Saturday, July 25, 2009

A beautiful Saturday....

This morning Blossom and I finally had some girl time together. She has has a wonderful first week at school and knowing that she has tennis practice on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons we decided to make some special time Saturday morning to spend alone.

Our little town is old. So pretty, and so old. Walking down the one main street gives you the feeling of having stepped back in time, to a slower and more relaxed era. We've lived all over Australia but never been anywhere quite like Charters Towers - we're pretty sure we're going to love it here.

Being lovers of all things Shabby Chic we were surprised to discover a shop in town that actually had an entire corner of their store dedicated to beautiful shabby chic items! We spent most of our shopping time in this one store and as we walked amongst the beautiful cream and rose gifts and homewares we vowed to come and buy one new item every payday. In a year we should have the house looking tres chic!

Today's purchases were a gorgeous teapot, a lovely white rose on one side...

...and pink on the other. I have been looking for the perfect tea pot for a years, and finally found it here in our new town. :-)

And what do you need with your tea pot?
Why, something to store your precious tea in! This cream ceramic canister has the sweetest butterfly on top, and a rose at the rim...the shop also had a matching biscuit barrel that I have on my 'to purchase' list.

I wanted to buy a gift for Blossom as well, so I sent her to browse and choose something special.
She surprised me with her choice as I had no idea she has a love of old bottles. This little wire carrier held two replica bottles from a bygone day and she quickly snatched them up with delight! She also noticed a wooden holder with 6 more bottles - I think they are on her own list of future purchases. :-)

And then she blessed me!
Isn't this gorgeous?! It is tin, with the sweetest angel painted on the front, and a large crystal sitting on top. Hubby will put a hanging pin in the wall of my sewing room so I can look over and see it each day. I love you, Blossom!!

And of course, what do you do when you purchase the 'perfect' tea pot?
Make tea of course!

Blossom brought her round table out to the living room and we sat and sipped Irish Breakfast Tea from my new pot, ate chocolate brownies, and shared some wonderful dark chocolates.

What a special morning we had!
This afternoon I finally finished the last of the essential curtains for the house. The ones below are Blossoms - she chose swirly white fabric, and they are rubber backed to keep the heat out (hopefully!).

And, now that my obligation to make the curtains has been fulfilled, I can finish my Shabby Roses BOM quilt top!!!! Yay!!!! \o/\o/
Before I go, I want to share with you the beautiful cross-stitch my eldest daughter, Karen, made for me to celebrate my 50th birthday this year. She has been working on this for 8 years, and I love it so much more because she never gave up even though she is not an avid crafter. She finally was able to give it to me a couple of weeks ago as we drove through her town on the way here. If you click on the photo you can see close up all the work she put into it. Thank you sweetheart!

I hope your weekend is as lovely as mine has begun.


  1. What a Lovely Morning you had...just the sort of thing I Enjoy your new Teapot & the cream canister is Gorgeous...Glad to hear Blossom is settling in to her new schooling...

  2. I guess you already feel like home, since you found such a nice store. What a neat idea to buy just one piece every payday!

  3. That was a nice morning you had together!!!The butique that you found seems wonderful!!!!so you're living in australia!!!!wonderful!!never been there,but i hope to go one day!!!the teapot is so beautyful!!!!!and the stitchery that your daughter made for you is wonderful!!!!have a nice day!!!thanks for your nice comments on my blogg!!!

  4. ohhh nothing beats quality time and picking up a few treasures eh?..Oh my Karen has done a wonderful job on the stitchin well done girl..cheers Vickie

  5. Mom and daughter time together is so precious. Your tea time looks to have been divine. Your daughter`s needlework is quite lovely.

  6. Hi Jenny!

    I have a big smile on my face having read your blog! I'm so happy that you are all settling in so well, and love hearing about the special times you spend with your special folk! :-)

    Karen has done an amazing job on your gift, and Blossom chose a stunning gift for you too! I love your tea party! It's so important to share one-on-one time together! I hope the tennis try-outs go well!

    Hugs and love!
    Vikki xoxo

  7. Oh, love the tea party idea. Perhaps I'll start doing that with my crew here. :-)
    Karen did a wonderful job on your cross-stitch. What a precious memory to have and to pass down through the generations.
    So glad you are settling in well to your new home.
    Fee x

  8. What a precious day the two of you had together.

    We visited Charters Towers last year and fell in love with the architecture of the main street, lots of photos of old shop fronts, pressed metal and tiles....... and of course, I had to bring home some fabric from the shop on the corner....

    You sound like you are looking forward to your time there.

  9. What a lovly gift from your dauther, and what a lovly morning whith your other daugther. Hope the best for your new living. Hugs / Eva

  10. That truly was a beautiful Saturday. How fun to have a daughter to share that with...boys just don't like shabby unless it's a t-shirt or baseball cap LOL. The cross stitch is a real stunner, she did a fabulous job!!


  11. The teapot is hand painted? It really is lovely! What a wonderful time you had!!! God Bless! Cathy

  12. Mother and daughter time, its lovely. What a beautiful morning you both had. The tea-pot, the canister and mmmm chocolates as well. Sounds like you are all settling down to your new lives. The cross stitch is just exquisite, you must be so proud of it.

  13. Jenny, that little shop was a great find. Sounds like you and Blossom had a lovely morning. I love the cross stitch. It is obvious that it was a work of love.

