Monday, June 8, 2009

~~ A Shabby Roses Christmas ~~

With only 14 days left until our furniture is loaded into the removalist's truck my family helped me move all my sewing things out of our bedroom and into the vacant front room. We went to Bunnings and bought a large trestle table (finally!) and now I have some REAL space to design and stitch.
For the first time I have a sewing room - and the best news is that I'll still have my own sewing room when we move into the new house. \o/

Blossom spent last night making 'farewell' and 'thank-you' cards for friends and workmates she'll be leaving behind, and I finished up two new stitcheries.

So what was I stitching, you ask?

May I present my whimsical "Shabby Roses Christmas"!
Pretty mint green and terracotta....

....or if you would like to see it in a different colourway, I have sky and terracotta as well!

The finished stitchery is 7 inches x 10 inches. It would make a great Christmas in July project, or you could get some of your Christmas stitching started early!

~~ The pattern is available right now from my ETSY shop! ~~

What would you make with this stitchery?


  1. wow Jenny, these are really very cute, well done!!

  2. wow Jenny they look great...pretty whimisical in your colours..but I would say whimsical/primitve (hmm can them 2 words go together)in a darker colourway hehehe,
    cheers Vickie

  3. So pretty! I'm thrilled for you to have your own sewing space.

  4. Hi Jenny, I love your chrismas tree! All of your works are so wonderfull! Renata.

  5. Very cute tree Jenny!!


  6. Oh Jenny that is really super, and so nice to have space for your sewing. xxx

  7. What a pretty project, and perfect for teh christmas in July swap.

  8. Aww Jenny, you're killing me here! I do NOT have the time or the focus for yet another project right now.

    But OMG, you have surpassed yourself this time. I didn't think it would be possible to create anything more adorable than Oopsie Daisies, but you have.

    Must be strong... Must be strong...

  9. Hi Jenny,
    How nice to have your own room set up for sewing.

    Well done on creating another piece of lovely stitchery.
    I think these would look great as doily's, wall hangers or place mats for that special Christmas occasion.

  10. Oh lucky you having your own sewing space and you will have it in your new house...great news!! Jen I just love your Christmas tree....its just devine!! You certainly are one talented lady :)

  11. So pretty and whimsical! I'm thrilled for you to have your own sewing space....sewers need their own space.
    Julia ♥

  12. Wow! How can you be so creative with such a big move just around the corner?
    The Christmas tree is really cute!

  13. oh my gosh - this is too cute. I love it!

  14. They are really adorable. I may have to think seriously about starting something new--as if I don't already have too many things going. And congrats on your new sewing room. I am enjoying one while living here in Perth, but will lose it when we move back to the U.S. Have fun with it!!

  15. Well, I love your sewing area, but I love that Shabby Rose Christmas tree more! I'm with Narelle - how in the world are you finding the time with the move, lol!
    Off to the shop - it wouldn't be Christmas without some Shabby Roses!

  16. I love both of those colourways, Jenny!

    Oh gosh...I just can't decide what to make first!!! I'd best finish my quilt off first... and then I've got some stitching to catch up on!

    Hugs! Vikki xx

  17. Adorable Jenny! You are one creative gal! 8-)


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