stephanie's extra tutorial for the circle first, and READING it through before I start.


Finally I found a frame to display Vicki's first "On My Heart" BOM block. You can just see the little Swarovski crystal on the bottom leaf, but it catches the sun in the afternoons. It's hanging above our bed and I just love it!

Have you made a dresden plate block yet?



  1. It looks beautiful! You've done a fabulous job. I haven't tried one yet but I might have to one day soon.

  2. Your choice of material is so pretty!

  3. I have a quilt i started working on a few years ago and the border has half dresden plates.Lets just say it still osn't finished.....You've inspired me to hunt it out and finish it off.I have soooo many WIP I need another lifetime to finish them all hehehehe :) Barb.

  4. That is fabulous, I have not even thought about a dresden plate - it looks far to complicated for me. yes I am one of those people who go in feet first and dont read the instructions until too late. xxx

  5. That's absolutely gorgeous Jen. I love the fabric! :-)

    Love Blossom's new slippers too ... I could do with a pair here - it's freezing today!

    Fee x

  6. Jen it looks fabulous and I love your little dresdons :) I am like you and go in boots and all and wonder why things arent going like they should be and so back to the instructions...Hmmm!! Yours has turned out great and I love your Blue Bird in the frame :)

  7. Oh I'm JUST like you Jenny LOLOL!!! I skim through the instructions and think yep, yep, got it .... then realise it could have been soooo much easier. Oh well, you'll know next time he he ... and even if they were a fiddle they've still turned out GORGEOUS!!!! Love the cheery print :o).
    Oh, and your On My Heart block is adorable :o).
    Joy :o)

  8. Oh you are sucha bad are suppossed to be giving your hand a rest not a wrist...your dresden looks lovely and fresh...
    my fabrics for my dresden are sitting on the work table along with my wonky's screaming to be completed...
    cheers Vickie

  9. Your dresden is wonderful, I just love the fabrics you used. The very first quilt I ever made was a one ever told me they were a challenge to make LOL.


  10. Oh my goodness, Jenny. We could find ourselves in the same boat, bailing!!!! How is it I always miss the MOST IMPORTANT words? This was grand!!! Cathy

  11. Dresden plate was the first quilted piece I ever did! My husband's aunt taught me 25 years ago. I made several pillows from the pieces. After that, I never did anymore!

    Your Dresden is lovely! An embroidered center would be stunning as would simply quilting it in a grid pattern.

    How did you frame your piece so perfectly? I always seem to get a wrinkle somewhere!

  12. Gorgeous!!! One of your beautiful stitchery creations would be a perfect center. Smaller is cuter but definitely fussier! Your fabrics are just so pretty.

  13. en Argentina no tenemos ninguna regla para hacer patch, hacemos el Dresde con cartones marcando la tela y con la plancha me encanto como quedo tu trabajo un beso

  14. YOU are such a talented sewer. It looks beautiful!

  15. I knew it.. It looks GORGEOUS!!! :o)))) Long to start mine!! :o)

  16. Your dresden plate is beautiful! I've just bought that tool and have to print out the tutorial and give it a try one of these days. I'll remember to start with the bigger size! :0)

  17. As soon as I get my sewing room back from use as guest room, I am starting my dresden journey. Reading everyone's experience is sure to help me. I love your little dresden!

  18. Oh I love your dresden plate, your framed block too! I have made dresden plates and I enjoyed it. Although mine were not pointed but rounded. I love the colors in yours. Your patience paid off!

  19. Your dresden plate is gorgeous! I may have to try that one out! Thanks...just what I need...another project...

  20. Jenny, I made a Dresden Plate 25 years ago when I took my first quilting class. It was the first and ONLY one! Never ventured again :-) Yours looks lovely.


  21. The dresden plate looks beautiful. I think it might be a while before I try that :))

  22. I got the bug and bought the ruler also....It's next on my list..
    Thanks for the tip, I will start with a bigger size now...

  23. LOL, I read the instructions and just don't comprehend them until I start! That is lovely, Jenny. And I love your framed stitchery, really pretty!

  24. I had to giggle at your subject line~ yup, I have! :-)) Your plate is really cute!

  25. That is so pretty! I am the same way I don't always read all the directions. he he Maybe that is the way God created creative people.
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  26. Oh that looks great! Wonderful work and I can not wait to see what you end up putting in it! Love the framing as well

  27. LOL! I love that you didn't read the instructions completely before you started. I do that all the time!

    On the plus side, your project came out beautifully, so all's well that ends well!

    Peace and Laughter,


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