Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The next day....and something new to make

It's the morning after the night before...and Blossom would like me to say to you all, THANK YOU!!
She sat and read all your comments last night, and was so touched by the well wishes and prayers. She'd like me to share with you a picture of her unofficial 16th present - we couldn't resist buying them yesterday, and she needed new slippers anyway. ;-)
Aren't they gorgeous!?

And a special photo of Blossom and I last night - complete with her choc-fudge brownies. She doesn't do birthday cakes, she prefers the fudge brownies.

So what am I doinng today?
I have printed up Stephanie's Dresden Plate tutorial, chosen the fabrics (Lila Tueller's "Woodland Bloom"), and will finally open the Dresden tool Stephanie sent me! I have not been brave enough to use it yet, but today I'll take courage with leftover chocolate fudge brownies and a strong capuccino, then crack that plastic open and begin....I wonder if I'll get hooked on them like Stephanie is???

Stayed tuned to this spot.
I may have something really lovely to share tomorrow if this works out.



Vicki ♥ said... wonder Blossom is a beautiful young lady...she is as pretty as her Mum :) Great photo and I do love Blossoms slippers..I need some like that too. Mmmm yummy brownies and I am keen to see if you get hooked on the Dresdon tool.....I love doing them. I hope you get hooked hehehehe

Dolores said...

You two are a lovely mom and daughter couple. Now we all know where Blossom gets her looks from. Great looking slippers. What a lucky girl.
Have no fear, the dresden plates are easy. I did them about 10 years ago with a seniors group and we made templates out of cardboard, traced them onto fabric, marked all the sewing lines, cut them all out by hand and sewed them. Loads of work back then but they had the time.

soggybottomflats said...

Wow, 2 more beautiful women to add to the earth! Thank you so much for all you share Jenny. Give your little Blossom a big hug, with fond regards, Elaine from Texas

Sew Useful Designs said...

Awwwww... look at you two! {{{hugs}}}!! Jenny, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are within! You have that gorgeous warm, friendly and loving smile that I had imagined!! Blossom is a stunner - she is going to have all the Edward's and Jacob's knocking on the door!

Love to you both!
Vikki xoxoxoxo

Joy said...

What a lovely pic of you two gorgeous girls :o). So pleased Blossom had such a lovely birthday ... and I LOVE the slippers!! My feet are like blocks of ice in the Winter.... those would be just perfect for me lol :o)!!!!
Be careful Jenny .... Dresden plates can be addictive ;o).
Joy :o)

Julia said...

What a lovely photo...You two are a lovely mum and daughter..
Love the boots, just what we need here just now, it's so cold in the mornings..
Julia ♥

Allie said...

Well my goodness, you're BOTH lovely!!!!! What a great picture! But darn now I'm hungry for chocolate. I adore those slippers - they look so snuggly and warm! I can't wait to see your Dresden plate blocks!

Cattinka said...

Have fun with your Dresdner plates!
Lovely picture of you and Blossom! It is nice to know what you look like and who I´m communicationg with.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Jenny,
good luck with your new tool, Stephanie makes Dresden plate look so so easy huh... on my to-do-list! (And boy is that list long. What a lovely Mum/Daughter photo!

Jenny said...

What a lovely picture of you both! Glad Blossom enjoyed her day, have fun with the dresden plates, I have never made that pattern yet!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo, mother and daughter, You are both such lovely people. and those slippers are just fantastic. xxx

Stina Blomgren said...

Chocolate fudge..Mmmm-- Im like your daughter.. love that more than cake!!! :o))
Good luck with your Dresdens!!! Im Sure they will look gorgeous!!

Judith Tetley said...

Oh how lovely it is to see a photo of you Jenny and your sweet daughter. How about a pic permanently on your blog? It's always nice to put a face to a name. We all enjoyed Blossom's birthday as much as she have a wonderful family and; that would be because you are a wonderful person.

CindyMae said...

First of all I have to tell you that I love that photo of you and Blossom together! She is such a pretty young lady and you both look so happy! Love the new slippers!