Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9 days to go....

...till we drive away. :-)
I'm going to keep a daily blog diary with you until we leave, my way of making sure I achieve something each day and don't spend the time being miserable because I miss the kids, the house is cold, the divan is ruining our backs, and we've nothing to look at but constant rain. ;-) Make sense?

Today I lit a candle... a haircut...

...met the mailman with a special package of gorgeous fabrics from Bec (squeals of delight!!)... halfway through a Country Roses stitchery design...

...and painted my nails pale blue.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, I think the cold gave me the shakes. Or have I not had enough coffee today??? Hmmmmm.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the stitchery finished and I can show you the pile of stitcheries still waiting to be sewn. For now though, we're going out for dinner. Yum!



  1. woohooo very nice chic haircut looks great...awww the house must seem so will be with your babies (don't matter how old they are they is still your babies) soon-enjoy your dinner..and don't get wet...stitching looks great,cheers Vickie

  2. Oooh, nice haircut Jen. Very gorgeous.
    Like the blue nails too.
    Hang in there - won't be long until you're re-united with your chicks.
    Fee x

  3. Moving is an adventure...and with every adventure there is the unknown. Thank your for sharing your adventure with us! Cathy

  4. A haircut and some blue nails. That should cheer you up! Love them both.

  5. Oh I love the new 'do' Jenny, you look fabulous!! Lovely fabrics from Bec too :o).
    Joy :o)

  6. Love the haircut very nice...sounds like you are still keeping pretty busy...

  7. Dear Jenny, a big hug to keep you warm till you'll be in your new house with all your faboulous family.
    Your haircut looks great...unfortunately your hairdresser is too far for me ;)
    Lots of love,

  8. Great haircut...nice face too :0)
    The stitching is looking wonderful, and I'll be here to read your diary and keep you company until you can get back with your children.


  9. Very nice haircut Jenny, and the nails are wonderful.... I wish mine looked like that, naughty me, I bite them.... The stitching looks beautiful. Time will pass quickly then you will be re-united with everyone. Big cyber hugs from me. xxx

  10. Love the hair and the stitchery! Enjoy your last few days before you move.

  11. Nice haircut, Jenny, and the nails... just done mine, too - with scissors :-( The stitchery is looking lovely as always. Moving is such an upheaval, but exciting too - and you only have 9 days to go!! Stay warm and dry - and get someone to massage your back??

  12. The new "do" looks very nice indeed. I'm jealous of your nails - I've never had luck growing them since they always break. Keeping busy will make the time go quicker till you can be reunited with the family.
    Do you put a backing (interface) on your stitcheries or do you use an embroidery hoop? I don't see the hoop lines.

  13. Looks like a good day to me...except the back problems of course... Nine days to go? Perhaps an air-mattress would serve you two better? Hope you had a wonderful dinner... 8-)

  14. Love the new hairdo..woohoo...Cute little stitchery...glad to see you are at least trying to keep busy...hope it stops raining at least...

  15. Love the haircut! And the stitchery is so lovely. It won't be long and you will be on the road :-)

  16. Jenny,
    Ditto to what everyone said about your hair, nails, and the stitchery. I'll trade you the weather, it's hot here, 9:00am and almost 100 degrees, or at least it feels that way. I'd trade it for cool and rainy any day. Count me in with the clan to keep you cyber company until your move.


  17. Great cut!
    I guess I have it easier w/ our move since I still have my kiddos with me. I can wait for furniture etc. no problem in light of your move story.
    Nice stitchery going.
    That's one thing I brought with me is my cross stitch bag . . . I'm back stitching the one from oh, say, my eleven year old was born (those announcement things?) . . . there's not much else to do so I'm working on it so I can get to the next "kit" (a smallish thing to give away - that pay it forward deal) and then my OLOG.
    Again, you inspire me! God bless you!

  18. Oh Jenny you look adorable with your haircut! Love the nails - I have to keep mine short for typing. Good idea about the blog diary.
    What lovely fabrics! And the Country Roses stitchery is divine. I too want to know if you use a hoop or not - your stitching looks like you do, it's perfect. I don't - never could get the hang of it. I hope you enjoyed your dinner, it's always better when someone else cooks and cleans, lol!

  19. Se você tiver no centro da vontade de Deus você estará bem!!!

  20. Your house may feel empty and lonely, but you'll never be alone, we will always be thinking of you and your kids will be missing you too and thinking of when you all get back together. Hope you enjoyed dinner.

  21. Hi Jenny,
    Oh, I'm feeling for you.
    Being in an empty house, no kids, very little furniture, what more to do than stitchery.
    Take it easy,
    PS: Nice to see your face and know whom I'm writing to.

  22. Your haircut looks lovely! and to have your nails done too, nice.... *grin*
    The fabric parcel was my pleasure!

  23. the new cut....wish my nails looked that good...they always split on the sides.
    I love the new stitchery! You keep me inspired.
    Maybe you and Dh should "pretend" you are on another "Honeymoon" while separated from the kids?
    Sending you hugs each day to get you through.

  24. I love the new haircut and it will feel great to be in a new place all jazzed up.

    Question about your newest stitchery, it looks like there are no hoop marks, do you embroidery without a hoop on everything?

  25. Nice haircut look lovely.
    glad to see you are at least trying to keep busy...hope it stops raining at least...poring up here too!
    Julia ♥

  26. I think moving is in the top 5 for stresses.

    The hair cut looks great Jenny.

  27. Great haircut Jenny! Glad to see you are looking after yourself and keeping busy. I know how hard it is to be away from your kids. Think of it as practice for when you are a true 'empty-nester'.
    PS Why translucent blue? Interesting...
    Hugs - Shari

  28. Hi there Jenny!

    You look so pretty! I love your haircut, it really suits you! x

    Have you been speaking to Blossom and Slicer on a daily basis? I'm sure they miss you like crazy even though they are sharing this special time with their sister and family.

    I'm glad you are looking after yourself sweetie... not long to go now and then you can truly begin your new adventure!

    Much love!
    Vikki xoxo

  29. Still sending California sunshine your way. I thought of you today when I worked at the quilt shop. I found the perfect fabric to sash and border for your BOM. I teach embroidery and wanted to share your pattern but not before I found the fabric I felt would enhance the stitchery. So, I will be adding your work to the things I want the students to know and appreciate.

  30. Wont be long now and you will be in the sun! I know only too well how much you are missing your lovely kids and it wont be long Jen :) I do like the hair cut and I cant believe that you got one...I nearly had one yesterday too but changed my much of a coincedence is that. Stitchery is lovely too :) hugs hugs

  31. It sounds like you are making a real adventure of your "camping out" in your old home. The new look is great. Stay warm and send us the rain.


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