Monday, July 20, 2009

"Bucket of Roses" applique tutorial for Karen A.

Just after we'd packed up the house and movers had driven off with everything we owned I received an email from Karen A, who wanted to stitch my Shabby "Bucket of Roses" but did not know how to set out the applique pieces.

I assured her that once I'd resettled across the country I'd do a tutorial for her...and here it is. I hope this helps others too! :-)

Step 1...

Download the free pattern!
You'll need to print up the two pattern outlines - one is in reverse and that is the one we'll use first.

Using Vliesofix or similar fusible webbing, draw each individual shape from the bucket outline...make sure that for the first 5 vertical wooden palings of the bucket you add a tiny bit extra on the right of each paling as this slips underneath the following paling. See the photo below...

Move the Vliesofix along as you trace each paling separately. You do NOT need to add any extra to the final paling of the bucket, it should be exactly the same as the design.

Step 2...

Lay the Vliesofix, rough side down onto the WRONG side of the piece of fabric you have chosen for the bucket.
Press gently with a dry iron to fuse them together.

Step 3...

Using masking tape secure the other pattern piece (this one is the right side of the design) to a window, and tape your chosen background fabric across the top. Trace the design with a pencil.

You would have traced the entire design, but for the purpose of this tutorial I have only traced the bucket.

Before you transfer the fused pieces to the background fabric, note that the palings have now reversed in number. Number 1 was on the left when you traced them, now number 6 will be on the left as you lay them down for applique.

Step 4...

Cut out each paling.
One by one peel off the Vliesofix, and start laying them one by one onto the traced design. Remember that the pieces will overlap slightly.

Once all the pieces are in place press with a dry iron. This will fuse them to the background fabric.

Trace the vertaical stays for the bucket in the same way you have done the bucket palings, and fuse in place according to the pattern layout.

Your bucket is ready for applique!


The fabrics I have used in this tutorial were left over from the fabrics Peg sent me in the Paper Bag I think I'll do something other than roses in that bucket tonight! Hmmm...wonder what idea I can come up with. ;-)



  1. Thank you, thank you for this tutorial! I needed help figuring out fusible, and this is going to be a great reference. Karmen

  2. You have done a great tutorial Jen....and gee that is nice fabric...LOL.....gald you could find a use for the leftovers, can't wait to see the roses......and all your stitching in the next post is fantastic..

  3. In the midst of all your moving, doing your own stitcheries and sewing curtains, making suppers and cleaning house, I am amazed and truly awed that you had the time and took the effort to make this tutorial. This is wonderful and I am sure that it will help many who have wanted to do the blocks but were a bit hesitant. You are an amazing woman. From all of us, a HUGE thank you.

  4. Excellent tute, Jenny! I like that fabric - sunflowers or oopsie-daisies would look good with that!

  5. thank you for all this nice stitcheries, chris

  6. Thank you again Jenny. I can't wait to do this project. You are such a great instructor. Take care Karen

  7. I have finished some blocks of my new shabby-roses-quilt. You can see it on my blog...

  8. Good tutorial - one question - do you usually do your fusing first or do the embroidery first?

  9. Cathie, I fuse first, then embroider. :-)


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