Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 days to go...

Yay! The rain has floated away in the clouds....

...and after his morning walk,
Bob the dog lay down in his favourite sunny 'watching' place at the front of the house.

Then I did the housework - well, I swept the floors and tidied our piles...retrieved the phone bill from the mail box...admired the $2 blue vase I bought yesterday at the op shop,

...pruned my Kardinal rose bush, which I've decided to leave with my friend Barb who loves roses,

...and stood in the sun enjoying the winter blooms in the garden my hubby built me last Christmas.

Here are the blocks I have ready for stitching during my waiting time to unpack in the new house. I do NOT think I'll be getting even half of them done, but at least I have a lot to choose from! No reason to be bored. ;-)

A number of you asked if I use a hoop when I embroider my blocks - no, I don't. Thank you for the lovely compliments on my stitches, but the secret is not in skill, but in taking time and not rushing the stitches. Find a lovely rhythm and then stitch with it. :-)

Hubby has just come home so I'll go have a cuppa with him now...a nice end to the afternoon.



  1. It's true. If you rush, it ruins it. I have found my stitching "dance" once again after a few days back stitching a cross stitch. It took a bit to get the "feel" but it's fun again. I want to finish all the back stitching tomorrow so I can pop on the few french knots and my boys name and birth stats. With that behind me, I can begin a new one. Stitching has kept me sane a few hours every day with not much else to do.

    Good you have so much planned ahead and ready . . . I don't regret bringing along my stuff. You won't either.

  2. I like your way of talking about stitching like a "stitching dance" and I agree with you.
    I think stitching is also a sort of dialogue between you, your mind, the designers' mind, the floss, the fabric you're stitching on...

  3. I have not tried to stitch without a hoop, but I will give it a go.... The hoop does leave a slight mark on the fabric and makes it difficult to iron out after, especially when I have left it on for days. naughty me. Lovely blooms in your garden. Hugz xxx

  4. Oh Jenny, Bob the dog is so cute!!! I just love that vase you bought .... what a fabulous find :o). Nice to see you're well prepared with all your stitching too ... you're so organised.
    Joy :o)

  5. It's very good idea to write a daily blog still go :)
    Very well to prepare these stitchies, then the time go faster.

    Have a nice day

  6. Oh, you will be stitching a while. So many blocks to do.... you won´t get bored.

  7. YEAH 8 days to go !!! I am counting with you..... My goodness you have so many projects there ready to stitch - Can't wait to see them up close - LOL

  8. I know you have so many mixed feelings about your move but you seem so upbeat and prepared.

    I admire you for having so many projects to do. I have lots of ideas in my mind but transferring them to actuality is an issue! I do have a question, would you please share how you transfer your image on to your fabric? An iron on, lightbox tracing, etc. ?

    Thanks so much for sharing all your beautiful projects.

  9. I'm really lovin' your have a wonderful way of writing. That vase is fabulous!!!


  10. I will have to try the no-hoop approach and see how that works. It does seem like it would be easier. I can't believe all the blocks you have prepared ahead of time to stitch, and can't wait to see them all finished. You inspire me to stay focused!

  11. Jen, we are all waiting here with you. It's like a countdown to a launch. Love your new blue vase! It is so pretty, and I am sure you will find a great spot for it in the new house :-)

  12. SO glad the sun is shining. Bob is absolutely adorable. That vase - oh my - so art deco, I love it! Can't wait to see it filled with roses. Your garden is so pretty, hon.

    I have to practice my stitching more, I can't believe you don't use a hoop - I keep looking at the Wonky House you sent and your stitches are so beautiful, no puckering. I don't use a hoop either, and I get all KINDS of puckers, but live with them for the sake of not having to hoop.

    I can't believe it - my word verification on this post is "lament". Hugs, dear one.

  13. Jenny, Bob the dog is so cute, beautiful...

  14. Hi Jenny!

    Does the cute little blue coat belong to Bob? It is SO CUTE! I bet he has all the girl dogs after him....!!!

    Stitching is so therepeutic isn't it? I think it's the rhythm... just like the rise and fall of our breath and the in's and out's of the tide... rhythm is so good for the soul.

    Lots of love to you darling!
    Vikki xx

  15. Bob the dog looks like a little sweetie-pie...
    You've got plenty of stitching there to keep you busy for a while! 8-)
    Your flowers are beautiful, and I think your friend will love your rose bush...8-)


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