Monday, June 29, 2009

An early moving gift - Block 6 of Shabby Roses!!!

Good afternoon ladies!
With only a few days left before we leave here, and then a 2 week break when I won't be blogging due to no internet whilst relocating, I thought I'd give you Block 6 of my Shabby Roses BOM a couple of days early!
Unexpected presents are always the nicest ones, don't you think? :-)

~~~ May I present REST... ~~~

This is my personal favourite block so far. I hope you like it!
The sentiment REST is such an important one. We can become so busy in our day to day lives that taking time out to rest and refresh may elude us, so as you stitch this block I hope you let that little word take hold in your heart, and you make time each day to let go of the world and take a few minutes to quietly sit back

You can download the pattern for REST HERE.

NOTE: 'Rest' is now available to purchase as part of the blocks 4,5 & 6 set in my ETSY store.

Remember, I keep the free blocks up for a limited time, so blocks 4, 5 and 6 will only be available free until August 1st - which is when I will be sharing block 7.
Blocks 1,2 & 3 are available for purchase from my Etsy store.



  1. Oh Jenny I love it! I think it's my favorite so far too - but I think that with every one of them. I'll be so glad when you're in your new home and can rest yourself. Oh dear, what am I going to do without my Jenny fix for two weeks!

  2. thanks jenny, that block looks very fine.
    best wishes for your new home
    much greetings

  3. Oh! Its SO lovely. I will bear in mind the word but me being a mother and housewife I'm afraid the summer vacations aren't the perfect time to put it into practice....

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Jenny, the new block is lovely and so is your new look blog. Love it. Not long now......

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Oh, I can see why its your favourite.
    Thank you again for a pretty block to add to the rest of the great designs you have created.

    Good luck with the countdown and shift.
    Stay well.

  6. It's beautiful Jenny. All the best for your move; try to enjoy the trip and, wow, the excitement as you explore and unpack in your new home! *grin*
    Thinking of you in your travels....

  7. Oh Jenny it's soo nice Now you have really thrown me I thought I was going to stitch a wee pressie I got in the mail today but both are soo lovely I dont know which it will be now.
    lots of hugs and thanks again I agree with Allie what will we do for two weeks other than be happy for you all being together again.

  8. Thanks so much for that - I am home sick with the flu. Only 4 more sleeps.....

  9. Dear Jenny, this new block is fantastic and represents perfectly my idea of "resting". For me resting is sitting on rocking chair, under a verandah, stitching, listening to sound af nature, looking at a fantastic view while my thoughts flies away (hope you understand what I'm trying to say...I don't have the dictionary with me).
    Thank you very much for all these wonderful gifts.

  10. It's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes in your new home!

  11. Awwwe. Yes This is just wonderful. I too think this is the best block, so far. I just love it, the boot is just cute. Reminds me of my younger days and DM's.. (Dr. Martins Boots) which I loved. Hugz xxx

  12. and its wow expressions again Jen. :) It is lovely and who would have thought to put a boot into a stitchery? I love it and thank you for sharing it with us :)

    I love your new look blog too :) Very pretty colours.

  13. Thank you! I really enjoy these squares and one day I will put the patterns to use. Cathy

  14. What a fun block Jenny!! Thank you so much for offering these to us.


  15. Thanks so much Jenny...I am going to love doing this when I get to it!!! Good Luck with the move♥x

  16. Love this block Jenny! Thank you! I actually planted flowers one year in hubby's old work boots! LOL Enjoy your day! :0)

  17. 6 weeks!!! I had not comprehended this yet!! Yikes! I feel withdrawls coming on already Jenny. BTW, love this new block....I finally cleaned my iron so I can press some fabric to stitch more blocks...
    hugs, Terri

  18. thank you so much for the early gift. what a surprise to check on you today and see that you are thinking of us. I do hope your big move goes well. This is your rest time so take it easy. Thanks again. Patty in California

  19. I love it jenny...I love the old boot,
    Julia ♥

  20. Thanks Jenny! I just finished the June ones so I can get started on this one right away! Oh I was wondering is there any chance of getting a flickr group for this lovely BOM?

  21. Jenny,

    thank you for the BOM!
    I love Roses!!!

    Ana Maria Coutinho from Brazil

  22. Dear Jenny...I am unable to view or print a part of page two of this new pattern. I love your patterns....thank you.

  23. Your blocks just keep getting more beautiful as the months go by, thank you for another gorgeous block

  24. thanks Jenny :your designs are so fabulous!!!! I love them all and hope to find some time to embroider them
    brigitte from France


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