  14. Dear Jenny,
    Boy did you bring back the most wonderful memories! I have three lovely daughters and when they moved away to go to university I vowed to drive down to see them EVERY Saturday. So this became OUR time together and like you and your daughter we would putz through little shops, consignments shops, walk on the beach, go to a show-whatever but we did it together. This year my last two daughters received their degrees and have moved across country to get jobs so my Saturdays are no longer spent with them. It took a long time for me to stop dreading my Saturdays without them. Today is my eldest daughter's wedding day so I am feeling very sentimental (and a little weepy)....don't know why, as she is marrying a wonderful young man....I guess it is another new chapter in our lives. So enjoy EVERY Saturday with your beautiful daughter and make those special memories. You will never pour tea from your new teapot without thinking of her and your time together. Have a wonderful day, I know I will! Paulette

  15. Jenny it sounds like you've had the first of what will be many lovely Saturdays with Blossom in your new hometown. I just love the teapot and cannister, and Blossom's gift to you is gorgeous too.
    Your pics reminded me of when Jess (now 16) was little. She used to love to make scones with me and serve them with jam and cream - we'd use my special english china trios and her Daddy would have to leave the gardening (or whatever else he was doing) and join us for 'special tea'. What lovely memories. Thanks for reminding me of them :o).
    Joy :o)

  16. You have an awesome relationship with your daughters...sweet to read about.

  17. What a lovely morning, Jenny, your tea spot looks so lovely with that new teapot! Love what Blossom gave you, and the stitchery is wonderful. I love her bottles too. The curtains are pretty - and yes the rubber backing should keep out the heat.

  18. I would love a walk through an older town and to find a shop like that . . . to have a good tea with chocolates with my girl. :)
    Your daughter's 8 years paid off - what a lovely lovely stitchery to get!! I bet your eyes teared up when you got it, yeah?
    BIG HUGS from across the pond,

  19. What a wonderful start to a weekend. Memories of time shared together like that are priceless So glad Blossom had a good 1st week at school.

  20. Well what a perfect morning you had!! I love your new treasures and the special time you both made for each other.
    hugs, Terri

  21. It sounds like you are right at home n your new town. Love your purchases.

  22. Your new cross stitch is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful and personal gift! Good on your daughter for not giving up!! Hope all is going well for you in Charters Towers... good to see that you've found a little shop that you both love!!

  23. Oh Jenny, what a beautiful day!
    Sounds like you're all having a wonderful start in your new home.
    Your daughter has put a lot of thought into the cross stitch.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes home with you from that little shop.

  24. What a lovely morning, and what beautiful treasure you have all found. I adore the 50th present your daughter made for you.
    Thank you for sharing them with us, Makes us feel special too.

  25. What a Lovely Morning you had...
    Nothing quite like some nice quality time with your daughter..
    Karen has done an amazing job on your treasure forever!
    It's so cold here Jenny...enjoy the warmer weather up there..
    Julia ♥

  26. I'm glad to hear you are settling in and beginning to enjoy your new surroundings. I absolutely love your new tea pot. You and Blossom set a beautiful table - tea for two.

  27. What a lovely post Jenny - I feel like I have almost shared the morning with you both. Love the sound of that shabby section too - Lovely..... Karen's Cross Stitch is truly beautiful and very very cherished - I can tell :0

  28. Oh Jenny what a lovely time with your daughter...a precious memory for sure.
    My goodness I didn't find that gorgeous shop when I was in Charters Towers!
    I have to say its probably because my husband and I couldn't get past the 'Towers is just the best.
    We brought delightful treats each day and drove up to the lookout to enjoy them with the view of Charters Towers.
    It's an interesting town and you will be a wonderful asset to it.
    Many Blessings

  29. Jen it sounds like you and your Blossom had a great day, lots of nice treats and your gift from your daughter...WOW....

  30. What a special day you shared with Blossom. And what a beautiful gift from Karen. I know you will treasure it.

  31. your blog today brought tears come to my eyes-what a lovely family you have-i luv your shabby chic purchases(esp the biscuit tin)-so glad that things are good in your new home-cant wait for the next 2 patterns-luv from roccagal

  32. Oh your blog is just darling! We love your work - it is beautiful - we so admire vintage linens that have been embroidered - so nice to see yours!!
    We love tea parties, so we loved this post - your tea pots are gorgeous (and the chocolates don't look bad either!)
    Thanks to Catherine that sent us over here to you!!

  33. Hey Jenny,

    You sound so settled and happy in your new home already. What a lovely morning for you and Blossom. And I completely appreciate the amount of work your older daughter put into that stitchery!!!

  34. You did have a wonderful morning. The teapot is gorgeous! I'm sure you and Blossom will share many wonderful mornings together over a cup of tea from this pot.

  35. Hey Jenny! What a lovely way to spend a Saturday - it made me wish my Mum lived a little closer so I could have a tea party with her - three hours is a little too far for morning tea! Love your new treasures, too - lucky you to find such a fun shop in your new town! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  36. The stitching your daughter did for you is beautiful!

  37. What a lovely morning you had! I've been gone for a few days, so my Daughter and I are planning on having tea together this afternoon. Three days are a long time when you are eight!

  38. What a special time you and Blossom have had! Gorgeous teapot and tea canister. Love the bottles in the wire carrier and what a lovely picture she bought you!
    A special tea is a lovely thing to have a treat with....
    Just a thought, but you may need a pelmet of some sort in summer to help with the sun, see how it goes. The curtains should be great!


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